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Forced Oral Bondage – Servitude Online

Forced oral servitude while balls are being strangled and slapped by a leather belt.“I had been had and I knew it. Mistress Delight was sitting astride my chest holding the end of Her belt.


The other end was looped around my cock and balls and She was pulling it tight. There was not a lot of pain, but I well knew that there could be if I were to step out of line. Her last words were, Take a deep breath because it will be your last until I cum.


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I wasn’t sure what She meant, but I was positive I would find out and very soon. At once She backed into my face putting my nose exactly in Her anus and my mouth oh Heaven. Instinct took control and I began kissing, licking, and sucking like a wild man because I knew She was as good as her word.

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pussy licking slave

She came, I would get no more air. Simultaneously I felt Her hips begin to rotate and Her grip on the belt tighten until my cock and balls began to ache. I was rapidly running out of the air and I thought if She doesn’t cum quickly I might not live to feel it.

More stress on the belt brought real pain and I was beginning to convulse from lack of oxygen. My writhing for air provided more stimulation and I could feel Her begin to move toward orgasm. I still was not sure I would make it. Then She began to ram back into my face and jerk on the belt.


I was nearly out but I could feel Her juices beginning to run freely and thought it would be a matter of seconds now. I also felt my cock being pulled until it seemed it would be pulled out by the root.

piggy foot fucker sent 10 pairs of panties to Me in various colors and styles because he did not know what style I liked. Such a cute piggy. He did not ask for anything in return. But I gave him something anyway. <smile> I adore the feeling that a gift has been given without the expectation of something in return. It shows selflessness and sensitivity. Such acts are commendable, and I just cannot help My responding reactions. <giggle>

And then it happened. Just as I passed out I could feel the spasm and Her controlled (She is always in control) release. I am not sure how long I was out, but the first thing I remember was a tingling feeling in my cock.

My cock was not only feeling really aching pain from having been pulled almost free of my body but it was being stimulated by something I didn’t recognize immediately. It felt like a vibrator but I knew nothing was, in fact, touching my cock.

Then I realized that it was low-level electricity and my cock was once again rising to the occasion. As sore and painful as it was, there was no refusing that stimulation. Mistress Delight had cum, but I was yet denied and ready for more teasing.

I was certain I would receive it. I opened my eyes to find my Lady holding a wand over my cock. It was that which was dispensing the not unpleasant stimulation. It was that which was causing my cock to rise again.

cock smacking,

And then She noticed that I was awake. She said, So, are you ready to play? I thought I had played quite enough, but apparently not enough for Her. Now that you are awake, let’s turn it up a notch or two.

It is so amusing to watch a man’s face as his cock is fried slowly. It is like the proverbial frog in cold water that is heated degree by degree. The frog doesn’t notice until it is too late. I wonder if it will work that way with electricity and a man’s cock? Well, We are going to find out, aren’t We? Isn’t science wonderful? Now let’s turn it up a notch! How does that feel? She asked. Her sexy see-through top and nipples point through

Mistress, please! It is beginning to be painful, I said. Only beginning? Well, let’s try another notch upward then. Surely you would be willing to go one more for your Mistress, wouldn’t you?

Yes, Mistress, I responded. I will do anything. But my cock may burst it is so hard Mistress! Well, it does look a little bigger, doesn’t it? But it was so small before, I think it can stand a little more. MMMMisssstresss! I groaned. Please! Now don’t be a baby, we have three more settings to go. Do I need to gag you again?

No Mistress. I will be quiet. O.K. Here we go. Setting five of seven. I did my best and made no sound even though it was really hurting seriously. This was not, or did not feel like an electric shock. It was real pain like a knife through my cock. Well, that’s very good. Perhaps I’ll let you cum later after all. Here is setting six of seven. Again, I managed no sound although I twisted and turned in pain.

Now lie still. You wouldn’t want Me to miss and hit something else, like Your balls, would you? No Mistress, I panted. I found I was actually out of breath from holding it so long. Here is the last setting.

Are you ready? Oh well, what does it matter if you are ready or not? I am. She said as she pushed the button to the last mark on the handle.

I didn’t make a sound but not because I didn’t want to. I simply couldn’t find any voice or any breath. I was in total shock and unable to make utterances. And then for the second time, I passed out. This time I awoke with some very foul-smelling stuff under my nose.

Smelling salts ammonia. Well, you actually did well for a weakling male. But that, of course, is nothing compared to what Women routinely endure. You men have no idea, do you? I knew that I didn’t know, but I also knew that I respected Femdom Women more now than I ever had in my entire life. I also knew that even though I had been out cold for who knows how long, my cock was still harder than it had ever been before.

I was beginning to wonder if it would ever deflate now. It looks to me like you enjoyed your little trip, She said, also taking notice of my cock. Clearly, I could not deny the reaction, but enjoy might not be the word I would have used.

Nonetheless, I also could not deny that I was proud that I had served Her and that She was pleased with least a little in my performance. Slowly I was beginning to identify with Her and my previous fear and embarrassment were being replaced with a new kind of pride and peacefulness, pride and peace from being owned, secure in the ownership of a stronger person.

I knew. I knew that I had found something worth searching for and something I needed. I needed to please this Woman, amuse Her, make Her smile, excite Her if possible, and above all obey Her. In my mind, I revisited the assertion I had made before passing out. I will do anything. I had said. I knew it was true.

I had not had any release and I didn’t know if I ever would again. But now, contrary to my previous life’s goal, that was of little importance. I was owned. I was secure. I had pleased my Femdom Mistress, at least a little. If my cock stayed hard without release for the rest of my life, it would be O.K. with me, as long as I could feel that my Mistress was pleased with

Written by a disgusting servant

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