I could barely see as I drove down the alley. It was one of those wet nights, it was raining cats and dogs, water flowed everywhere. Safe for the fact that I was an expert driver, I might have decided to park and wait it out. I kept on driving, manoeuvring down the alley on 4th Street. It was there I saw her.

A woman stood at the back of a building, close to the trash can, her clothes were soaked and stayed glued to her skin. She was shaking and shivering badly, I had to do something, the cold was terrible.

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I brought my car to a halt right in front of her, rolled my window down and signalled for her to get in. She was reluctant but I was persistent, she gave in and rushed in, the seat becoming immediately soaked as she sat down.

We got to my apartment a while later, it was still raining heavily. I dumped her wet clothes in the washing machine as she took a hot bath. I prepared one of my shirts and shorts for her and had hot coffee brewing before she was done.

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She came down a while later, the shirt looking hilariously big, I let out a small laugh and she smiled back.

“What’s your name?”

, I asked as she settled on the couch with her coffee mug in hand.

“Its Ashley”,

she replied sipping the hot drink.

“Mind if I ask why you were out there in the rain like that”,

I asked, certain I was going to get an answer. She hesitated before she broke the silence.

“My boyfriend kicked me out, I had nowhere else to go. My parents are not in town”,

she said quietly, her mood changing almost immediately.

“I’m sorry”,

I replied, the feeling of remorse evident in my tone. This brought me back in my mind to a cam show with a shemale and how she humiliated me as I never knew she was a tranny

We kept on talking after that before we settled down to watch some television. She sat on the couch while I sat on the chair beside her. I couldn’t help but stare at her as she sat on the soft couch, hugging her legs and sipping her coffee.

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She was small, tender and pretty. Her blonde hair was neatly packed and tied, her blue eyes sparkled as she smiled at the television, she was very beautiful. How on earth would you kick someone like this out?


She kept on smiling as she watched, the freckles around her nose adding flavour to her beautiful face. She caught me staring as she stood up to refill her mug, I blushed red as she smiled back, how did I let my guard down so much?

She settled back down as she kept on watching and I kept on staring. “Mind coming over to the couch?”, she asked suddenly, making me swallow hard.

“N-no problem”,

I stuttered as I settled beside her, our bodies touching slightly. We kept on watching as she placed her head on my shoulder and her left hand on my chest. I felt blood rush to my cock as I felt her breast cushion to my side.

My cock twitched again as she nestled closer, hugging me tightly as we cuddled.

“Should we go upstairs?”,

I summoned the courage and asked, breaking the sweet silence. She nodded in agreement as I led her by the hand to my bedroom. The door was barely shut when she descended on me, our lips meeting as I stumbled, she was pinning me to the door.

She tugged at my lower lip as my lips parted, her tongue invading my mouth, rolling all around and twirling with my own tongue, she was a good kisser. Her hands roamed my body as she assaulted my mouth.


I felt her fingers tugging at the elastic band of my underwear as her hand found a way in, her fingers wrapping my stiff cock. I moaned as he rubbed my cock all over, her fingers grazing my balls as we kept on kissing.

I wanted a piece of her too. I took my hand down to her groin, my hand slipping into her shorts. What a delightful pleasure I encountered, she had a cock. My fuck buddy for that night was a tranny!.

I kissed down to her neck as I dropped to my knees, yanking her shorts away as I took her cock in my mouth. For her size, she had a fairly huge cock, seven inches if I were to guess.

She moaned as I took her whole cock in, twirling my tongue all around it as I massaged her balls. I could feel her hitting the back of my throat as I took her cock in deeper and deeper, coating her balls with saliva.

I kept bobbling on her cock, sucking as she kept on moaning. Her moans were getting louder, as I bobbled faster, sucking harder, her orgasm was close. She let out a small scream as she orgasmed, spurts after spurts of cum flowing down my throat and some down the corners of my mouth, she really came hard.

“Now I want you to fuck me hard!”,

she said, bending over and spanking her ass. I was happy to oblige. I stroked my already stiff cock as I adjusted her, placing the tip of my cock close to her asshole. I pushed in slowly, passing her sphincter as my whole cock went in.

Her asshole stretched as my whole length rested on her, she was wet and warm. She moaned as I moved in and out slowly, allowing her to get used to my size. Slowly and gradually, I picked up the pace, increasing my tempo as her moans got louder.

I was moving really fast now, my cock impaling her as I pounded her ass, my hands reaching out to the front and squeezing her boobs as she squealed in pleasure. She was stroking her own cock as I pounded her from behind, our bodies slamming as I buried my cock deeper and deeper into her.

Her moans were louder than ever now as I fucked her harder, coupled with the fact that she was stroking her cock. The sounds of our sweaty bodies slamming with each thrust were really audible now, my orgasm was close.

She came first, her cock exploding as she let out a loud moan, her cum landing all over the sheets. Her asshole gave my cock a small squeeze as my balls tightened, me myself cumming as we orgasmed together, moaning as waves of pleasure washed us over. We collapsed on the bed together as we breathed heavily.

That night we smiled as we fell asleep in each other’s arms, we would sort out the rest the following day, more sex if I were to choose.


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