The rain came pouring down heavily. Paul who was behind the wheels drove slowly, barely seeing anything as we manoeuvred our way in the storm, searching desperately for a motel. It was night around 11 pm, we had taken a road trip to attend a friend’s wedding and we had spent precious time drinking and partying at the local bar.

We were four in the car. Paul who was driving, Megan sat beside him with her blonde hair and geeky glasses, she was fit and had a slim frame, she talked always. I sat at the back while the gorgeous Ruth sat beside me. Ruth was particularly quiet but beautiful, a redhead who had huge tits. Paul finally saw a motel, the joy amongst us was indescribable.


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We were already soaked before we could rush from the car to the receptionist’s desk.

“Hello there”,

Paul said, nodding to the receptionist, a middle-aged man who looked bored with his job.

“What do you want”,

he replied back, not bothering to greet.

“We need four rooms for the night”,

Paul replied.

“Wait there, I’ll be right back”

, he replied, pointing to a long cushion placed against the wall beside his desk. He walked away slowly as we settled into our seats chattering about the wedding and how the shoes of the bride looked funny.

“There are only two rooms left”,

the receptionist came back, interrupting our little chat. We all agreed that heading back into the rain wasn’t an option so we had to manage and share the rooms. Megan was to share with Paul while Ruth was to sleep with me. We got our keys and headed to our rooms.

The room I and Ruth were to spend the night it was really small. It came with a single small bed, the wallpapers were old and needed changing and there was a particular smell about the room I couldn’t wrap my head around.

We didn’t have a choice, we had to manage for the night. Luckily for us, I had packed a small bag so when Ruth was done in the shower, she had fresh clothes to wear even though my shirt was really big for her, flowing down to just above her knees.

Her nipples pushed against the soft fabric, I could see the outline clearly, she had no bra on. I replayed the scene over and over in my head, smiling down at my erection as I took a hot bath. When I was done, I put on some fresh clothes too.

The bed was even smaller than I thought, we couldn’t sleep side by side, it was either we slept in a cuddle position or one of us slept on the floor. Ruth didn’t want me to sleep on the floor, she suggested we cuddled.

She slept sideways, her back to me like the typical cuddling position, her ass firmly nestled against my crutch, I felt blood rush to my cock. She kept shifting and moving, trying to find a perfect position and the more she moved, the more her ass stayed glued to my cock, I was now fully erect, my cock pushing hard against her soft ass, she must surely be feeling my erection against her.

Everywhere was quiet as we just laid there on the bed,  the only sound audible was that of us breathing.

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“You mind coming closer, I’m cold”,

she said quietly. I nestled closer to her, placing my right hand on her side, just below her breast as I nestled closer, my chin on her shoulder. My cock was now firmly placed in between her butt cheeks, she must surely be feeling something now. Suddenly she turned, taking me by surprise as we made eye contact.

“I know you have an erection down there”,

she said, her fingers reaching there and brushing my cock slightly.

“I’m also feeling the same down here”,

she said taking my hand in her crotch, she had a cock. Damn, she was a tranny! I pushed my hand further, cupping her balls as I stroked her stiff cock, she had no underwear on, just my oversized shirt. I climbed on top of her as our mouths connected, tongues twirling as our breaths became ragged.

My other hand was fondling her breasts as we kept on kissing, my right hand still stroking her cock.

“Take off your shirt”,

I said, breaking the kiss. I laid back as she slowly took off the shirt, her ample bust and firm stomach coming into view. I must say, she had perfect tits, firm and jiggly, her flat stomach just making everything sexier.

Without warning, I descended on her boobs, taking each nipple into my mouth as I sucked with perfection. I placed my cock in between her boobs as I titty-fucked her, my cock hitting her chin with each thrust.

I kissed down to her stomach as my lips parted, paving way for her cock to settle in my warm mouth, she moaned as I took it in. I started off slowly, sucking her tip first before I slid the whole thing in, my tongue twirling all around the veins on her cock, my hand cupping and stroking her balls.

I slurped faster as I coated her meat in saliva, sucking like my life depended on it. I was going down fast on her now, bobbing my head up and down on her cock as her moans got louder, she was at the edge. Without warning, she erupted in my mouth, letting out a small scream, ropes of cum flowing down my throat as she orgasmed.

She bent over on all fours as I stroked my already stiff cock, her ass looked inviting. I positioned my cock to her asshole as I slowly eased into her, her asshole stretching to accommodate my nine-inch cock.

She moaned softly as I moved in and out slowly, allowing her to adjust and get used to my size. I grabbed her ass firmly as I increased my tempo, slamming into her deeper and deeper with each thrust, she was moaning wildly now.

I reached out to grab her tits as I fucked her harder, our wet bodies slamming and making the bed frame creak. I was going faster than ever now, my cock slamming deeper into her with each thrust, we were both moaning with each thrust now, I was close.

I could feel the pressure building inside me as I slammed harder, each thrust bringing my orgasm closer. My balls tightened as I exploded, spurts after spurts of cum escaping my cock as we moaned together. We collapsed on the bed as we breathed heavily, our chests heaving. We slept in each other’s arms that night naked as we looked forward to daybreak, this was definitely not going to be our last time together.