Day With Domina Ashley &Mistress Kiana

As I drove my owner, Lady& Mistress Kiana Shana down to Connecticut I was filled with apprehension. We had only recently returned from the Other World Kingdom, a private empire of dominant women in the Czech Republic.
Lady Mistress Kiana had signed me up for a punishment stay but had released me after only two days. I knew that I had gotten off far too easily and longed for a way to prove myself to my Mistress. A slave can only please his owner through obedience and suffering. When would I have the chance to demonstrate my slavish nature?
We had already met Domina Ashley socially, so I knew her to be a woman of great charm and beauty. I saw on her web site that she was a lifestyle dominant and a true professional. Naturally, I wanted to be punished by her, but I dared not ask that such a woman lower herself to waste her time on me.
It would be an insult even to suggest that I would be worthy of her attention. The most I could hope for was that Lady might use me as her footstool while she talked to Domina Ashley.
When we arrived at her house Domina Ashley greeted us at the door dressed in leather.
She was so beautiful it was hard to keep my eyes on the floor. We were lead to the basement dungeon where Domina Ashley released a slave who had spent the night. It was intoxicating being surrounded by so much bondage equipment, and so many instruments of torture.
Mistress Kiana had brought with her the new riding crops and the savage little whip known as Black Lady, which she bought in the OWK.
Domina Ashley had a similar whip, only longer. Before I knew what was happening, I was ordered to strip and I knelt on the floor while they chose instruments to punish me with. My body was displayed like a piece of meat while they discussed my fate.
Since I was still thirsty from the drive down, Domina Ashley permitted me to drink from a shining metal dog dish.
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Mistress Kiana Explained in detail

My Lady forced me to whine and beg like an animal before allowing me to drink even a drop. From my position on the floor, I could hear them talking about me.
Mistress Kiana explained in detail what I had done wrong recently, including failing to shave my body properly and accidentally tripping her, causing her to burn herself with a pan from the oven.
ass worship
As she spoke, Domina Ashley grew angrier. I felt like crying. How would Domina Ashley ever respect me if she knew what a poor slave I was?
My only hope of pleasing her was to accept her punishments without flinching. As it turned out, I couldn’t even do that.
My wrist cuffs were attached to the overhead chain and cruel clamps were put on my nipples. As Domina Ashley started to bind my genitals, I made the mistake of crying out. My owner rarely touched my cock or balls. The feel of Mistress’s touch was so surprising that I couldn’t stay quiet.
“I hate whiners,” Domina Ashley said as she began to apply the riding crop to my trapped testicles.
Mistress Kiana threw back her head and laughed at my discomfort. She taunted me with a reminder of all the times I had begged her for CBT and she had denied me. I was certainly getting my wish now!
My Lady had stripped down to a leather halter-top. I could see her heavy breasts straining against the material. I knew how the chain mail glittered in her long dark hair, but I forced my eyes to the floor I dared not look at her any more than I could look at Domina Ashley.
I was released from the chains and bent over a wooden horse. Paddles and riding crops were taken from the wall and used on me. The blows fell over and over, and I couldn’t tell what was being used on me until I felt the burning kiss of the cane across my ass cheeks.
Mistress’s death Arrived and slowed her pace with the cane, letting me feel the agony of each stroke before the next one fell. When she used the whip called Black Lady on me, the pain was so great I started to scream, and she pressed her gloved finger to my lips to silence me. Choking back the tears, I fell across the horse so the beating could continue.
Domina Ashley kept talking to me during the punishment. I tried to focus on her questions, but I kept falling back on the phrase “I don’t know” which only made her angrier. Each time I said it, the punishment would begin anew.
I was grateful when she released me from the horse, but my gratitude turned to fear as I was ordered to stand against a metal pole while I was mummified in plastic wrap. I had seen pictures of this but had never experienced it myself.
I felt as if I was being buried alive as layer after layer of plastic was wrapped around me. I was held completely immobile. The only movement I could make from the neck down was to wiggle my fingers slightly.
When Domina Ashley, Mistress Death blindfolded me by wrapping a cloth bandage around my head, I began to panic. I could only take shallow breaths, and I was terrified that I would succumb to claustrophobia. The feeling of helplessness was overwhelming. My fear that I would panic was making me panic
Mercifully, the bandage was removed, but a gag was thrust in my mouth, forcing me to breathe through my nose. With a sharp scalpel, she cut holes in the plastic, exposing my nipples and my cock and balls, so my punishment could continue. I had to endure the nipple torture clamps again as my balls were stretched out by a parachute.
“Do you know how lucky you are?”
Domina Ashley asked as she struck my tortured nipples with the riding crop. I nodded mutely. At that moment, I felt like the luckiest man in the world.
It seemed to take forever before the plastic cocoon was cut away.
I was drenched in sweat and too weak to stand on my own. The air felt cold and strange against my flesh. I was placed on a bondage table where my balls were again stretched, this time upwards.
Candles had been going all during my punishment, and now the hot wax was ready to use. Domina Ashley dripped the searing liquid wax directly onto my testicles, splashing it against my cock. The rest of it was poured across my chest, but by that time, I could barely feel it.
The parachute was released and I was allowed to stand, so I could be bent over the table for a further beating. In the midst of the pain, I felt something strange. Mistress Kiana & mistress Death’s gloved fingers slid into my asshole.
This was something else that my Mistress had never done to me. I had been violated with butt plugs and dildos, but never her fingers. The feel of it was very strange and exciting.
They discussed using the dildos on me. Once I had tried to stretch myself out so I could easily take my Lady’s hard silicon cock, but it had been months since my Lady had used it on me, and I knew I was out of practice.
The thought of being violated by DominaAshley frightened me, but I couldn’t help longing for such rough treatment. I wanted to beg them, but I was afraid to speak.
Unfortunately, the stimulation was reminding me that I had to urinate. I was released and allowed to go to the bathroom. I was still dehydrated from being in the plastic wrap and I wanted to grab some water from the sink, but I was afraid to keep them waiting. Perhaps I was still too long, for when I got back, I heard Domina Kiana say,
“His ass isn’t red enough”
and I have bent over the table again. I knew there would be no fucking, just more pain.
Mistress Kiana and Domina Ashley both worked on me. They used paddles, riding crops, the cane and the whip. The blows came so hard and fast I couldn’t tell who was hitting me, or what I was being hit with.
My ass was a mass of throbbing pain that seemed to spread throughout my entire body. It was hard to catch my breath between gasps of pain. The agony built to a crescendo. Suddenly I couldn’t take it anymore and cried out my safeword to slow down the action. I was freed from the table and put into the cage. The touch of the metal floor of the cage against my ass was almost more than I could bear.
Despite my exhaustion, I hoped the punishment would continue once I had caught my breath. I was disappointed when I was ordered to put my clothes back on. I was afraid that my use of the safeword had upset Domina Ashley, but in fact, she had merely arranged another kind of punishment for me, which was in some ways crueller than the beatings.
I was given to Goddess Anastasia for the rest of the day. This tall, beautiful Mistress had just moved into a new place, and I joined several other slaves in trying to clean the place to her satisfaction.
Unlike my Lady Mistress Kiana, Mistress T and Domina Ashley, Goddess Anastasia was a smoker. My Lady offered me as a human ashtray, but the first time I was summoned, I wasn’t fast enough and the ash fell from her cigarette.
While I licked the ash from the floor, I thought about what a slut I had become. Here I was the property of one woman, I had spent a day being punished by another, yet there I was grovelling on the floor like a dog in the hope of impressing yet another woman.

Goddess Anastasia, Mistress Death, Mistress T – Show No Mercy

Goddess Anastasia showed mercy on me and allowed me the honour of cleaning her bathroom.
I was exhausted, and every muscle in my body ached, but I worked as hard as I could. My first attempt failed to please her, and I had to do the entire bathroom again. In my heart, I felt that Mistress Anastasia was never satisfied with my work, but it was growing late, and I was spared the punishment I so richly deserved.
It was sheer agony driving back on my well-punished ass, and I was so tired that it took quite a bit of coffee to keep me awake. I didn’t know then that some of the marks would still be visible a week later
Mistress Kiana had made arrangements to meet clients in Domina Ashley’s dungeon. I knew that in the future I would have to deal with my Lady punishing other men. It was also clear that my Lady would give me to Domina Ash again. The next time I served her, there would be no excuses for me. Next time I could expect no mercy.
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