Perfect foot fetish sex story

Thanks to all who enjoy my stories. Here is another one I hope you enjoy.

If this one doesn’t convince your foot fetish is normal…I don’t know what does! As those of you who read my stories know, I am fortunate to be married to a very sexy blonde who loves my foot fetish and regularly indulges me with the most amazing Footjobs.


I have begun to accept the fact that she had actually given Footjobs to other guys before we met and was shocked when her best friend, Jackie, actually gave me a Footjob! (See my old story, “The Payback.”) What was even more amazing was the fact that Jackie told Debbie she wanted to give me another Footjob as the first one went so quickly. So it was to be.

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The day after my Footjob from Jackie, we were again sitting in our living room with the girls talking about old times and current events. I was still shaking a day later from the Footjob and in a way was a little uncomfortable with the situation as nobody had mentioned anything since. That was about to change in a big way!

I imagine that the girls had noticed me stealing glances at their bare feet all evening, something I couldn’t help. After all, I still could not believe that Debbie actually allowed another woman to give me a Footjob. It was Jackie, the sexy 5′00″ tall dirty blonde who spoke up.

“Jesus, Debbie. I guess your husband still really has it bad for our feet.” She said as she looked at me, holding her foot up in the air, perfect bare soles wrinkled for me to see. Soft toes wiggling in the air.

Debbie suddenly picked her foot up off the floor and firmly placed it in my lap, squeezing her toes on my swollen manhood through my pants. “Yup! I’d say we have his full attention.” she laughed. “You did say something about a longer session, didn’t you Jackie?”

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“I sure did,” Jackie answered. “Let’s do it.”

“OK,” Debbie answered as she looked at me. “You want it, don’t you? You want another Footjob from us?”

“God, Yes!!!” I answered, unable to control myself, the full effect of my deep foot fetish now totally controlling me. “Please. I feel stupid but I really want it again, badly. Oh, God. I’m sorry…I just really want to feel your feet again. I hope you can make this last.” My throat is now dry and feeling tight from my excitement.

With that, the girls laughed and started toward the bedroom.

“Go ahead,” Debbie said to me. “You know what to do.”

I quickly pulled the pillows I sat on for Footjobs out from under the bed and undressed as fast as I could. I saw that Debbie and Jackie were carrying a pair of shoes each as I sat on the pillows, my legs under the bed. My erection was throbbing and the tip was dripping with moisture as I anticipated what was to come. Debbie and Jackie sat above me, Debbie having slipped on a sexy pair of black, high-heeled sandals and Jackie a pair of white thong sandals with a strap between her toes. Each wore a toe ring and Debbie her ankle bracelet.

“So. Should we torture him and not touch him?” Laughed Debbie.

“Sure.” Said, Debbie. “I know he likes it when I do that. He also likes it when I talk to him about feet.”

“Really,” Jackie said. “This kind of reminds me of when we used to go to parties at that house across from my Brother’s house. Remember Deb?”

“How could I forget those days,” Debbie answered. “We were good girls but we were Foot wild, weren’t we?”

“Foot wild?” I asked. “What’s that?”

“I guess he doesn’t know, does he?” Jackie asked. “Oops!” She laughed.

I knew that I was about to hear another revelation and wasn’t sure how I’d feel, but my mind went wild and I strained at the thought of what was about to be discovered. The thought actually excited me more. “What don’t I know?” I asked, my voice nearly breaking.

“Well,” Debbie started “I have some stuff that I never told you but I guess you should know. Jackie and I have known about guys who like feet for a long time. I know you now know that I have put my feet on another guy, but the truth is that I have done it a lot more than just that time. Are you sure you want to hear this?” Debbie asked me.

“It’s OK.” Jackie injected. “It’s feet. It’s not like we screwed around with lots of guys. We had a boyfriend but the foot thing was just foot fun…that’s it.”

“Please tell me,” I begged. As I looked up, I saw that both girls were holding their feet above me, toes wiggling, shoes now discarded.

“OK. But, we want you to look at our feet as we tell you.” Debbie began. “We are going to touch you and give you a slow Footjob as we tell you. OK?”

With that, Jackie slowly lowered her right foot until I felt the softness of her soles and toes on my very hard shaft. I felt her toes slip a little from the baby oil she had rubbed on them as Debbie spoke to me.

“I have done this a lot. Did you ever wonder why I am so good at this? I have had lots of practice with guys. I did do it to Jackie’s boyfriend, but I also did it to others.” Debbie continued. “Jackie and I used to go to parties at this house back home. Some of the girls were just plain sluts and slept with guys all the time. Jackie and I were never like that, but we did like doing stuff with our feet.”

“Yeah,” Jackie said, as her sexy foot slowly started to massage my engorged C0*K, toes wiggling slowly and firmly into me. “We used to sit with our legs crossed and our shoes off, wiggling our toes and flexing our bare feet in the air, just to see who might notice us. We could tell the foot guys from the others. Guys would sit and talk, some would just stare and others would make comments about our feet.”

Debbie continued, “When we knew we had a guy hooked, we’d ask him to come upstairs with us to a bedroom because we wanted to show him something we said was cool. Most guys would come up with no questions asked, but a few would ask what we had in mind.”

“We would usually tell them that we wanted to show them something we could do with our feet,” Jackie said. “So we’d take them up and tell them to take their pants off and sit on the floor.”

At this point, Debbie extended her left leg and I saw the soles of her soft and very sexy feet as well as the undersides of her long and perfect toes, oiled up and ready to touch me. I felt Jackie move her foot over and Debbie’s barefoot joined Jackie’s on my now monstrous and very hard shaft.

Slowly I felt Debbie’s toes working in unison with Jackie’s toes, holding my shaft between them and both squeezing and pumping me slowly. The feeling of these woman’s toes and soles on me…bare feet working up and down my shaft…was beyond words. I stared in amazement as both perfectly pedicured toes wiggled and gave me a feeling of complete ecstasy.

Debbie continued, “Well, the guy would sit on the floor and we always had lotion or baby oil with us, so we’d drop some on the guy. Then, we’d sit above him just like we are sitting above you now, and ask if they had ever had a Footjob. Some guys had and some hadn’t. We’d tell them that we were going to make them cum with our feet and that they would love it.”

“It was great,” Jackie said. “Nobody ever said it was bad and some guys came pretty much as soon as we touched them. Others we would make wait. We’d start and stop. We’d switch feet and take turns.”

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“Yeah.” Debbie laughed. “We’d ask guys who did it best. Some guys could hold it and let us both do it while others just came really fast. We loved making guys come together, just like we are doing now to you.”

Jackie injected, “Some guys would come back and ask for us to do it again. I guess we were really good at it.”

I was getting close to exploding at this point. Debbie and Jackie noticed this and Debbie slipped her other foot under my balls and began caressing my sack, as Jackie held her other foot close to my face and wiggled her toes, telling me to watch her toes.

“Look me in the eyes,” Debbie commanded. “We really did do this. We have made lots of guys cum with these feet and we know other girls who do this also. It is very normal and we love doing it.”

I felt as the girls picked up the pace of their wiggling and knew I was very close to cumming. I looked down to see Debbie’s foot next to Jackie’s foot, my C)#K between them both, oiled up and getting an incredible Footjob.

“There is so much more to tell you…I know it excites you.” Debbie said. “The time we took two guys upstairs together, sat one on one side of the bed and one on the other. Sat above them and counted from three to one.”

“Oh, Yeah!” Jackie exclaimed. “The time we had a contest to see who could make a guy cum faster!”

“That’s the one,” Debbie said. “Maybe tomorrow you can give him a Footjob while I go to the store and time how fast you make him cum. Then, later I’ll see how fast I can make him cum and we’ll see who wins?”

“Great idea, Debbie?” Jackie replied. “Right now, I think we need to worry about him.” Pointing to me. “We said this one would belong, so let’s make it so.”

Over the next hour, Debbie and Jackie took turns starting and stopping, bringing me to the point of bursting, but not letting me cum. Debbie would Foot F*#K me for a while, take a break and then Jackie would pump me for a few minutes. Finally, the girls decided it was time for me to blow my load.

“Jackie?” Debbie said. “This Footjob is all yours. I’m going to get us a drink and you can finish him off as you please.” With that, Debbie got up and walked out, leaving Jackie sitting alone above me, bare feet just above my hardness.

“OK. Here is what you wanted.” Jackie said. “Are you ready to cum?”

I simply nodded.

“OK. Take a last look at my soft and sexy soles.” She said as she held her foot up and wrinkled her soles above me, toes moving about, glistening with a mix of baby oil and my pre-cum. “Ready? Here I go. Three, two, one.”

With that, Jackie lowered her feet onto me and it was as though I were feeling her for the first time. Her bare feet on my naked shaft. Slowly she began to wiggle her toes and softly pump her foot up and down my hardness, toes occasionally grabbing the head of my C*#K.

“I want to ask you something?” Jackie said. “I LOVE doing this to you. I know that Debbie did this to my old boyfriend when I was out one day and she came by to see me not knowing he was alone. I want to do this to you sometime that she doesn’t know about. Later tonight, after everyone goes to bed, want you to slip out to my room and let me Foot F*%K you. Can you do that?”

Again, all I could do was nod, now knowing that she was serious. “OK.” She said. “I’ll be waiting. Just imagine what that will feel like. Now, I want you to Cum.”

The thoughts of what I had learned tonight, the anticipation of a secret Footjob, the sight and feel of Jackie’s toes was enough to send me over the edge. I thought of what the night rendezvous would feel like and even wondered what else might happen. One last glance at Jackie’s now rapidly wiggling toes and bare feet on me before I closed my eyes and felt nothing but her dancing toes on my shaft…soft soles….bare toes…the occasional scrape from a perfectly pedicured, sexy, red toenail on my skin.

Suddenly I released…wave after wave of pleasure wracked my body as I yelled loudly….hot semen spurting from my pulsing C*#K as Jackie’s toes continued milking me of every drop I had and then some. Finally, she slowed and I felt the softness of her toes, gently still wiggling me at my most sensitive, then her foot taking longer strokes and slipping over the tip of my member…tips of her toes tickling my sensitive stomach and again slowly and gently running back down my C*#K.

When it was over. she smiled at me. “I love doing that to you. I can’t wait to have your C*#K in my room tonight. Do you think you came hard now? You just wait until later. It’s our little secret, OK.”

As she walked out, I tried to move but could not for about 20 minutes. As I prepared to get up, Debbie walked back in the room.

“Stay there.” She commanded. “I have decided that tonight you need more than just one Footjob.” With that, she again sat above me and crossed her legs, dangling a freshly pedicured foot above me. “I thought you’d like to see me with blue toenails. Let’s see how they look at giving you a Footjob!”

It was to be a night to remember.

Hope you all enjoyed this one!

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