Last Night In October

I got off the phone slowing sipping my beer. My older brother had called to remind me of the camping trip. It had been a tradition since we were kids. Our father, now late always took us camping out in the woods on the final days in October. After he died of prostate cancer four years ago, we continued the tradition in honour of him.

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This year’s camping was going to be different somewhat, it was not going to be just me and my brother alone, he was bringing friends from work. According to him, he wanted to “make them enjoy nature”. It wasn’t really a problem for me except maybe I wouldn’t have that privacy to jerk off but asides that it was all cool.

The camping time came, we were going to spend two nights like the previous ones. My brother always came down to my house in his van. It was where we somewhat ‘assembled’ before dispatching to the woods.

He got to my house around 4 pm with about three other guys, his friends. He introduced them to me; Larry, Phil and Jon. Larry looked like an adult nerd, tall, skinny and with glasses. Phil was somewhat short and stock, he didn’t smile much. Now Jon was a sight for sore eyes, a well-chiselled face with the necessary features and an obvious fit body, he was gorgeous.

We discussed a bit before we got our camping gear ready and hit the woods. The site wasn’t really far, just a few miles out of town and we got there around 6:30 pm.

We got to camp and the routine activities I was now accustomed to began. Night came and we made a fire, sitting around it and slowly roasting marshmallows. My brother, Larry and Phil kept talking and laughing about the new secretary in their office.

Jon was as disinterested as me, he wasn’t really into the conversation. I stood up to grab some beers as I offered Jon an escape route, one he gladly accepted. We walked away from the fire down to where the van was parked discussing the Premier League standings. He was a Tottenham fan just like me. We talked and laughed long into the night before we decided to retire to our tents and call it a night.

The next day came with its camping atmosphere. We went fishing in the morning and roasted the few we caught. Sipping beer and eating fresh fish was one of the things I loved most about our little tradition.

The fish didn’t always come out great or delicious but I loved it all the same. We talked and laughed as we ate, bringing up old topics about childhood. I learnt Phil used to model, a very funny idea now if you take a look at him, with his almost bald head and slightly bulging tummy.

We played soccer in the afternoon. Nothing unusual happened that day except for Jon mistakenly lighting his tarp tent on fire. By the time we put it out, it was half ruined and useless. My brother told him to share my tent with me since it was our last night of camping, I didn’t mind, I liked him.

Night came with the usual cold, it wasn’t freezing cold but being in the woods meant that you had good clothes on to withstand the cold. We roasted marshmallows as usual after the normal meal before we decided to call it a night.

Phil, Larry and my brother retired to their tents while I and Jon squeezed ourselves to fit in into the small tent. We couldn’t sleep since it wasn’t so comfortable so we started discussing. We talked about different things, including work, sports, the weather and all sorts of things.

It was during our discussion that I came to know he was gay, just like me. Gradually, silence replaced the chatter as we slowly drifted away from talking. We stayed there both awake, side by side which was taking a lot of space, we were both uncomfortable.

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Jon suggested we switch and adjust, as if we were cuddling, it was more comfortable. Now, Jon, had his back turned to me, his ass glued firmly to my crotch. I started imagining things, how it would be like kissing him or ripping his clothes off and stuffing my cock in his ass. Slowly I began to feel a bulge in my pants, it was a boner. I tried to suppress it by moving my crotch away from his ass but he just kept bringing his ass closer until there was nowhere for me to move again.

He must have been doing that on purpose, there was no way he was moving like that unknowingly.

His ass was now pressed against my boner firmly. We stayed away, the silence so heavy it could be hacked with a knife. I made the first move, slowly bringing my hand to rest on his thigh, he responded by grinding his ass more to my crotch. I think he got the message as I slowly turned him over.

Staring into his eyes, I brought my mouth down on his, kissing him with raw passion. I wanted to explore but our thick clothes were getting in the way. Still kissing we struggled and yanked off our clothes, one by one until we were down to our underwear.

We kept on kissing as he took his hand down, slowly tugging at the elastic band of my underwear. His founds slid down and found my already erect cock. He stroked my cock and balls as we locked lips still, he somehow found a way to get rid of my underwear.

He brought his head down to my crotch, his lips slightly brushing my cock head. I moaned as he teased me with his tongue, slowly licking the tip before he engulfed the entire shaft in his warm mouth.

He sucked slowly at first, twirling his tongue all around my eight-inch cock, coating my balls with saliva in the process. I groaned and moaned as he gradually picked the pace, deep-throating in the process, my slimy cock hitting the back of his throat with each movement. He kept on at it, moving up and down, sucking with raw passion and sending me into waves and waves of ecstasy.

My orgasm was close and I could feel it. The pressure was building in me as I felt my balls tighten, erupting like a volcano in the process. I emptied my cum down his throat as we resumed our kissing, with semen still visible on his lips.

I yanked off his underwear as my finger found his ass, fingering him and playing with his asshole. I bent him over as I buried my face in his ass crack, tongue-fucking him as I sucked and slurped on his asshole.

I wanted to fuck him, I wanted to bury my cock deep in his ass. My erection was back as I spread his butt cheeks and slowly eased my hard cock into his warm asshole. We moaned together in ecstasy. I started out slowly and quietly, easing in and easing out as I buried my cock in his ass. It felt good, the warm and wet muscles in his passage squeezing my cock with each movement.

Gradually I picked pace as I slammed my cock in harder and faster, our sweaty bodies slamming against each other as I buried my eight-inch cock deeper and deeper and deeper into his asshole. He was wilding, moaning loudly as I fucked him, ramming his asshole like a horny bull. I kept on fucking, grabbing his waist and smashing him harder.

I was close to the edge, the pressure building up in me. My balls tightened as spurt after spurt of cum made their way into his ass, both of us groaning with each escape of semen. I sucked him off as we collapsed on the tent floor, breathing heavily, my hand slowly stroking his cock.

“Just so you know, I set that tent on fire myself”

, he said suddenly. We laughed as I got the whole picture, he had it planned all along. We kept on laughing as we drifted into dreamland.

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