Gay Story -Staying-ahead-of-the-curve

Staying Ahead Of The Curve

This was going to be the biggest step our company had taken in its five years of existence. Deals like the one we were close to sealing usually didn’t go out to new companies like ours but through hard work, sheer will and a bit of brute force, we had risen through the ranks quickly.

It sure felt like a dream when my boss told me that Beckford Group was interested in a new business and we were involved. To win this contract was not going to be a child’s task but it would mean more money, power and fame for our company. So we set to work, working longer hours as we put in the best display in the company’s short history to beat the odds.

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We had only one rival now, Zenith Cooperations, a giant firm if I must say. They’ve been around for about thirty-five years and they knew their game. However, we planned to beat them at their own game.

The day was fast approaching, the day the contract was going to be awarded. My boss wanted to tighten all loose ends, so he suggested perhaps the most insane move. He knew the Chairman of Beckford was gay and he would play that game to our advantage.

However, I was to be the pawn for him to win this game, I had to somehow find a way to fuck the Chairman. I kicked against it, what if he turned me down, what if this destroyed everything we had worked for, we’ve invested everything into this contract and a reject meant a massive financial setback, we were looking at a possible bankruptcy.

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My boss wouldn’t have it, he trusted me to get the job done and I knew I had no choice, I truly had to get the job done.

I knew to get the Chairman to have sex with me, I had to get closer to him. There was a dinner, the Jefferson Annual Dinner, organised for the big men in business every year, my boss wasn’t invited because he wasn’t in that category yet, but I intended on making my move there.

One problem stood before me and my goal, how to get an invitation. Now I had an old acquaintance who owed me a favour, I had paid his bail back then in college and after my many findings, I was glad when I learnt he was part of the planning committee for the party. After much persuasion and lobbying, he got me an invite, game on!


The night of the dinner came, I got dressed in the best tuxedo I could afford, neatly shined shoes and a well-trimmed hair, I was ready to get the job done. The dinner started at around 10 pm, present were the biggest men in business, all together in one place, it was magnificent.

I looked around until I spotted him. Mr Francis Perry was tall, although grey-haired, he was all the same handsome with a charming smile and a twinkle in his eyes. I tried to get on his radar, exchanging glares and smiles once in a while. He must have thought I was just being friendly because he didn’t seem to take notice of my main move. The time to sit and eat came and I knew I was running out of time, I had to get him to sleep with me.

He was on a different table, seated with other big men, laughing and having fun over bottles of the best Champagne and the most inviting delicacies I had seen in a while. I worked my way to the table opposite him, sitting right in front of him. We exchanged glares again, this time I licked my lips.

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He was taken aback at first, not many people knew he liked men. After a while, he returned the gesture, nodding towards me and raising his glass a bit. I then signalled to him that we meet outside. I stood first, not waiting for his answer and waited outside for him. It took forever and as I gave up to step back into the hall, he came out.

“Hey there fella”,

he said with his famous smile.

“Hello, sir”,

surprised to be talking with such an influential man.

“Why don’t we talk over at my apartment”,

he suggested, pointing to his matte black Rolls Royce. I agreed, stepping into the car as his driver took us to his mansion. He invited me in and offered me wine.

“So, what do you have for me”, he went directly, leaving me absolutely shocked. “W-w-well maybe we can talk in your room upstairs”

, I replied, stuttering badly. He led the way as I followed him to his majestic master’s bedroom. He excused himself to the toilet and I knew now was the time. I quietly stripped myself while he was gone, leaving nothing on, my cock and ass all there for him to see.

You should have seen the look on his face when he stepped back into the room, he was utterly surprised. I didn’t know what to make out of that reaction but my eyes lit up when I saw the bulge in his pants.

“You should let me take care of that”,

I said pointing to the Trent in. He nodded slowly and with that clue, I yanked off his belt, drawing his pants and underwear down to his ankles. In the blink of an eye, his cock was in my mouth, working my mouth all around its head and shaft, he was moaning wildly.

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I sucked on his cock, my head bobbing up and down on his cock and balls, coating him with saliva as I deep-throated him. I was taking him in deeper and deeper, his head hitting the back of my throat with each thrust into my mouth, my hand stroked his balls as he moaned in ecstasy. His orgasm was close and without warning he erupted in my mouth, sending ropes of cum down my throat and dripping down the corners of my mouth.

He fingered my asshole as he placed me on all fours on the bed, ready to impale me with his cock. He smeared a little of his saliva on my asshole as he brought his cock in, invading my sphincter as his whole length went in slowly, stretching my asshole as his wet cock invaded my asshole.

I moaned as his whole length went in, it felt good. He worked slowly at first, thrusting in and out gently as my asshole adjusted to his cock. Gradually he picked the pace, thrusting in and out wildly, our wet bodies slamming with each wild thrust.

He was pounding hard now, lost in the world of ecstasy, and I knew now was the right time.

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“Y-You-you might c-consider giving Caesar Group that contract, you know”,

I said, stuttering in between pleasurable thrusts.

“Its done, honey!”,

he screamed as he pounded harder, this fuck was driving him nuts. He was pounding harder, hitting me in the right spots and sending waves of pleasure to wash over me. He was wilding and I knew his orgasm was close.

He announced this time as spurts after spurts of cum made their way into my asshole, the warm feeling making cum ooze out of my cock in turn. We collapsed on the bed as we breathed heavily, our chests heaving.

He stood up and reached for his safe. He brought out some documents and made me watch him as he signed on our company’s name, mission accomplished. I kissed him passionately and we fucked one more time. I left early the next morning, I wouldn’t want to be late for the big announcement now, would I?

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