My crazy alarm went off, drawing me sharply back to reality, it was 6:30 am and I had to prepare for that ‘big’ interview by 8 am. I dragged myself lazily out of bed, my morning erection dangling lazily in my loose shorts.

I grabbed my towel and headed for the bathroom. I fixed myself breakfast and headed for the interview venue dressed in my best suit and the black monk strap shoes I loved so much. I kept thinking to the venue, questions kept coming. Was I going to be hired, are my bosses going to love me, what was the place going to be like, what sort of questions were they going to ask, was I…,

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“we are here”,

the driver said suddenly, waking me from my thoughts. I looked at the tall building right in front of me, ‘CAESAR GROUP’ boldly written on top of it. This was it, it is now or never.

I got there around 7:35 am so I was told to sit and wait for the bosses to come in to start the interview. I met some people there, obviously waiting for the interview, gradually more people joined us.

At about 8:15 am, the receptionist took us into the main building where we were addressed by a middle-aged man who wasn’t so interested in us, we were distributed to the different ‘bosses’ in each of the departments we applied for. I was directed to the marketing department where I applied to and was told to wait for my turn to meet the marketing manager.

A couple of minutes went by and I was told to head in for my interview. I knocked and stepped into the office. Sitting behind the huge mahogany desk was not what I had in mind at all. I had expected to see an almost old man, with a bulging tummy maybe but instead, I saw a goddess in front of me.

The glasses she had on brought out the perfection in her beautiful face, my eyes fell to her exposed cleavage and no one needed to tell me she had a mighty rack, her tits were huge. She stood up to shake my hand and the size of her hips assured me her ass was massive as well, she was perfect.

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She told me to sit down so the interview could begin. She was staring at me and I was getting uncomfortable, just when I was totally distracted, she sprung the question on me. “What’s your name mister?”, she said startling me. I stammered a bit before answering her.

She kept asking questions. The college I went to, my degree, my special skills, what I was doing before, where I lived, and so on. Then she started asking me strange questions. Who did I date, when I popped my cherry, my body count.

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All these questions weren’t exactly making me comfortable but I needed the job, I remained glued to my seat, I was ready to do or answer anything to land this job. She must have read my mind as she immediately stood up, told her secretary she was going to be busy for a while so no visitors, she then locked her door.

She sat at the edge desk right in front of me, lifted her gown and to my uttermost surprise, a semi-erect cock popped out, she must have read the shock on my face as small laughter escaped her lips.

I had met some trannies in the past, even fucked a few but this one was a step ahead of them all. This was a real Transsexual standing in front of me now, yikes! I have seen them online on tube sites and watched many a transsexual on cam but this is the real thing now, I paused and she said

“You want the job right?”,

she asked slowly, if not seductively.


I replied, stuttering foolishly.

“You have to do just one thing”,

she said again slowly, stressing the last statement.

“What’s that?”,

I replied almost immediately.

“You see, you just have to suck this baby right here”,

she said holding her now stiff cock against my face. I thought about it for a while, I had debts to settle, I was almost broke, I needed to…,

“I know you need the job”,

she cut in, interrupting my thoughts. I thought about it a minute longer before I made up my mind I was going to do it and I was going to do it well. Without warning, I took off her dress,  catching her by surprise.

I undid my belt and dropped my pants and underwear to my ankles, exposing my own monster cock into view. I dropped to my knees and eyed her cock a bit, a full 7 inches now before popping it in my mouth, the head first, then the whole shaft. She moaned as I deep-throated her cock slowly, twirling my tongue all around it.

I sucked slowly, allowing her to enjoy the feel of it. Saliva dripped down to her balls and down the edges of my lips, I sucked harder, even sucking the balls. Popping each one in my mouth and sucking slowly but passionately as she moaned in pleasure. I kept on sucking, now focusing mainly on the cock while my hand cupped and massaged her balls.

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I was sucking hard now, hard and fast, going up and down on her cock. Her moan was more audible now, she was at the edge. I felt her balls tighten as I sucked hard, she gave me no warning as she exploded in my mouth, spurt after spurt, cum dripping down my lips, I kept on sucking until the last drop of cum was out.

I swallowed whatever remnant of cum remained in my mouth as I stood up. She reached for my cock almost immediately, stroking it while whispering in my ear,

“…don’t you want to fuck your new boss?”,

she asked, still stroking my now very stiff cock. A smile made its way to my lips as I heard the words ‘new boss’, I had gotten the job! I was now going to give her a ‘victorious fuck’. I turned her and bent her over on the desk as I dropped back to my knees and buried my face in between her ass cheeks.

out slowly and she kissed me almost immediately, a raw passionate kiss.

“See you at work tomorrow”,

she said as we were putting on our clothes.

“The time is 8am”,

she added almost immediately. As I stepped out of her office, she called out,

“we should do this more often”,

she said with a cute smile. I nodded with a smile plastered across my own face. I left the building and headed to the clothes store, I needed to get better clothes for my new job.

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