I woke up with a  throbbing head, I must have taken a decent blow. Where I was wasn’t clear to me. I tried to stand but I was tied to the bed, the bed definitely wasn’t mine, and then it all came back to me. I had broken into the very house I was now being held captive, I thought no one was home but I was mistaken, someone must have hit me in the back of the head because I passed out shortly after breaking in.



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I had dropped my crowbar when I heard movements, I wasn’t quick enough, he sprung a real surprise on me, I wasn’t the one to be taken by surprise easily. I was still deep in thought when I started hearing people talking close by.

I was hearing female voices, three, maybe four at most. The door suddenly opened and to my amazement, four blonde sexy-looking girls stepped into the well-spaced room, all in pyjamas, maybe for a sleepover or something. Then it dawned on me, it wasn’t a ‘he’ that hit me, it was a ‘she’.

They kept on talking after entering as if I wasn’t even there. I tried to make out what they were discussing.

” What should we do to him?”,

the prettiest one asked. They kept quiet for a while before one of them, the shortest, suggested the police.


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I shouted before I even thought. I couldn’t risk that, I just made parole two weeks before, I was going to be put back behind bars.

“You were saying?”,

one of them asked me sharply.

“I-I mean don’t call the cops”,

I replied quietly, a pleading tone to it.

“I’ll do anything you want, anything at all”,

I replied almost immediately. They kept on talking, making suggestions to themselves.

“Let’s fuck him”,

one of them quipped. It might just have been a witty statement, but they considered it and agreed.

“Let’s fuck the hell out of him, he’s going to cum a thousand times”,

the prettiest one who seemed like the leader said loudly staring at me. My heart skipped a bit, I was going to be a sex slave for God knows how long.

The girls went out of the room, four of them in total and came back a while later with different items. I saw a fleshlight, lube, penis ring and some anal toys, I just laid there helplessly.


“Rip off his clothes”,

one of them said sharply. Hands descended on me and in a flash, I was just laying there stark naked, cock, balls all out. Everywhere suddenly fell silent, they were all staring at me, not my face but my cock. I had a huge cock, about six inches when flaccid and a massive nine inches when erect, they were impressed with what they saw.

One of them moved closer and brushed the tip,

“not yet”

the closest to the door said.

“Let’s strip ourselves first, we can’t fuck him with clothes on”

, the prettiest one said laughing.

“Just so you know, we have cocks”,

one of the added laughing too. I didn’t quite wrap my head around that but it became clear to me when they got out of their clothes, they were trannies!

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They stood right there in front of me, an amazing view I must admit, they were gorgeous. “Let me introduce your masters to you”,

the prettiest one said.

“I’m Sheila, and these are Rose, Tiffany and Pamela”,

she said pointing at each one. Sheila was the prettiest one, a gorgeous blonde with a massive rack and an equally huge cock, maybe seven inches if I were to guess. Rose was the shortest but her tits were larger than the rest, she had a curvy ass and a decent cock to go with it.

Tiffany was not as gorgeous as the rest but still beautiful with a huge cock, a little bigger than Sheila’s. Pamela was rather quiet with a gentle-looking face, I liked her tits the most with her black puffy nipples, her cock was huge and slightly curved. By now my cock was almost fully erect, maybe it wasn’t going to be that bad.

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Sheila came closer to me pouring lube all over me,  only my face and neck weren’t covered in lube. They made sure the lights were on, everywhere bright, the reason for that, I didn’t know.

They debated who was going to go first before deciding on going altogether. They descended upon me, hands all over me, my cock, balls, ass, and even nipples weren’t spared. Sheila stuffed a cloth in my mouth but decided not to blindfold me, well that was thoughtful of her, I wanted to see everything.

They took their turns in stroking and jerking me off, each one of them stroking, beating my cock and massaging my balls. It went on until I could no longer last, I erupted, my cum flying everywhere, their hands face, my stomach, I needed to catch my breath.

It was barely a minute before they were unto me again. They brought the fleshlight and penis ring next. Pamela fixed the penis ring and applied more tubes to my cock. Then they took turns sucking me off.

Each one with her unique cock sucking style. Sheila used her tongue a lot but Rose sucked the best, twirling her tongue all around the head, her saliva all over my cock and balls, she sucked like her life depended on it, my cock head hitting the back of her throat as she went for the deepthroat, damn!

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She was good. The penis ring was meant to make me last longer and it was working, my cock was fully erect now, even though I had never seen it that hard, the veins all around it very very visible now.

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Tiffany brought the fleshlight and gradually eased it on my cock, it felt good. Slowly she began to work it up and down, picking pace one moment and slowing down the next, she was teasing me and it was working. She went on with the fleshlight for several minutes, moving the pleasure tube up and down my length, I thought I was going to pass out, it was pure ecstasy.

After a while, Pamela decided to ease my burden, she freed me from the penis ring and almost immediately, I shot the largest load of cum in my entire life. It landed everywhere, the sheets, all over the fleshlight, my chest and stomach, even their faces.

I could guess what was coming next now, they were going to fuck me on that bed, each of them riding my cock into oblivion. And I was right because that was what Rose suggested next. It took a while before they could get my cock up again, but after much stroking and sucking, I was back to full erection.

Tiffany emptied the remaining lube all over my cock and straddled me, her ass just above my raging cock. She adjusted the gag in my mouth and eased my nine-inch monster into her warm asshole, even with the gag, an audible gasp escaped my lips. She moaned and sighed as she eased herself unto my length.

Up and down she went slowly, her muscles coating my cock with warmth, she was perfect. Gradually she began to ride me, stroking and beating her own cock as she rode mine. I wanted to reach out and grab her boobs or hold her waist but I just laid there helplessly while she rode me like a true cowgirl.

She increased her tempo now, slamming into me faster and harder, my cock sinking deeper and deeper into her butt, she was stroking her cock fast and I knew her orgasm was close. Then without warning, she exploded, her cum landing all over my chest and face, some even got into my mouth.

She kept on riding, she wanted my cum too. I was close, the pressure was building inside me, she reached for my balls as she kept on slamming into me, I couldn’t hold it any longer. My balls tightened as I shot spurt after spurt of cum into her warm and wet asshole, it was terrific. My cock slipped out of her as she removed the gag and kissed me on the lips without warning, she fixed the gag back before climbing off me for the next person, Sheila.

Sheila assumed the same position as Tiffany, but instead her butt was facing me, like a reverse cowgirl. She played with her asshole a bit and stroked my cock into a full erection. She then grabbed my cock and slowly stuffed it into her butt. Damn! Her asshole was warmer than Tiffany’s. Sheila was a screamer because she kept wilding and moaning loudly as she rode me.

The sight of her ass in front of me was a mighty turn-on. She kept smashing onto me, her ass cheeks spreading as she lowered herself onto my cock with each movement. Her bodies slammed against each other with each trust. Sheila lasted longer than Tiffany because I came first, emptying my load into her big butt. She stroked her cock until she came in turn, all over my face, dripping down to the pillows beneath my head.

Rose wanted me in a different position so they tied me to a chair instead. I was tied to the chair in a sitting position. Rose sucked me first, working her mouth on my cock until I achieved a full erection. By now my cock was hard, pointing straight up, she turned her back to me and slowly eased it into her ass like she was sitting on my lap. I wanted to reach out, grab her ass and take control but I was helpless, they were the ones in control this time.

She started out slowly, settling gradually as my cock dug deep into her insides. She quickened her fuck pace now, slamming fast and hard unto me, riding me as if her life depended on it. She even added a little twerk in between, making her watching friends laugh. She kept on riding, sitting fully on my lap with each thrust.

She came first this time before I, in turn, shot my load into her, I was getting sore now from all the cock action but Pamela still had to have her fair share of my cock.

She assumed the same position as Rose but she faced me instead, in a more intimate position. She worked my cock into a full erection before settling her ass on it, burying it deep into her tight asshole, I felt her asshole stretch as my cock fit in, she sighed in absolute pleasure, she loved that.

She put her hands around my neck to balance as she rode me, twisting and wilding as she took my inches into her. In the heat of the moment, she took my head against her boobs, holding it tightly as she rode me ferociously.

I could hardly breathe but she didn’t seem to pay attention to that. I was close to the edge now, my very stiff cock was sore but Rose rode it with vigour. My balls tightened as my warm semen made its way into her.

She moaned as each spurt hit her insides. She got off me as they returned me to the bed, tying me back to my previous position. I was exhausted and they knew it. “He’s tired”, Sheila said, breaking the silence.

“We will fuck him some later in the day”,

Rose backed her up. They all agreed and left me in the room, shutting the door behind them. Almost immediately, I fell into a deep sleep, it was going to be a long day.

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