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I absolutely love shiny clothing. There is just something about the way the light dances of it, the noise it makes and the way it always hugs a woman’s natural curves. It gets me going every time and makes me go weak at the knees and delirious with lust. And my online Mistress knows this.

I am a submissive man with a strong powerful desire for all types of fetish clothing. Be it PVC, leather or rubber, whenever I see a female in it, I instantly get turned on, my cock starts to stiffen and I am lost in my desire to drop to my knees and worship every inch of it.

To be close and feel the fabric as I kiss it and be able to smell the unique smells each type omits sends me to heights of euphoria and I am helpless. I become like putty in her hands.She uses this to her full advantage.

I am a slave of MistressX and I visit her in live femdom cams at least once a week. I always firstly let her know I am around by using the free fetish webcams chat and then when I am ready to enter the private 1 to 1 area she always says “Give me two minutes”.

I know what she is going to do in that two minutes. She knows I am powerless to resist her in leather, PVC or rubber so she is putting on an item of clothing that she knows will render me useless to resist anything she demands of me.

Last time I had visited her, I went private and she was wearing a short, tight low cut rubber dress. As soon as I saw her, my heart stopped and my stomach muscles involuntarily tightened. She looked absolutely stunning. “Oh you like that slave?” she cooed. She already knew the answer to that one!

She stood up and I could see every inch of her black rubber outfit as it hugged her gorgeous body. She is an incredibly busty Mistress and her breasts were practically bursting out of the top. Her perfect ass was outlined perfectly and I was lost in my own world.

She then got down to business. Right up close to the screen, she demanded I worship her rubber and she is a strong, dominant woman so I dutifully obliged. I adored and worshipped her for ages and I could have gone on all night. But she is also exceptionally cruel and heartless so she told me to stop.

She made me sit and look at her as she rubbed her hands all over her body. The sound of the creaking as she moved drove me wild and I could almost smell that unique smell that rubber gives. In the past, she has also worn a leather catsuit with buckles all down the side and she loves to wear long elbow length PVC gloves.

Her entire environment is set out like a dungeon and it only makes me even more submissive to feel I am trapped in her cells and with no escape from this endless torment of having a superior woman dominate me and abuse me while wearing what gets me going.
She knows that these kinds of outfits always mean she gets what she wants from me! By using female domination webcams, I can show my subservience to the superior sex and also have my own kinks satisfied. It really is the best of both worlds. Online is the best place to get your fill of whatever turns you on

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