Debbie & Jackie Foot Fetish Experience

As requested, here is a story about Debbie stopping by Jackie’s house one day, only to find Jackie had gone out for a while, leaving her boyfriend, Greg, alone at the house. This is told from Greg’s perspective. Enjoy!

I had been dating Jackie for about six months. My relationship with the hot little dirty-blonde-haired babe was amazing! Not only was the regular sex great, but Jackie had become well aware of my foot fetish early in the relationship.

Even better, she had a best friend, Debbie, who was just as much of a babe as Jackie was. I guess the girls really were best friends because, as I found out, they talked about EVERYTHING in their lives, and I do mean everything. 

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Jackie was great about indulging my foot fetish regularly and often talked to me about other girls’ feet when giving me a footjob with her very soft and talented size fives. She would ask things like,

“Do you think her feet would feel good on you?” or “Do you think she knows how to give a Footjob?”

One day in the midst of a hot Footjob where she asked me about looking at other girls’ feet, I blurted out that I thought Debbie’s feet were hot, as Debbie was always barefoot when she was in the house visiting Jackie and as they always would give themselves pedicures on the front porch while I was there, Jackie well aware that I watched and became excited.

Jackie smiled slyly at me and asked if I thought Debbie would give a good Footjob. That thought really turned me on as I had thought about it before, but I never thought she was serious. Jackie did tell me once that she was going to ask Debbie to Foot FV*K me, but I always thought she was kidding or just saying that to add to the mental part of her awesome Footjobs.

I found out the “Hard” way when Debbie, the tall and very sexy blonde-haired, blue-eyed babe with perfect size ten feet, shocked me when she came downstairs one day when Jackie was about to give me a Footjob and ended up with her soft bare soles and talented toes on my hard CO*K, a direct result of Jackie’s having really asked her to give me a Footjob.

It was so intense that I exploded faster than I ever thought possible. Since then, I had dreamed about what a long and sensual Footjob would feel like from Debbie. I never thought it would happen again, but was I ever wrong?

On a warm summer weekend, I was at Jackie’s house visiting, when Jackie had to go for a nail appointment, something she did every month in addition to giving herself regular pedicures. I remained at her house, ready to watch a game on TV. Not long after Jackie left, I heard a car in the driveway and looked out to see Debbie’s blue sports car.

As I stepped out to greet her, I watched as Debbie stepped out of her little, blue convertible and just drooled as I saw the leggy babe walk to the door wearing a Hot pink V-neck T-Shirt, short, white tennis skirt and white, flat sandals. Of course, there were those perfect toes…not too long, not too short, but just right.

They were finished in a favourite hot pink she always wore in summer and I couldn’t help but notice the gold ankle bracelet and gold toe ring worn on the second toe of her left foot. What a total babe, I thought as I couldn’t help but stare at her sexy feet, the thought that I actually had them on me very much in my mind.

“Geeze, Greg! Could you stare any harder at my feet?” Debbie said laughingly as she looked at me with a smile.

“I’m sorry, Deb,” I replied. “You just look really hot today. Guess I couldn’t help it.”

“I guess not,” She said. “Not like my having given you a Footjob had anything to do with it, huh?”

I swallowed hard, still a little embarrassed at actually hearing her say that so matter-of-factly, my loins swelling at the thought even more.

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“Jackie around?” Debbie asked.

“No,” I said. “She had an appointment for her nails today and actually just left. I figure she’ll be back in about an hour or so.”

“Really? So, you are here alone?” She inquired, a funny smirk on her face.

“Yeah, just me,” I said nervously.

“Well,” she said as she walked past me and into the house, sitting on the couch and making quite a show of propping her legs up on the sofa. “I have an idea.”

“Yes?” I replied. As she looked at her own feet, squeezing and flexing her toes in an obvious move to get my attention.

“I know you have it bad for my feet and liked what I did to you. But, I think you were a little disappointed that you came so quickly. I think you still want my feet, don’t you?” She had me.

I swallowed hard. “How do I answer that?”

Debbie kicked off her shoes and extended a bare foot towards me, pressing the toes of her foot directly onto my very erect C0*K through my shorts. “You don’t have to.” She said. “Just don’t talk and come with me.”

I followed Debbie to the basement where she ordered me to undress and sit on the floor with my legs under the couch. I did as she commanded and soon sat there with my fully erect manhood standing at attention for her feet. Debbie sat above me where I took in those long and oh-so-sexy legs, peeking up at her little lace panties, just visible between her legs. As she crossed her legs I watched in rapt attention as she showed me the undersides of her soft soles, wiggling her toes for me to see.

“I want you to look at my feet, Greg. I know you love them. Look at them and know that you have had these feet on you and that I made you cum so hard last time.” She was working my mind so well. “I know that Jackie does this to you all the time and that she tells you all about it. You know she has done this before and so have I. I did this to two other guys before I did it to you and they loved it. Do you like to hear about that, Greg?”

“God, yes!” I gasped, watching her toes dangle so close to me. I noticed there was a slight shininess to them when she said something else to me.

“Do you see the leftover baby oil on my toes, Greg?” She asked. “That is because I just left a guy’s house that I know and I just gave him a Footjob. Now, I figure I can give you one that will be our little secret. Is that OK with you?”

“Please,” I begged.

“OK.” She said. “But we have about half an hour and I intend to use that time to its fullest.”

For the next half hour, Debbie dangled and flexed her toes above me, sometimes touching me with the tips of her toes or running them up to my very sensitive stomach and tickling me. At times, she would drop her foot onto my hardness but not move it at all, leaving me to feel the trembling warmth of her bare feet. Other times, she would just twitch a little or softly run the very tips of her toes up and down my shaft to my balls, where she would tickle them. Finally, she dribbled some baby oil that she had tucked in her purse on me. She held her foot up for me to see.

“Are you ready, Greg?’ She asked.

“Please.” I again begged.

“OK.” She said. “Here I go. Ready? Are you really ready? Are you ready to feel these soft, sexy, bare feet on you? Ready for my long toes to make you Cum as I did before? Like I just did to another guy not even an hour ago? Here I go, Greg. Here they come. Close you eyes and feel them touch your C*#K. Ready? Three, Two, One.”

With that, I tensed as I felt the soft warmth of her bare feet and tender toes gently touch down on my naked and very erect shaft. She held her toes very still and I pulsed, waiting to feel them begin their slippery dance. She sensed my tension.

“What is it, Greg?” She teased. “Do you want me to wiggle my toes on you?”

“Please do it,” I begged. “Please, Debbie. I want your toes to wiggle hard into me.”

“Really?” She teased again. “Are you sure you want to feel it?”

Her feet still steady, my C*#K pulsing with anticipation. Gently, she wavered her toes on me, sliding on the slippery baby oil and now my precum that was coating the head of my member and my stomach as she pressed my C*#K against my abdomen with her long toes. I gasped at the movement.
“Please keep going!” I pleaded.

“Maybe.’ She replied. “Maybe I’ll make you wait a little more.” With that, she squeezed again but then lifted her foot off of my and again held it up for me to see. She showed me her soles and then pointed her toes so I could see those pedicured toes that had just been on me. She held her foot just above my straining shaft and bounced her foot, toes just a breath away from me, close enough to feel the warmth of her bare feet.

“God! Please, Debbie. Please do it!” I nearly screamed. “I want it so bad.”

“Just like I did before, Greg?” She asked.


“Just like I just did to someone else before I came here, Greg?” She teased.


“Just like Jackie does to you?” Again she teased.


“Just like I will do to you every chance I get, Greg?” She stunned me with.

OH, GOD!” I moaned.

“OK, Greg! You want it, I’ll do it.” She snarled, teeth now clenched in a very intense and aggressive expression that was so very sexy. “But I want you to beg me for it. Come on, Greg! Beg me for these feet! Tell me what you want.”

“Oh, Debbie, Please!” I said. “Put those feet on me! I want those toes to make me Cum!”

“Right now?” She asked.

“Right now!” I replied.

“You want to feel my bare feet on your hard C*#K? You want these toes to make you Cum?” Her teasing was too much to take.


With that, she looked at me as she leaned forward and firmly placed her left foot on my shaft. Ever so slowly she began to twitch her toes. So slowly that the movement was nearly imperceptible.

“Faster!” I begged.

“No!” She replied as her toes slowly squeezed and relaxed. She began adding a slow and softly up and down movement to her strokes, letting her toes do most of the work, slowly wiggling and squeezing on my manhood.

Several times she stopped and laughed at me, only to start the slow, torturous movement again. Twice she lifted her foot to pour a little more baby oil on my C*#K. It was the most incredible, wonderful and intense torture I had ever felt and I knew that I was going to explode if only she would go just a touch faster.

“Greg. Would you like to watch me give another guy a Footjob?” I couldn’t believe she asked me that. “What if I asked Jackie to give a guy I knew a Footjob? Would that bother you?”

“Oh, GOD!” I moaned.

“Would you like to watch, Greg?” She asked, stopping the movement, looking me in the eyes and lifting her foot from me yet again. I could not answer.

At that moment, I heard the garage door begin to open and knew that Jackie was arriving. Debbie noticed this too and again looked at me and said, “I wasn’t kidding. I can make that happen. But now, I need to make something else happen. Are you ready?”

She flexed her foot above me. Before she could act, I reached up and pulled her foot to me,pressing her bare foot onto my C*#K. I needn’t have done that, for I felt as she pressed her toes into me and began slowly wiggling. Faster and faster she moved.

“Come on, Greg!” She urged. “She’s coming! You have to Cum NOW!”

“I’m going to!” I replied.

“Oh, Yeah!” She snarled. “Look at that big C*#K. It’s ready. Feel my toes, Greg! I am giving you a Footjob! I am going to keep giving them to you! Cum, Baby, CUM!”

Her toes were a blur of movement, the feeling beyond words. Debbie’s long and sexy, very flexible, talented and obviously experienced toes bringing me to a climax that would be almost enough to make me pass out. It was more than I could hold, especially knowing that Jackie was just pulling in and I could be discovered. The secretive nature of this Footjob adds to the intensity.

I exploded as she worked her toes on my most sensitive spot, the experience of her feet evident. Hot, burning Cum shot up my chest as I felt the warmth of my own fluids on my goose-bump-laden skin. I managed to look down and see Debbie’s toes still wiggling on my shaft…bare feet and silky, soft soles on me. She pumped her feet on me and slowed as I flushed from the encounter.

Debbie stood up and bent down, face above mine and looked into my eyes. “That is quite a C*#K you have there. I can’t wait to see it again.”

She kissed me full on the lips, her tongue exploring my mouth. She lifted a foot and stepped hard on my C*#K again, giving the last squeeze that made me jump. “Wait until you see Jackie and I do this to someone else.”

With that, she tossed me a box of tissue that was on the table, wiped her own feet and went upstairs to greet Jackie.

As hard as it was, I quickly cleaned up and walked upstairs to find Debbie and Jackie hugging hello.

“I Love you toes!” Debbie said to Jackie. “They gave you a really good pedicure.”

“Oh, it was heaven!” Jackie said. “My feet feel sooooo soft now. Your feet look really nice too, Deb!”

“Well, like you always say, you have to be ready because guys look at feet!” Debbie winked at me.

“Tell me about it,” Jackie said, looking at me. “Greg here is always looking at feet! Ever since you gave him a Footjob he has been extra horny for feet, haven’t you Greg?”

My jaw was locked too tight to answer.

“Hey,” Jackie said. “What if Debbie and I gave you another Footjob? My feet are freshly soft and I don’t think Deb would object.” I was stunned again, unbelieving at how I could be in this situation and how lucky I was to have two gorgeous women who wanted to give me a Footjob.

“Jackie,” Debbie spoke up. “I actually just kinda gave a Footjob to someone before I came here. Maybe we could do that a bit later?”

“You did?” Jackie smiled. “You’ll have to tell us all about it. I’m sure that will get Greg going.”

Debbie sat down with Jackie for a visit. I was to hear all about Debbie’s Footjob and knew that I was going to live a foot fantasy in the days and weeks to come. I was to discover that many more girls were into Footjobs and would end up with more feet on me than I could ever have dreamed of. Still, the surprise Footjob from Debbie will always rank as the best.

Hope you all enjoyed this one! Always more to come as time permits. Remember, sometimes the best part of a story is not knowing if it is real or fantasy. I hope I have painted a good mental image of the things I write about.  Feel free to contribute yourselves as well. I always love to hear from fellow padders!

The story was written by IFlyFA18s

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