Virgin to Pantyhose

Slaves first experience with Women’s control top pantyhose.
My Dearest Goddess Delight,
I am leaving for the day and have worn Your pantyhose all day. Let me say that I enjoyed serving You in this way immensely. First, there was not a minute that went by that I did not think about you due to the feelings aroused by the pantyhose.

Second, I found Your requirement of cutting out the crotch particularly devious, almost to the point of devilish, since it caused me to “hang out.” This hanging out stimulated me constantly giving me a semi-erect cock all day long. The sexual tension created was unbelievable.


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None of this is meant as a complaint. It is simply a description for You and hopefully for Your amusement. Here are a couple of other observations that may amuse You.
1. Someone should invent suspenders for pantyhose. There is simply no way to keep them from sliding down as one walks and bends and stoops and so forth.

2. Up here by the lake, it is colder than down in Columbus I suspect. Thus, when the pantyhose squashed down the hair on my legs I felt the breeze much more every time I went outside I would never have guessed that the hair on my legs was as insulating as it is.

As per your request, I did check out the sex slave stories and half expect myΒ letter to end up somewhere like that

3. The pantyhose did have one positive feature. It held me in places I usually bulge out. That was nice. I had, apparently without realizing it, bought No Nonsense Control Top Pantyhose. They did control me somewhat.”


I do have to admit that I did dribble and leak at times, thus leaving a stain in the crotch of said pantyhose but l rubbed it in and tased it from my fingers as per your request via SMS

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– pantyhose slave


sissy in pantyhose

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