Nylon Fetish

If you’re a man with a fetish for pantyhose, feet, heels, skirts and business suits, there are plenty of things that you should be grateful that your wife or girlfriend doesn’t know. Just letting you out the door in the morning to go to work exposes you to numerous opportunities to lust after and obtain the objects of your attention.

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Sooner or later, you’re going to end up fantasizing over one or several ladies in your office … there is no overcoming this fact. If that office assistant keeps wearing those skirts hemmed right above her knee with those black three-inch pumps, or if your boss insists on removing the jacket to her business suit so you’re confronted with her filled out oxford shirt, you’re going to end up doing something stupid at work.


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You’ll spend hours in your office or cubicle thinking about their pantyhosed legs, feet and ass. You’ll wish that your sexy female boss would lift up her skirt and sit down on your face with her nylon encased ass and smother you while she conducts business on the phone.

You’ll stay late at work to raid the office girl’s desk drawer and grab her freshly worn heels that she leaves at work so you can run to the bathroom and jerk off with one shoe up to your nose and your cock humping the other shoe.

sexy girl in nylons

Worse yet, you’ll end up surfing the internet at work and dreaming of some nylon fetish babe who will tease your cock until it’s ready to explode on the floor under your desk. You may even find the courage to call a phone sex line on the company phone when you just need to hear a sexy voice coaxing you to be naughty at work before you have to go home and face the wife.

Nylon, Stockings & Pantyhose Definitions

Body Shapers is a term used to describe sheer hosiery providing more support and control in the panty and thigh portion. Business Sheer is moderately sheer pantyhose designed for comfort, durability and everyday wear.
Control Top refers to Pantyhose with spandex for soft girdle or control effect and provides a thinner silhouette. Denier is the weight-per-unit-length of the yarn.

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The lower the denier, the lighter and finer the yarn, and the sheerer the garment.
Hosiery knit of upper denier yarns tends to be a lot sturdier.

Firm Support Pantyhose gives more support because heavier weights of spandex and nylon are used.

Firm support hose provides a massage-like match which will cut back fatigue within the legs.

Girdle Top Pantyhose has a sewn-on girdle, for the firmest possible abdomen control.
Light Support Pantyhose is made with low denier spandex in the leg, usually 40 deniers or lower to give light compression or control effect.
Mesh is an open-knit used primarily to achieve a hand-knit, textured look.
Mesh Knit is a hosiery fabric produced in a variety of tiny patterns.

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Upon shut scrutiny, it’s like voluminous fine zig-zag lines.
blonde wearing stockings

Nude Heel Pantyhose is made without reinforcement in the heel area.

Hosiery with nude heals are ideal for open-heeled or sling-back sandals or shoes.

Opaque pantyhose is made of yarn which gives them a heavier appearance, usually 40 deniers or greater in weight. It is heavier and more durable than sheers.
Reinforced refers to areas that are strengthened with yarns of heavier denier to prevent runs, generally the toe or panty area of the pantyhose.

Sandalfoot Hosiery is ideal for open-toed shoes or sandals.
Sheer-To-The-Waist Pantyhose is made without visible panty line or reinforcement in the panty portion.

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Shock-Up Pantyhose is designed and made to visibly shape and sculpt the hips, thighs, tummy, and to enhance and support a woman’s natural curves.

Ideal for girls trying to find that good figure feel and appearance.

Ultra Sheer is a fine denier fibre that provides the ultimate sheerness feel and looks.

It is typically twenty deniers or less and an occasional filament count.
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