Confessions of a slutty sissy revealed.

Sissy Whore Letter to Mistress – Confessions

“Most all of the stories that I like to read about involve HEAVY HUMILIATION. Usually the wife, girlfriend, lady boss or co-worker, or neighbour lady finding out about the man’s fantasies and then forces him to do humiliating things for their amusement, usually in front of their friends. – You can chat online with Mistresses who enjoy all types of sissy whore humiliation Ideas & Training


There is a Pro Domme site that I go to where there are galleries of pictures involving ball crushing CBT traininggolden showers, scat, face smothering, period service, trampling, and crossdressed cock sucking and ball licking, also women who smoke and use male slaves as their ashtrays.

I like all of those in the pictures and stories. Another story site that Igo to is called the Munich archive, there are several stories there that I like especially the really bizarre body modification stories.

Where they remove the penis but not the balls so that the sub will still have strong sexual desires and a sex drive but not be able to do anything about it and where they give the man very large breasts but keep him a man.


I like the male chastity belt stories, and stories involving treating a submissive male like a dog or pig. Even making him suck or get f–ked by a dog or pig. And as YOU already know I love stories that involve a very old woman using a male sub as a sex toy to amuse herself with and to humiliate in front of her friends. But most of all I like to be feminized and sissified and then laughed at.

I love to kiss and lick feet and shoes and to sniff and taste dirty under panties. I also enjoy writing my own little stories about any and all of these things.
I know that most of this is pretty disgusting and I hope that I have not offended YOU by telling YOU about it.”

Your pig slave Marshall grunt

ballbusting pictures

Wearing panties naughty or just comfy?