The Wild Night With The Masseuse.

I had ordered the masseuse after reading the ad shortly before I got on the plane. I had been out of town for a couple of days, and I must say, it was hectic. Sleeping as little as two hours per night and taking a lot of caffeine, I needed all the loosening up, rest and care I could get; the masseuse seemed like just the perfect idea.

I was drifting in and out of dreamland continuously as we travelled, I was really tired. We touched down around 7:15 pm and I hired a cab to take me to my place downtown. The time slated for the massage was 9:00 pm so I still had time to do a few things here and there.

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I got to my apartment around 8:00 pm, showered and got myself something to eat as I waited for the masseuse. The masseuse, a rather young and dashing man, got to my house around 9:00 pm.

“My name is Harry”,

he said, introducing myself.

“Shall we?”,

he beckoned shortly after. He set up everything as I watched. I had taken my bathe shortly before so there was no need for repeating. He set up the massage table as he told me to get out of my clothes and come down wrapped in the white towel he gave to me.

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I obliged as he continued setting up his gear. In a short while, I was out of my clothes and only wrapped in a towel as he led me to the massage table, a narrow table if I must say but quite comfortable.

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I laid face down as he set to work. I felt liquid hit my back as he pressed the oil down on my skin, spreading it around from the back of my head down to my toes. His hands got to work almost immediately as he dug his fingers into my sore muscles, I groaned in suppressed relief.

I was enjoying the massage as he kept on working, kneading the muscles on my shoulder and back as the tension of the past couple of days slowly lifted. He continued massaging, stroking down to my lower back and to my legs and toes. He was really good. By now I was erect; the massage was that good.

He brought his hands to massage the back of my knees and thighs as my erect cock stayed pressed down to the massage table. He moved higher and higher until I could feel the heat from his hands on my ass and balls.

He was now massaging really close to my balls and he brushed them slightly at intervals as my cock twitched beneath me. I arched my back a bit as his finger slowly found its way to my asshole, slowly rubbing around the opening before his finger went in, massaging my prostate in the process.

I moaned as he doubled his fingers, fucking me with them.

“Turn over”,

he said slowly. I turned over dropping the towel as my dick shot out in front of me, he didn’t seem to mind. He poured oil over my front again as he repeated the process, massaging my chest and abdomen down to my thighs and legs.

He slowly drizzled oil on my cock and balls as I moaned silently, enjoying the feel of the oil on my cock. He massaged my balls slowly, sending waves of ecstasy to wash over me. He went for my cock next, slowly stroking as his other hand found my asshole, slowly fucking and jerking me off.

Pre-cum oozed from my cock as he doubled his fingers, still beating my cock, his hand working on my tip and shaft. He continued beating my cock, bringing my orgasm nearer and nearer with each movement. I shot my load of cum as my balls tightened, my cum hitting his face and my stomach as I moaned loudly.

This guy looked so much like the gay cam guy I spoke to only a few months ago who really turned me on. The one who had me fantasising for days after my session with them, the more I think about it the hornier I feel.

He slowly got out of his clothes as I laid there on the table, my erection almost back to fullness. He was sexy with large pecs and a well-chiselled body. His cock was huge, a decent eight and a half inches if I was to make my guess, he was erect too.

He took some oil in his hands as he stroked his cock, beating it into full erection, the veins all around glittering with oil. He came closer to the table spreading my legs as my puckered asshole waiting for the intrusion.

He stared me in the eyes as he slowly eased his cock into my asshole, invading my sphincter. He started out slowly, thrusting gently as my asshole adjusted to his size, moving deeper and faster with each stroke.

Gradually he settled into it, picking a pace and pounding wildly my asshole stretching and resizing with each thrust. He was a beast. I felt his cock go deeper and deeper into my warm asshole with each movement. You can also read pleasure invasion gay story

He put my legs straight up on his shoulders as he buried his cock deeper and deeper into me. He was pounding and smashing hard now, hitting me over and over in the right places, he could sure fuck!

He turned me over in a doggy sort of style as he stuffed his cock back into my ass almost immediately, resuming his raw pounding as his pelvis slapped my ass with each movement.

He grabbed me by the waist as he kept assaulting my asshole, I was groaning and moaning loudly with each movement, passion and ecstasy engulfing me. He was coated in sweat as he kept on fucking, moving his hips swiftly as his cock dug into me, I think his orgasm was building.

Without warning, he erupted, his warm cum hitting my insides as we groaned and moaned in unison. He emptied his last drop of semen into me as he collapsed on the chair behind, spent and sweaty. I stood up gently as I took him upstairs, he was going to spend that night with me and a lot of nights to come.

I had the best time ever with this guy and could not wait for a repeat session with him, I had wondered if he enjoyed a bit of kinky bondage or experimenting sexually with new kinky ideas, I guess only time will tell since we will be spending so much time with each other now

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