self suck shemales

Self Suck Shemales

A Transgender Tells You Why Sucking Your Own Dick Is the Best Thing Ever

The popularity of transgenders in the adult niche, especially the entertainment and the sex toy industry has grown by leaps and bounds.

While some of the credit should go the current setup in a society which is allowing people to come out of their closet and admit what they want to experience, most of the credit goes to the effort of the transgender people who have taught the world how to have the best sex of their lives.

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Since we are already talking about best sex, one of the latest kink and trick that the shemales have made popular is the art of sucking your own dick. They call it the self-suck shemale but we refer to it as self-suck yourself. Why so? Read on and you will find out why self-sucking is going to be the latest trend in the world of sex! Chat with a shemale here at  the shemale webcam section


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Satisfaction is the key To Sucking your own Penis

Undoubtedly, all of us wish to have great sex. In fact, life is so short, we deserve great sex. But what if your partner is just not that good or they are just good for a couple of rounds and are a no match for your sexual appetite?

Where do you go? This is why you should learn the art of sucking yourself to satisfaction. Once you master this art, you will never ever have half-baked orgasms or worse, ruined orgasms.

You will be able to satisfy yourself anytime and anywhere. All you have to do is watch some self-sucking tranny videos, which are hot by the way and boom, you are on your path to orgasmic sex. You can chat with a shemale on cam  at any number of websites, it’s a great way to test the water and dabble 

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You are enough When it Comes to self-sucking on Webcam

You will never have to worry about having a partner and convincing her to suck your dick. You could just bend, twist, throw in some yoga and have your dick at the mercy of your own mouth.

Play with it all you want, suck it, bite it, gag yourself, and make yourself cum for as long as you want. Imagine all the cum you would end up within your mouth, around your mouth, swallow it, spit it – all your call, all your freedom, without any nagging! Sexy!


 Self Suck Tranny – Produce cum shots on the go

We love watching cum shots compilation videos. They are absolutely hot. We want those. You want those. But how do we get those?

You can either imagine and dream about it all your life or learn the art of producing cum shots. The shemales have been helping men produce cum shots on their own.

We are not talking about the clumsy ones that fall an inch away from your cock and disappear. We are talking about cum shots that are equivalent to a javelin throw by an Olympian.

Ok, we might just have exaggerated it; but once you learn the ladyboy method of self-sucking, you would be able to produce cum shots that are worth recording and mentioning on your resume. Don’t trust us? Go check out some shemale cum shot compilation videos. For some people, this is a very popular fetish request to be made to have cum in mouth instructions from a Mistress or friend

Fulfil your fantasy

Many men who wish to have semen in their mouth, find it hard to find people who would share the same interest. Hooking up with a gay man is fine but not every man who wants to have the taste of dick juice in his mouth wish to have the same in his ass as well. So, for these men, gay sex is not an option.

Now the question is, where do they go to get the satisfaction that they need? The easiest solution is again, having a suck and lick of their own dick.

Head to a porn website, or better, a cam to cam site, visit a shemale and learn how to bend and suck your own dick from her. Watch the video over and over again, practice it until you get it right and once you are comfortable with your own dick, its time to fulfil your fantasy.

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Prepare yourself for the moment you have been waiting for all your life, bend and reach for your dick, open your mouth, start blowing off yourself and when you are about to climax, let it flow, all of it, in your mouth.

Drop by drop, it will enter your mouth, if you are skilled enough, you will be able to produce cum shots as well. Imagine a cum shot hitting the top of your mouth, or better, hitting your throat. Do you feel it? How does it taste? Feels satisfying?

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These were just a handful of reasons why giving yourself a blowjob is great. This is just one of the hundred kinks that ladyboys have taught the world.

Not only do the shemales do it the best, but they also have their own sexy way of showing it off on their cam chats. If you a man who is looking for unmatched satisfaction, then self-blowjobs are one trick that you should definitely demand while you are watching a ladyboy cam or probably talking to one on a tranny webcam chat.

Tell them how much you would love to learn the trick and how badly you want to satisfy yourself.

We love the idea of self-sucking for many reasons. However, the primary reason that we recommend trying this kink is to feel the cum in your own mouth. Just think of it, you are sucking yourself to satisfaction, stroking your cock with your lips, your tongue caressing the tip and head of your big dick, you are about to climax, you know it and you want it.

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You want it so bad. You quicken your pace of stroking, the orgasm is near, almost there. You lick your dick head to make it ready for the release, right in your mouth. You stroke a little more and you feel your cock oozing out the juices.

It’s throwing up all it has inside it, for your pleasure. Your mouth is slowly filling with your own cum. The semen that you have always dreamt of tasting is finally inside your mouth.

You continue to stroke your cock until your balls are empty. You suck the last drop of cum out of your cock. The cum in your mouth is warm and sticky. Does it taste good? Do you feel satisfied? Oh yes, you do!

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