Ear Fetish Foreplay

Ear Fetish


There are many things you can do to someone’s ears to turn them on, to get them hot, to excited yourself or even to let them know just how ready you are to cum and explode because of them. When you are fucking, or when you are getting fucked, explore the many ways that ears can be used to enhance your sexual fetishes and your fantasies.

When you are fucking a pussy, hard long and as fast as you can try leaning over and sucking on the sensitive area behind their ear. If you take your time while you are fucking a woman you will find that this will get her very horny.


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As you are fucking her from behind, slip up to her head, and nibble on the very tip of her ears. Nibbling on the very top of her ears will be a little painful and she will wiggle around a little more, but this wiggling around will also push her even harder on your dick giving you even more sexual pleasure to make you explode.

ear fetish

If you want to get her excited before you even have sexual get her to the floor, start nuzzling around with your whiskers to show her how rough yet sensitive you are at the same time.

Moaning a little while you are nuzzling will turn her right on. Many women love to have their ears licked, sucked and even wet from your tongue. You can stick your tongue in and out of her ear like you are fucking her ear, similar to how you would eat her pussy and this will excite you as you are going at it again and again.

You will find that using the ears to get to her sensitive inner sexual self will turn not only her into a horny sex fiend but you as well. Use a combination of any of the above ideas while you are fucking her.

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