Slave Humiliated By Mistress

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This worthless Cam Slave was Humiliated By mistress

Humiliating slaves is a Mistresses favorite activity. She will use it to either teach her slave a lesson if he has stepped out of line or she will use it as nothing more than a means for her own amusement.

This in particular is the most common way for a Domina. Well, in almost all cases she has slaves to make her life better and to pamper her. They are there for what ever she deems necessary at the time.
Slave being humiliated on webcam made to fill his 2 holes with big items
They are her own personal little play things to bounce around when ever she feels bored and the imagination and sadistic tendencies these Dommes have will strike fear in to the heart of any sub.

The things they do to their subordinates and “toys” would render you speechless. I know. I am one such unfortunate slave who is owned by a sadistic Mistress with a wicked, twisted imagination.

I use live femdom cams at least twice a week and my Mistress is a Dominatrix who comes under the category of mean bitches.
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She is a harsh task Mistress and does not suffer fools gladly. She loves to toy with me and humiliate me. She says it is the only reason she even allows me in to her private chat room as I am fuck all use to a woman any other way other than to amuse her when she is bored or pissed off.

Last time I visited her she was in a particularly vicious mood and decided she didn’t want to hear my voice. So she made me put a squeaky dog toy in my mouth and told me I was not allowed to talk and I was only allowed to make the toy squeak to communicate. It was so degrading to have that bright red dog toy in my mouth but not as bad as when she asked if I was having fun.
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I squeezed once for yes. Did I want to leave? Twice for no. Her evil, cackling laugh and sadistic sniggering was causing my cheeks to burn with embarrassment but I had no choice but to suffer. She was in a bad mood and I was to be her stress relief.

“I’m bored. Entertain me little doggy. Do tricks” she yelled

So I had to “sit” on my back two “paws” and beg and bark like a little puppy. She made me roll over, play dead and bark. It was so deeply humiliating I can’t even put It in to words.
“Thirsty puppy”
I picked up the toy and squeezed it once for yes.
“ok, go fill up your little bowl and bring it in front of the webcam”.
I did so with my heart pounding. I knew what was coming. I sat it down and waited on all fours. When she told me to drink I lapped the water up like a puppy dog while she laughed at me and called me all the degrading names under the sun. She does enjoy tormenting me so.
This is just a short, brief story of one of the scenarios she has made me play out. In the past she has also
– Made me lick the toilet seat
– Scrub my floor with a toothbrush
– Pour rice over the floor then count each grain
– Rub ice cream all over my body then scoop it off and eat it
– Cum in to a glass and drink it
– Write “fatty” and “blubber ass” on my head and chest
– Tip spaghetti bolognese over my head and sit with noodles and sauce dripping off me
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The options and ways a superior female can humiliate a slave are endless and limitless. All of the experienced and more than equipped Dominatrix’s online will be more than capable of taking a pathetic, snivelling little runt like you and degrading you and humiliating you till you are nothing more than a blubbering, sobbing mess crying for his momma. There is nothing they will not do to you and your cheeks will burn as you are totally sullied and besmirched by her and she will not give your suffering a second thought.

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