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Ballbusting chat rooms with cruel females who enjoy cock and ball torture and ballbusting in particular, live ballbusting cams with cruel kinky girls online. When I say these women don’t give a shit, I truly mean it.

When it comes to cock and ball torture and ballbusting they are in a league of their own. The things they make you do can be terrifying but oh-so exciting to subs and sissies.

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The most precious thing to any man is his cock and balls. Without them, he is not even a man. Watch any guy for longer than two minutes and he will be fidgeting and checking them and playing with them.

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Any time there is even the slightest chance that there could be any kind of harm coming his way, any male’s first instinct is to put his hands over his crotch to protect his junk. Yes, a man’s “bits” are most definitely what he treasures the most.

All well and good but for submissive males and slaves, the big problem for them is that their Mistress knows this. Of course, with a Mistress/slave relationship, the cock and balls do not belong to the male, they belong to the female.

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She owns them and can do as she pleases with them. If she wants to either teach her slave a lesson for insubordination, to make him understand his place or even just for the hell of it because she feels like it and wants to make him suffer then that is her prerogative. The slave must suffer if his Mistress wants to abuse her cock.

And that is the predicament I find myself in with my mistress. She is a harsh and cruel Mistress with a wicked temper and a short tolerance span.

I am under strict orders to visit her live femdom webcam room at least once a week and she always likes to abuse my cock and balls, she loves ballbusting and kicking my nuts hard or twisting her heels in. Miss says they are so pathetic and weird looking that I don’t deserve to have them so she owns them.

I just hold them for her. And she likes to abuse and batter her possessions so my gonads get it during our online CBT sessions & scenarios.

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Sexy women & girls who enjoy ruined orgasms when carrying out their online sessions. If you are ready to begin your intense training or to view our kinky pics & videos on our profiles then step inside the free chatroom area

mistress has a wicked imagination that is almost endless and without limit. On our last session, she made me tie shoelaces around my shaft and do it tightly.

I groaned as I did so with the pain but she simply shouted “TIGHTER” at me and I dutifully did as I was told. My cock ached but without pausing to draw breath, she told me to get a wooden spoon. I obliged but my heart was pounding as I knew what was coming next. I arrived back and she gave me the order.
“Whack your balls”
These cruel femdoms online don’t care they just get what they want when they see a slave suffering

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I did so but it was not hard enough for her. So I hit them harder. Again and again and again as she kept shouting at me to do it harder. Eventually, I groaned and dropped to the floor. The pain in my balls and cock was intense and I had that sicky feeling in my stomach. Her wicked mocking laugh rang in my ears.
“Go get the deep heat”

Oh god. I covered my junk in deep heat.
So I slathered it on and waited while she sat smirking at me and I awaited the inevitable.
Then the pain started

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And it was intense. My dick was burning. Badly. I danced from one foot to the other, I groaned, I doubled over, I did everything I could but it just kept burning. As I squirmed and was in tears of pain, she sat killing herself with laughter for a good five minutes before I was finally allowed to go and rinse off with cold water.

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I will use my feet and crush you
That is just a small taste of what a live cbt webcam session can be like. There are so many different and inventive ways a Mistress can torture a male slave’s most treasured possession that each session can be totally different from the last.

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Come into our live chat rooms and learn about our ideas, and how we enjoy abusing balls, by kicking, punching, squeezing and so much more we are always looking for slaves to use in our chatroom, where we give you tasks to complete for us in a self ballbusting scenario under our direction.

if you are a slave with a small penis and the idea of hot women introducing new techniques & helping you understand the definition better of hurting a man’s balls, or even a sissy girl’s balls then enter the chat rooms and view the gallery of some of our top females who know exactly what punishment to give out when it comes to this fetish


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