Juliette was restless all day at the office. She couldn’t just take her mind off Derick, her slave who waited for her at her dungeon at home.

“Greg said you should review these files”, Tasha’s voice jolted her back to reality.

“Okay”, she replied softly as she stretched out her hands to receive the files.


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Working on the files helped keep her mind off Derrick a bit. After reviewing the files for some hour, her eyes darted to her wrist, it was about 5 pm. She rounded up quickly and signed out, it was time to go home. Even as the cab driver manoeuvred through the heavy evening traffic, it was the thoughts of Derrick and the fun she was going to have with him that filled her mind.

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“Keep the change”, Juliette smiled and waved the cab driver away as soon as she stepped down in front of her apartment.

Juliette went straight to her room, one of Derrick’s training sessions was about to start. She stripped off her clothes gently, the thoughts of Derrick on her mind the whole time. She hummed a tune in her head as she stepped into the shower, the water wiping the stress of the day away.


She got into the closet, her fingers caressing her favourite dominatrix gear before she threw it on. Stockings with garter, heels, booty shorts, a corset, and some sort of jewellery. She then added the right amount of makeup to give her that kinkster look.

She stepped downstairs slowly, making her way towards the basement which she had turned into a makeshift dungeon for Derrick’s training sessions.

“How’s my favourite slave doing today”, she smirked as she stepped into her dungeon and locked the door. He had been with her for days, serving ad performing the humiliation rites, but she planned to keep him even longer.

“I’ve been waiting all day for you mistress”, the poor slave moved about excitedly in the cage Juliette kept him, like a dog who just saw its owner. He was naked, his limp cock dangling lazily in between his legs as he moved around.

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“Are you ready to serve your mistress”, she asked as she-cat walked towards him seductively, a finger in between her lips to add spice to the whole set-up.

“Yes, mistress”, Derrick replied as she unlocked his cage.

“Stay on that bench”, she ordered the slave immediately did as he was told. She moved over to him, tying his hands and legs with chains, leaving him completely at her mercy. She then moved over to the corner of her dungeon and picked her whip, her favourite tool to work with.

“Ohh…mistress”, Derrick moaned softly as Juliette trailed her slender fingers all over him, the whip connecting softly with his ripped torso as his cock twitched. She landed the whip on him again, this time a harder tap as his cock twitched once more.

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“Look who’s getting ready for his mistress”, she landed the whip on his balls and pulled his cock as he groaned out in a sweet mixture of pain and pleasure. She turned him over, his full erection pressing to the bench as she whipped him harder.

“You love that, don’t you”, she whispered into his ear as she spanked him for the first time. He responded with a moan, Juliette spanking him again as she used her slave. She moved over to her corner and picked up a cock ring, the fun was just getting started!

She turned him over again, his cock coming into view as she started a whole new round. Derrick groaned, his hands wriggling in their chains as she fixed the cock ring, pushing the fluids in his cock upwards, making his erection stronger.

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“Now, you will please your mean mistress“, Derrick nodded his head quickly as Juliette went down on him, her warm breath settling on his balls. Derrick bit into his lower lip, stifling a moan in the process as Juliette swiped her tongue all over his massive erection. She twirled her tongue all around his cock head as he shuddered lightly.

He moaned out as she dived in, his cock disappearing into her mouth as his tip hit the back of her throat. She started slowly, her head bobbing up and down his length as he moaned out loud.

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She upped her tempo gradually, going faster and faster as she deepthroated him rapidly. It was getting intense for Derrick now, the cock ring delaying him as his loud moans resonated around the dungeon. She let go of his cock, pulling away from her booty shorts as she straddled him on the bench. She was wet with desire and ready for him anyway.

She took his cock, lifting herself and descending slowly as his mammoth cock split her sleek wet pussy walls apart. She moaned with satisfaction as he nestled deep in her, filling her up and stretching her out completely. She started slowly, throwing her head back and rolling her hips around as his cock twirled in her. She set a rhythm as she adjusted to his size, playing

it out and taking it up from there. Derrick was in another realm now, the cock ring pushing back his orgasm as Juliette used him to her satisfaction. She began to move faster and faster as the passion built, their now wet bodies slamming together as she fucked him.

“Please mistress, remove the cock ring”, Derrick begged, the pleasure was too much for him to bear. She didn’t listen though, she was in control here. She kept riding him with reckless abandon, her ass pounding on his cock as she pleasured herself.

She removed the cock ring eventually, Derrick taking just a matter of seconds before his balls tightened, and his semen made its way into her insides. She came after him, her body spasming as she hit her peak. And just that way, it was another fantastic end to an even greater session.

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