Pleasure Invasion

I must have dozed off on the couch because I was unaware of my surroundings. I must have been deeply asleep when they broke in and raided my penthouse. They would have probably gone if I didn’t wake up, hitting the beer can and causing a slight noise to break the silence.

It was then they descended upon me, gagging and tying me before I could scream for help. They stood above me, two of them, in their all-black ensemble save for a blue mask one of them had on, they carried two bags, one with loots and the other I had no idea.

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They picked me up where I laid, tied and helpless before placing me back on the couch, my mouth tightly sealed. They moved to the pavement discussing silently. I tried to make out what they were saying but they were careful enough to keep their voices down.

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They came back shortly after, and in a turn of events started stripping, removing their clothes one after the other until they stood in front of me stark naked, their huge cocks dangling in my face.

Both of them were heavily endowed. They were both tall and looked like they were in their late 20s. They had huge dicks, above eight inches if I were to guess and insanely large testicles, hanging from their bodies like mini sacks.

“Take off his clothes”,

one of them said, stroking his cock slowly. The other moved closer, ripping my clothes off till I was there too, stark naked, my cock and balls in view. The taller one came closer and took out the gag before I could catch my breath,

I had a different gag in my mouth, his cock! He stuffed his huge cock into my mouth and commanded me to suck. I gently obliged, coating his shaft and pee hole with my saliva as I moved my mouth all over his cock, still tied. I kept on sucking as he moaned with each movement.

He kept pushing his cock deeper into my mouth, deeper and deeper till he was hitting the back of my throat. He then took my head in his hands in a flash as he fucked my mouth, hitting the back of my throat repeatedly before he succumbed and erupted in my mouth, his semen flowing down my throat.

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They barely gave me time to recover before his partner invaded my mouth once again, parting my lips and pushing his huge cock in, commanding me to suck on it. I had no choice as I slurped and sucked. Saliva dripping down the corners of my mouth as I went to work on his stiff cock. You can view live gay men on cam here on the gay cams chat rooms


I kept on sucking, moving up and down as his cock went into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat with each movement. He was now fucking my mouth now, moving in and out fast as he pounded my face, he groaned and moaned as his cum escaped his cock, the warm substance flowing down my throat and down the corners of the mouth.

They left me there still tied down as they went upstairs. I heard them roaming through my things and I wondered what they wanted. They came back after a while with clips, a ball stretcher, a whip and candles, it then dawned on me, it was a slave session! I was ordered to stand as one of them fixed the ball stretcher on me, stroking my cock into semi-erection.

They kept rubbing me all over and descended on my nipples, sucking and nibbling as blood flowed to my cock, now fully erect. Next, the clips came down on my nipples, sending a wave of pleasure to wash over me as my dick twitched.

They melted the candles next as wax dripped slowly on my chest and stomach, the painful pleasure causing my dick to twitch with each drop, the wax was hot but I was enjoying the torture. They bent me over, ass opened to view, cock and balls dangling below as one of them brought a wet finger down to my asshole, massaging a bit before invading my asshole with the finger.


I moaned as my asshole stretched to accommodate his finger. He worked slowly, moving in and out before doubling his finger and increasing his tempo, I moaned wildly. He kept this up as something landed on my butt cheeks unexpectedly. I moaned as the partner brought the whip down again, spanking me harder, as a wave of pleasure rippled through me.

They kept this up, fingering and spanking me as the pressure built in me. My balls tightened as I erupted, the ball stretcher making my orgasm more intense as spurt after spurt landed on the couch. I moaned as the last drops of semen made their way out, breathing heavily while they kept fingering and spanking.

“Let’s fuck him”,

the taller quipped, grinning to his partner. He obliged as they slowly beat their cocks back to full erection. Without warning, I felt hands part my butt cheeks as on one them slowly eased his wet cock into my asshole. I moaned with pleasure as my muscles stretched to accommodate him.

He started out slowly, fucking me gently as his partner stood looking on. He was moving his cock in and out slowly, he held on to my waist as my asshole stretched more and more to accommodate his full length. Gradually we settled into it as he picked up the pace, slamming into me faster and harder as he buried his cock in me.

I could see his partner wanking hard at the corner as his cock kept impaling me, our bodies slamming audibly with each movement.

He kept pounding my ass harder and faster like never before me.

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“Hey pal, come fuck his mouth”,

he said to his partner, breathing heavily in between thrusts. His partner invaded my mouth, fucking my mouth as they filled both my holes. As one was pounding my ass at the back, I was choking on a cock at the front.

The one fucking my ass came first as he moaned loudly, his warm semen coating my asshole as he erupted into me, each spurt hitting my insides. His limp cock slid out slowly as his partner came shortly after, emptying his load down my throat as he moaned too.

They got back into their clothes before dropping me upstairs, tying me to my bed, they left shortly after, leaving me to my thoughts of the pleasure invasion that just took place. I fell asleep shortly after, my cock erect at the thoughts of all we did.

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