Britney’s trampling concert Foot fetish story

While at work one day an email came upon Emma’s computer. The Company has secured a limited number of tickets for the Britney Spears concert to be given away to interested employees.


The concert is this Friday night at Smith wade Stadium here in town. Please register in the Human Resources office to be eligible to win a pair of tickets.

 Most drawings will be held Thursday afternoon, so you might want to register as soon as possible. Well, Emma is a small built woman 5′5 ” and 107 pounds nicely built but you could tell that she did not work out much and was very shy.

Emma doesn’t have a boyfriend so she was wondering who she would take to the concert if she was to get lucky to win the tickets. Well, the day came when the company posted the winners by the time clocks.


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As Emma punched out for the day she decided to scan the list to see who won and sure enough her name was on the list. Emma picks up her tickets on the way out and still thinking about who she could take to the concert with her.


On the way home she thought why I don’t ask Essie would she like to go with me. Essie was a little on the stuck up and sometimes a little hard to talk to. Essie was also not really all that fun of Emma either.

The next morning Emma goes to work she walks up to Essie and asks her what she had planned for Friday Night. Essie turns around to her and said: “is that any of your business?”


“Well not really” replied Emma “but I did win the concert tickets and you were the only one I could think of that might want to go with me?”

Well, I am not a really big Britney fan but it just might be fun. Ok fine do you want me to pick you up Friday night Essie? asked Emma.

“Sure” replied Essie “Better your Gas than mine with today’s gas prices”

Well, Friday night arrives and Emma Arrives at Essie’s house around 6:30. The concert was supposed to start at 8:00 pm so they had some time to kill.

Essie walks out of the house and Emma sees her for the first time in all her glory. Essie stood about 5’ 10” 130 pounds wearing a short black top and showing off her sexy muscular abs and a white mini shirt and some slip-on high heel sandals.

Essie Parents were a mixed-race couple (black/white). Essie had such a rich-looking tan and was gorgeous. While waiting to get the concert Emma kept glancing at Essie’s feet and legs.


She had never paid any attention to any other women’s body parts until now. There was something about those bright red painted toes that made her want to see them one more time.

The concert line started to move and off they went. Once they reach the entrance the attendant told them to keep up with their ticket because the lucky person was going to get to go backstage and meet B face to face.


Well, the concert got started and B was so hot in a tank top and tight blue jeans and high-heeled boots.

She was bouncing around the stage and giving one hell of a show. Although Emma was enjoying the show very much she just could not get over how well Essie looked.

Emma looked at Essie and asked her if she was enjoying herself. Essie replied, “I am ok but I have seen better shows”. B announced she was going to do one more song then call out the winning ticket number. Emma took a quick look at her number because she really wanted to talk to a star.

Well, the time arrived to announce the winner. Brittney calls out the number 782341. Emma looks at her ticket again because she knew the numbers were close 782340 was what she read.

Essie never even looked at her ticket when Emma asked her to see which one she had. Essie’s ticket had 782341 the winning number.

Essie threw up she had and charged the stage not even thing about Emma. Essie thinks “wow” this really is my lucky day.

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The bodyguard asked B where she wanted him to take Essie backstage or to the Buss. To the Bus replied BBrittney arrives at the 15 to 20 minutes later to find Essie there and waiting. B asked Essie “are you a model or something like that”.

No replied Essie. B: Can we just talk for a minute asked Brittney.

Sure replied Essie. What do think then about meeting me in person?. It’s coolly replied Essie but I forgot all about the person that I rode to the concert with.

Well let me get to the point then said, Brittney. But first, are you with your boyfriend/husband or a female friend? Asked B. The girlfriend said, Essie. Is she as pretty as you Essie? Asked her.

No, but, she is fairly nice looking and a little smaller. There is nothing to do in this old town so I wanted to get someone to keep me company say, Britney.

I have a huge burning fetish of just trampling all over a human body and I would like to trample you.

Essie Looked at By then replied, “are you crazy what the hell is trampling any way?” she then explained trampling to her. Oh, that sounds ok but I don’t think I would like being trampled said, Essie.

“What about your friend,” Brittney asked. I would gladly pay either you or her to do this. “HMMMMM- how much without thinking Essie replied. $500 for an easy trampling session $1,000.00 for a brutal session. Ok said Essie “give me the $500.00 and I will get my friend to do it, she loves you and will do anything for you”.

It’s a deal she replied B. Essie takes off to find Emma. Emma has made it out of the stadium and back to the car where she was sitting and waiting on Essie.

“How was your visit,” Emma asked. It was all right but we did not talk much cause I told her you were waiting on me. I told her I would like to finish if they were not going to leave yet said Essie. Britney told me to come and get you then come back to the bus. Emma started smiling and then yelled,

“what are we waiting for, let go!!”

They arrived back at the bus where the bodyguard was waiting on them to let them in. They walk back to Britney’s room knock on the door then enter. This is Emma, Emma meets Brittney Spears.

Emma Just looked at her and then mumble “hi”. Emma looked around the bus took a look at Essie and her sexy body then glanced at her. Thinking to her both of these women are truly awesome. Emma, did Essie Tell you what we talked about? Asked Britney. No replied Emma. Essie spoke up and said

“I could tell how excited you were about seeing it just slipped my mind” but here it is said, Essie.

“You are going to let her trample you,” Essie told her.

What is trampling? Asked Emma.

Well, the short answer is you going to lie on the floor then she is going to step all over your body, now get down there commanded Essie. I will not do that barked Emma.

Emma looked at Brittney “why someone would let you step on them anyway” she asked. Because I am a supreme woman who deserves to do what I want, so get down there before I get my bodyguard to force you down. Emma responded to you are a good singer but a crazy bitch and Essie I can’t believe that you thought I would do something like that.

Emma turns to exit the room when Essie grabs her by the arm and then spun her around. With catlike reflexes, Emma Slaps Essie across the Face.

Brittney was making a move to call the bodyguard but before she could get the phone Essie had showed her superior strength over Emma and pinned her to the floor.


 B looked down at Emma and without a word, she stepped onto Emma’s bare stomach with high heel boots. Emma was already a little tired from squirming with Essie and could feel her stomach compress.

The sharp heel really hurt. She then places the other foot on top of her. Emma could feel the air being pushed out of her.

Essie looks at Britney just standing on Emma’s bare stomach while drinking a glass of something. Essie could feel that Emma did not have much fight left in her so she got off Emma and took a seat and watched BritneysB started to gradually lift one foot after the other walking in place on Emma’s stomach.

B looked down at Emma and said: “feels good to me, how about you?” Then B slowly starts to move up her chest crushing her small nipples under her booted feet.

Emma was squirming in pain under those heavenly feet  Foot Fetish cams’  Essie sitting the listening to Emma’s soft moans and groans thinking how wonderful that sounds. She knew not to stay on top of such a small woman too long as she did not want to do any serious damage so she steps off of Emma.

Emma was still lying on the floor gasping for a little more air while Essie wanting to hear those soft moans and groans could see that By was going to her a fresh drink before she resumes her trampling. Essie gets up off the sofa walks over to Emma then steps on to Emma.


As she starts to apply weight on one foot Emma begins to squirm like a bug. Next thing Emma knew she was being trampled by a woman who she had hoped to be her friend. Essie started to perform the same soft trample move that had been done only moments earlier.

Emma could tell that Essie was heavier than hers. Emma then tries to hold Essie’s foot off her but she had no strength left. She could feel Essie’s soft warm feet.


She fixes her a drink then hears Emma moaning then turns around to see Essie standing on Emma and bouncing very lightly on her. Bs looks at Essie like she was a god.

This made her really want to trample. She walks back over to Emma and then steps on her chest. Both Bs and Essie superstars and regular working women trample a poor woman without care.

Emma felt like she was going to explode from all the weight on her. Essie then knew this is what she wanted to do in life. Both women continued to trample Emma for about five more minutes then stepped off her.

Again Emma lay on the flood searching for air and thinking how she kind of enjoyed it. Emma was still mad about the way the two women forced this on her. Does Essie ask her was for the trample session? She replied “no way have I got to also have my sweaty feet pampered. So she began to remove her boots.


When she got the first one off she calls for Emma. “Hey rug woman come here and become a foot dog and lick and suck my feet/toes. Emma did not move she just lay there. If you don’t come on I will have to trample you some more Britney barked.

Emma knew she could not take a trampling now so she rolls or crawled to her. Before she could get to her she could smell her feet. This was not a stinky smell just something a little different.

Emma was thinking about what she was thinking Essie’s pretty legs and feet. Slowly she opens her mouth and took in Britney’s big sweaty toe.

At first, she thought it was not right but without instruction, she began to swirl her tongue around that too in and out, in and out. Her feet started to taste so good to her that she wanted it all. Emma started to lick her feet from heel to toe.

She removed the other boot which was on the same side as Essie. But, before she could get it off good Emma was all over it like a starved dog. Emma licked and kissed her feet for at least ten minutes. Essie thought that was good so she held out her foot for Emma too.

Sure enough, Emma performed the same thing on her feet. All the time thinking about how she could not take her eyes off of them earlier.

Emma realized she had gone to a concert to have a good time and did but somehow ended up a foot slut. Soon both she and Essie grew tired of her kissing their feet. They both decided that they need a fresh drink.

Without saying a word to each other they both placed their feet on Emma’s face and shoulder and then pushed her back on her back. While both women fixed their drinks they even offered Emma a drink for being such a good sport about this.


Emma said that she would like a drink. Britney goes to the cabinet and retrieves a large plastic tub pours a couple of sodas into it carry it over to Emma then places it on the floor.

Then both Britney and Essie step into the tub. Britney then tells Emma “drink up foot dog”. Emma did not want to but she had been trampled hard and she was thirsty.

While drinking the soda Emma could hear the women talking. She is telling Essie that this was the most fun I had in any town. Most of the people she trampled in another town were men and she always had to have a bodyguard with her.

Essie just laughed “this was a lot of fun but I think I have lost a friend that I never wanted and got paid for it”. Britney then tells Essie why don’t you come on the road with me then you could trick other women for us to trample.

Give me your contact information and I will let you know a little later Essie replied. It might be harder to get other people to do this but I wanted to make her quit sucking up to me.

Ok, Britney said. Both ladies finished their drinks off. Britney tells Essie “I guess we need to dry our feet now. “Yes we do,” said Essie. Back on your back foot dog. Emma knew she could not overpower the women so she just laid back. First to step on her was Britney then Essie.


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