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Sheena Feet Fetish Story

Like any other IT guy, I too hate my job and my boss. The work is crazy, boring, and unsatisfying. Every day, I walk into the office like a Zombie and come back and regret my life decisions. BUT, a few days back I finally found the motivation to go to the office every single day.

Neither was I promoted, nor was my pay check-raised;  So what then motivates me to go to the office every single day now?

This lady is named Sheena and her a beautiful shoe collection. If you have not guessed it yet, let me tell you that I have a feet fetish and I just cannot get over a sexy pair of feet.

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Now this lady I am talking about has the cutest pair of feet I have ever seen and the sexiest collection of high heels and boots I have ever seen. Luckily, she sits just beside me and is very friendly. It has been just a few days but I am already all over her feet. Let me tell you an incident that happened today and the reason why I am so excited about tomorrow.


Today was a regular Monday morning. Everyone was still in the fun weekend mood, but I, on the other hand, was the happiest person ever. It had been two days since I saw those babies and I was so happy that I am going to see them again today.

So, I reached the office, picked up a cup of coffee from the pantry, and went straight to my desk. Sheena hadn’t come in yet but it was fine since I wanted to hide my excitement and look natural.


So, I turned on my laptop and started working on stuff. A few minutes later, Sheena came in. She looked gorgeous. She was in business formals. A white blouse, 2 buttons open from the top,  black wide-leg trousers and a pair of black stilettos. Do you know the kinds that are pointy from the toes and have a very thin and sexy heel?

I have always wanted to feel those heels on my balls and seeing her in those gave me an instant erection. So, she greeted me with a dead voice and told me that she was partying last night at some friend’s place and stuff which I did not care about, but, I pretended to listen to every little detail because I love her feet and I hope to lick them someday. She went on for a few more minutes and then we turned to our computers and got to work.

A few minutes passed and I heard some whining from her side. What was wrong with her? I turned back and she was holding her head. I enquired and she said that her computer was not plugged in.

I offered help; not because I was being a gentleman, but because of the switch to the plugin the computer was under her desk and I am a horny fuck. She nodded with a smile. The best part, she did not move to let me in which meant that I would have to make my way around her legs.

All the wild thoughts of worshipping her feet, licking her heels, and dropping my jizz on her soles filled my brain. I was getting hard once again. I got down on my knees, crawled towards her, squeezed myself from the side, and reached for the wires. I could not believe I was so close to the sexiest feet in my life.

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Her legs were rubbing against my ribs, her heels were enticing me and I wanted the world to stop, right there, beneath her feet. I was excited but I did not want to look like a creep so I shouted: “your feet stink!”

I thought this would throw her off but she had something else on her mind. She decided to play with me. She sat straight where she could see me and crossed her feet one over the other bringing her one foot closer to my face. Was I dreaming?

The pointed toe of her shoe was almost touching my nose. I wanted to move my face a little towards her feet and suck her heels. I instantly got a hard-on. I looked at her heels for a few seconds, and then at her face and back to her heels and back to her face; and I wish I could tell her how beautiful she looks and how much I want to worship her beauty but a few seconds there would have made me a pervert.

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So, I picked the cable up and plugged it in. The dream was now going to end; as soon as I move out, I might never get a chance to get that close to her beautiful feet again. But, I had to move away and so I started retreating.

This was the lowest moment of the day for me but then all of a sudden I felt her heels rubbing against my body as I got out. She was forcing her heels on my body.

The tip of her heels was scratching my shirt and my skin, the sole of the heels embracing my presence under her desk. All my low moments turned into pleasure and pain and her words “they don’t stink now, do they?” made me say No (mistress)” with happiness. I got out, she gave me a gross look and I felt like I just found a dominatrix for me who would gladly use me for her pleasure.

I went back to my seat,  with a big smile on my face, her legs still crossed over one another, looking at me, piercing through my heart. I wanted her to walk all over me, use my tongue as a shoe cleaner and my face as a footstool.

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But, she chose not to give a fuck to my pathetic face and turned her face back to the monitor screen. I needed a release and so I ran to the washroom. Nothing much happened for the rest of the day but before she left for the day, she came close to me and said “tomorrow they will definitely stink” and left with a big grin on her face.

I know I was going to go home tonight and straight away head to my own pc and log in to view some pictures or videos of sexy women and their feet perhaps I would pay for a 5-minute online live session and view some women’s toes, and soles in action. This is what always gets me off and gets me excited. So when I arrive home my first place is to my computer and to view some sexy webcams 

And now I just can’t wait for tomorrow. I will share it soon.

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