Little Dicks Exposed page 2

Small Penis Humiliation Gallery page 2

Carrying on from the previous page which was here little dicks. I have added a new page for Pictures of tiny dicks and submissions.

Do you think you need to be in this gallery? Do you have a tiny useless dick that needs to be exposed?

If so then be sure to submit it toΒ  (submitdickpic(@)yahoo. com) removing the brackets from the @

So here we go. The pictures below are from little dick losers I personally have cammed with or chatted with on the phone or from those little dick losers who mail them to meΒ 





Another tiny useless little dick loser’s gallery is below. What use is a thing this size to any woman? No use at all. We want real men with big dicks, we are size queens, we don’t want a little thing that slips out or that we don’t feel in us.You have earned yourself a place in my gallery


Meet Chris Avery the small Penis Faggot. Tiniest little clit stick, cock sucking lips and needs to be laughed at and humiliated. Time to make sure the panties stay on always Chris, atΒ  least it hides your ridiculous, useless little thing