I remember the day my stepmom stepped into her new home, she looked pretty nervous. Mom had died about twelve years back and Dad had been single since then. Her death was hard on the whole family but still, we had to move on. She was pretty and hot, I had to give Dad credit for that. She was about 5″6 with long blonde hair, her pretty face settled on her slender and beautiful neck.

Her round curvy ass was to die for, while her tits were huge and firm, she certainly turned heads. Dad had married her about two weeks before in a private ceremony before they departed to Dubai for their honeymoon

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“Hey son, I believe I’ve told you about Rachel”,

Dad broke the silence, pointing towards his new wife. “Yes, sure”, I said with a smile. “I wouldn’t be staying long so make her feel comfortable”, he said again, taking his jacket and heading upstairs.

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That was the thing about Dad, he hardly stayed home. Being the Chief Financial Officer of Fallon Group, a top construction firm meant he spent most times at work or on trips doing business for the firm.

That was good for me though, he wouldn’t have to watch me all the time and I never ran out of money. Dad came down shortly after with fresh clothes and a packed bag. I knew when he used that ‘bag’, his trip was going to be long this time.

“I’ll be gone for about three weeks”,

he announced as he searched his pockets for his car keys. “There’s enough money if you need any”, he added further. He kissed his wife and bid us farewell as he drove off in his car.

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“Would you like to show me around now?”,

Rachel asked as we stepped back into the house. “Of course”, I replied with a friendly smile.

Now our house was literally a mansion with all the fancy furniture and high ceilings. From the outside to the inside, the house looked impressive. I took her all around the house showing her all the rooms, the elegant kitchen, her own room with her own bathroom and a new luxurious jacuzzi Dad just put in place there, the garage with all Dad’s cars and the guest room. I couldn’t help but stare at her as we took a tour of the house, she was really beautiful and hot.

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I wasn’t so bad myself. At 20, I was looking really good. At 6’1, I was clearly taller than her. Months at the College gym had made me fit and ripped, not to add the eight-inch cock between my legs many girls would die for. After the tour, I took her back to her room where I showed her the closet, her clothes had been brought a day before my Dad’s assistant. Evening came and we had dinner together before she retired to her room.

My girlfriend had been out of town for about a week now and I was beginning to feel the impact in my pants. My cock twitched as my erection came on, I was horny and needed to cool off. I got my laptop and headphones as I settled on the couch in the living room to masturbate, Rachel was probably asleep by the way.

I stripped completely naked as I placed the laptop on a small table, headphones on. I put one of those tranny porn scenes I loved as I stroked my cock. With the headphones on, I was almost unaware of my surroundings.

I was lost in pleasure and beating my cock and I didn’t hear as Rachel came down. She must have stared at me for minutes because when I saw her, she just stood there with her eyes glued to my cock. I yanked my headphones off as I stood up in surprise, trying to hide my raging cock with my hands.

“I’m sorry I startled you”,

she said with an apologetic tone.

“Its okay, I was just heading back to my room”,

I replied, really embarrassed. She felt the embarrassment in my voice.

“Wait a bit”,

she said as I packed my laptop. I stopped and in the most amazing plot twist I had ever seen, she lifted her nightgown and to my surprise, her cock came into view. Who would have thought, she was a tranny! I just stood there, mouth open as I stared at her cock.

“Your dad knows”,

she said, pointing at her cock. So Dad had a thing for trannies, well that was news. “Sit back down, we can stroke ourselves as we watch if you like”, she said as she settled on the couch. You can bet I would love that.

I sat beside her as I switched the laptop back on. She took off her nightgown and I could not help but stare at her massive rack. Her tits were really huge and firm with dark puffy nipples. She swiped her palm on her tongue as she grabbed my cock, coating it with her saliva as she stroked slowly, I let out a small groan. I did the same as I grabbed her own cock, stroking her seven inches as she moaned. We stroked our cocks simultaneously as our eyes stayed glued to the screen.


As the scene progressed, our hand movements also picked pace. We were now beating our cocks hard and fast. She was moaning really loud as I beat her cock, her hand on my own cock stroking hard and fast too. She came first as she let out a small scream, her cum flying out, landing on the floor, my hands and on the couch. I came shortly after, part of my cum hitting the laptop.

“You could have me on the couch if you wanted?”,

she said, her hand returning to my almost erect cock. That statement immediately sent blood rushing back to my cock as our lips connected in a deep kiss. My hands found her breasts as I fondled them, flicking her nipples as I feasted on her lips. I bent her over on the couch as I buried my face in her ass, my tongue in her asshole. She pushed my head deeper as I tongue fucked her ass, she was moaning wildly.

I placed my cock at her ass opening as I pushed gently, getting past her sphincter as her asshole stretched to accommodate my eight inches. She moaned softly as I eased in and out, giving her time to adjust to my size.

Gradually I picked pace as my thrusts became harder and faster. Her moans got louder as my cock pounded her ass.

“Kpack! Kpack! Kpack!”

was the most audible sound as our wet bodies slammed into each other. I reached over and grabbed her boobs as I pounded harder, making her giggle and moan at the same time. I laid back on the couch as she straddled me in a reverse cowgirl position, my cock sliding back in as she bounced on it. I grabbed her ass as I moved my hips vigorously, slamming deeper and deeper into her wet asshole.

My orgasm was close and I was pounding faster than ever, my movements were driving her nuts because she was now clearly uttering gibberish, all the while bouncing harder on my cock.

My balls tightened as I shot my cum load into her. She moaned as spurt after spurt of warm cum hit her insides. She collapsed on top of me on the couch as we caught our breaths. “We have to do this more often sweetheart”, she said breathing hard. I smiled, Dad was going to be away for twenty more days.

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