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There are fetishes for absolutely EVERYTHING in the world. Smoking, legs, breasts, hair, heels, feet, leather or whatever. If it exists, then someone some where has a fetish for it. One of the most popular which is also one of the most less known strangely enough, is for balloon’s and balloon popping.

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There are millions of people in the world who get off on balloons. For some it is the merely the sight of them that gets them going. It can be the long thin ones or the big round ones. It is most commonly the latex ones, how ever some people like the helium ones as well. Seeing them float around in the air, dancing and moving freely, is an immense turn on and enough to have guys rock hard in seconds or women soaking wet between the legs.
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Some people like the squeaky noise they make. That unique way they squeal when rubbed and the high pitched sound as they are wiped and brushed against human skin with the friction is a sound that drives some people crazy.
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Then there are the people who like balloon popping. They like to see a fully inflated one being stood on, sat on, have things thrown on it or what ever. They just love to see the sight of it stretch and bulge at the sides. The latex turning white as it strains and then finally that loud POP as it bursts and is left in a tiny pile of stretched latex on the floor. Having this repeated over and over is enough to get lots of people off.

If you have a balloon fetish, watching videos of it happening are available anywhere on the internet. They are 10 a penny to find but to get a truly fantastic pleasurable experience with the popping, rubbing or what ever, the best place to go is to a live fetish webcam site. On these sites, there are dozens of females who are all online with the sole intention of satisfying the cravings of any one who has a particular fetish they want satisfied and for all of them, balloons will always feature on their top 5 most favourite cam shows!
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They love doing them and by using the free chat facility, you can tell the girl what part of the fetish gets you off the most. Then when you enter the private chat, you are straight in to the action.

You will see it all. Imagine her taking a long thin latex balloon and stretching it with her hands. Smiling at you as she pulls the material and you hear it creak and strain. Watching as she puts the end up to her lipstick covered lips. Takes a deep breath, puts her lips round it and blows. Holds the end closed, breaths in again and blows. The gush of air entering it. Watching it grow and strain. The unique noise it makes as it fills with air. Maybe she will look at you and give a cheeky wink and lick her lips.
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She knows this gets you off and she makes it the ultimate sexual thrill for you. How many she inflates is up to you. One? Two? Three? She’ll blow up as many as you like. Then she will rub them together, making that squeaky noise or she will bat them around. The sound of the air inside echoing is an amazing one for balloon fetish people. The uniqueness and the level are amazing.
If you like popping, this is also easily done on cam.

She can do it any way that you like.
By sitting on them. Putting them on the ground and placing a foot either side of it, she can gently lower herself down till her ass is hovering above it. Then she can plonk herself on it and you’ll hear the sound of it squealing and be able to see the material stretch and bulge from the sides. A few bounces from her and BANG it will burst. How ever many balloons there are, she’ll repeat the process and give you the show of a lifetime.This is the beauty of these types of fetishes you can watch any fetish online
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If you are one of the thousands of people in the world who enjoy the sights of balloon popping or watching them being rubbed against a sexy girl’s body or even if it is just to see her throwing them up in the air and batting them around, it can all be satisfied for you on these fetish webcams sites.Read more on our main site at live bdsm cams .net

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