Female Garments Comfy Or Naughty

When someone asks me why I like women’s garments, is it comfortable to wear or just a taboo naughty feeling?  I usually respond with “Well why can’t it be a bit of both?”.  Ever since I was young I have tried on my mom’s bra and panties just to see how they would make me feel and look.

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At that young age, it didn’t “feel” wrong, but I was conditioned as many men are that it is wrong, so I always felt ashamed.  Well, I’m happy to say there is NOTHING wrong with it and I enjoy it immensely.

So, over the years I have collected a few different sets of clothes and am always looking to add to my collection.   I’m happy to have a great group of friends within the online bar that accepts me for who I am and look forward to helping me purchase things that look nice (we all know guys have no fashion sense).

sissy lingerie

So back to the topic of Comfort or Naughty…  I have panties I can wear 24/7 and be comfortable in them (bikini cut & hi-cut, satin or cotton panties, or boyshorts), and I have a few that I would wear when in a very sassy naughty mood (thongs & fishnet style).

Now that doesn’t mean I can’t get naughty in a pair of hi-cut panties nor that I can’t wear a thong for a day.  The clothing I wear depends on my mind at the time and what I feel to be pretty or sexy if not a little slutty (as I tend to get that way *wink wink*.

Nothing feels better than a pair of satin panties, in my opinion, they are smooth against the skin and non-constricting like some boxer briefs can be.  And for those that like boxers and letting the “boys” run free a little bit, well don’t know if there is a style of panties that do that.  I for one never liked that hanging loose feeling (unless I’m nude).  hehe

I absolutely love my choice in wearing what I wear, though I may not match all the time due to limited clothing or just being fashionably dumb (or colourblind).  But the styles and types of clothes I believe (while maybe socially taboo) fits my personality.

“Are you Gay?”

This is another common question I get when I tell people I like to dress up.  Well to that answer is definitely not (I love tits and ass too much).  I may be a bit on the Bi side, but have limited exposure to man-on-man.  But mmm mmm strap-on’s are the best things since sliced bread.

I feel like I went a bit off-topic and a bit all over the place but I never said I was a good writer, so deal.  So for those that read this, I hope this you find it an enjoyable read and remember to be who you are and not what you feel others will accept.  If anyone has suggestions of stores (online or walk-in) that has nice quality women’s wear at decent prices please comment and let me know!!!

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