Slave Humiliation Story

Β Humiliation Story

Β Veronica had something entirely different in mind for Greg this time. She had been thinking of it all day at the mall as she shopped for her clothes. She longed to go back home to him, she missed using and humiliating her slave. It’s not like she didn’t do that already that morning but she was just used to tossing him around here and there.

“Pack this up for me please”, she smiled at Sophia, the ever-smiling saleswoman as she paid for her clothes.


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Veronica kept thinking of Greg as the cab driver hummed a tune in his head. It had been nice for her since he moved in to become her slave, she used, spanked and humiliated him anyhow she liked, and she loved that.

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“Keep the change”, she smiled at the cab driver as she took her shopping bags and stepped into her apartment. It was quiet, just the way she left it. She also knew that Greg would be exactly where she left him.

“Now where is that slave I love so much”, she smiled and called out to Greg. He came running down immediately, he too had missed his mistress. He was just the way she had left him, naked, his huge cock dangling lazily in between his legs and the collar was still around his neck.

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“Did you miss me?”, she gave his cock a gentle squeeze as she asked the question.

“Yes mistress”, Greg nodded his head rapidly as he replied.

“Now are you ready to play with the mistress?”, she threw another question at him as she began to stroke his cock.

“Yes, yes please”, he replied as Veronica left to change into her gear.

“Come with me Greg, the fun would be happening in my room”, Greg ran after her immediately as she bounded up the stairs, both of them were really looking forward to the next session.


Veronica stripped down and changed into her mistress gear right in front of him, his cock twitching into a full erection as she exposed her tits and juicy pussy to him. She stroked his erect cock, wrapping her wet tongue around it as Greg threw his head back and moaned. She sucked him for some minutes, coating his cock with her saliva as she pleasured him.

“Give me your hands Greg”, she handcuffed him to the bedpost and made him lay on the bed. Then she brought out her camera, the fun was just getting started. She laughed as she, first of all, took pictures and humiliated him, taking selfies of her holding his erect cock as she had her fun.

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Then she pulled out her whip, things were getting steamy now. She trailed the whip from his head down to his cock, rolling it around his balls as she tickled him with it. He groaned a bit as she gave him a gentle tap of the whip on his belly, his hands wriggling around in the cuffs as she twisted his nipples. She set the camera down to video his humiliation, her laughter ringing out and resonating around the room as she went to work on him.

She pulled his cock roughly and whipped him, his shriek of pain mixed with pleasure filling her ears and cheering her on. She turned him over and cuffed him again, his ass spread out for her as his cock dangled in between his legs.

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“That’s it”, she spoke softly as she struck his ass with her palm, Greg moaning as his cock twitched. She repositioned the camera again, putting it in such a way that she got all the humiliation. She spanked him softly at first, like a gentle tap before she progressed further.

By the time she had spanked him thoroughly, his behind was all red and swollen. She grabbed him and put a chain to his collar, dragging him downstairs with her as she took her camera along, getting a piece of the action on tape as she humiliated him further and further.

“Come on my dear slave, strike some poses for your mistress”, she laughed as she forced Greg to pose for some pictures. “Let your cock show too”, she instructed as she focused the camera on his cock and took some shots. Then he sat on him and rode him like a horse, her fibreglass cane hitting him repeatedly as she rode him and humiliated him further.

She dragged him around, spanking and caning him as she used and dragged his cock anyhow she liked. He was the slave and she was the mistress, and she loved it that way.

“I want to pee Greg, do you have any idea of where I could have a go”, she winked at him as the words rolled off her lips. Greg shook his head, he had no idea where she was going with that question.

“Oh, I have an idea”, she snapped her fingers as an idea hit her. Then she positioned the camera well to capture that moment, to see his humiliation.

“Open your mouth”, Greg’s eyes widened as it hit him, she was going to take a piss in his mouth! He didn’t dearly disobey her though, she was his mistress anyway.

He opened his mouth as Veronica shifted the fabric covering her pussy outside and bent over on his mouth. Then she sighed a sigh of relief as she emptied her warm urine down his throat.

“Make sure you lap it all up”, she instructed as she ground her pussy on his face.

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