Let’s Party

Parker had called again about the all guy’s party we were going to, I think he called it a gay party at one point. I couldn’t really recall, my memory was somehow blurred. I sipped slowly from my beer can, that week must have to be one of my worst ones.

I had lost about $3,000 at the Caesar Casino only to be laid off two days later, the boss saying something about

‘moving forward and needing new staff’.

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I was devastated, all on my mind right now was to drown my sorrows in beer, I didn’t have any other thoughts. Then there was Parker, my ever loving friend, who cared about me a lot. He couldn’t just watch me drink myself to sleep that night, he wanted to turn my week around, hence the party. A slight knock on the door jarred me back from my sad thoughts, it was Parker.

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He cleaned up my apartment, littered with empty beer bottles and pizza boxes before forcing me to take a shower. We arrived at the venue around 10:30 pm, I could hear the music blasting from the speakers as we got off the taxi, weren’t they disturbing the neighbours?

Parker got us passes before we were led into the building by a bald bouncer who looked like an NBA player with a wrestler’s body. The apartment where the party was going on was tightly packed with male bodies, the music was so loud I think my heart beat along in perfect synchronization. Beer bottles and cans littered everywhere, neon lights danced around us as guys went on wilding.

At the centre was a visible orgy going on, a slim guy was on the floor, his ass was being pounded while a cock was stuffed in his mouth, there were other guys waiting their turn. At the corner near the makeshift bar, I saw a guy blowing another guy while just right beside them two guys were fucking, most of the guys here hardly had clothes on.

Parker got himself a plaything later while I headed to the makeshift bar, I needed to get myself a drink.

“Do you have whiskey?”,

I asked the short barman.


he replied with a smile.

“Make it neat”,

I added while he fetched he drink. I sat down sipping my whiskey as I took in the sight before me once more. Orgies left and right, sex, asses were being pounded, I was seeing blowjobs, I was getting physically turned on.

Just then, someone walked into the party. He was tall with black hair, wide hazel eyes and a well-chiselled face. No one really noticed because they were either pounding something or being pounded.


I had to fuck that one, no doubt. I stood from my seat and invited him to the bar. I got him a beer as we made small talk. We laughed together a bit before we decided to dance. We were swaying to the music and getting our groove on.

I grounded against him as we danced. I turned around as I sucked on his neck.

“I want to fuck you”,

I slurred into his ear. His eyes widened as I took his lips in mine, taking him by surprise. He must have held his breath for a good ten seconds before he got out of the shock. He settled as we locked lips, our tongues twirling as we continued swaying to the music.

He broke the kiss and suggested we find somewhere more private, there were rooms at the back. He took me by the hand as we went to the back looking for a free room. It was as if everyone was fucking, naked bodies and sexual moans filled the air.

At last, we found a free room, thank goodness! We locked lips as I managed to bolt the door, the sexual urge had been suppressed for quite too long. He kissed back harder than I did, sucking my tongue vigorously as I ripped off his shirt.

We kept it on before he dropped to his knees, yanking my pants and briefs off with one swift movement. My nine-inch cock sprang out almost immediately, hitting him across his cheek.

He bit his lips as he stared hungrily at my meat and in one swift skilled moment, took it in. I moaned as my cock parted his lips, he could suck a cock. He started out slowly, flicking his tongue around my shaft while cupping and massaging my balls.

He increased his tempo, bubbling his head up and down my shaft as I moaned wildly, I was in ecstasy land. He was sucking me hard and I was going in deeper and deeper till I could feel my tip hitting the back of his throat. I couldn’t take it anymore, my balls tightened as I shot ropes of cum down his throat, a little dripping down his lips.

He wanted me to bury my cock in his ass. We kept on kissing as he stroked me back to full erection. He kept my back on the bed as he applied some lube that came with the room around his asshole. We kept on kissing as he straddled me, I could feel the heat of his ass on my cock.

He positioned my cock to his asshole as he slowly eased himself on it, my cock easing pass his sphincter before going all the way in. He sighed as his asshole stretched to accommodate my full inches. He moved gently at first, moving and landing as his ass stretched out to fit me in.

Slowly he adjusted, bouncing harder and faster gradually as he straddled me, taking my cock deeper and deeper into his ass.

“Fuck! You’re so big!”,

he moaned in between thrusts, our bodies slamming with each movement. He stroked his cock as he bounced up and down, going faster and faster till he erupted, shooting his cum all over my face and chest.

He kept on going, his ass squeezing my dick with each thrust, he was going faster than ever before, my dick going deeper and deeper as our bodies slammed rhythmically. I was tottering at the edge now, my orgasm was close.

He kept on bouncing harder, my full nine inches disappearing into his beautiful ass with each thrust. My balls tightened as my orgasm won, spurts and spurts of cum hitting his insides as we moaned in unison.

He collapsed beside me, breathing heavily as my erection slowly subsided.

“We should get in the shower”,

I said in between deep breaths. “Yes, we should, he replied, still breathing heavily. We got into the shower as I grabbed his ass, I definitely wasn’t done with him.


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