Under Her Foot – foot worship story

Slave Jack and his story of being underfoot. controlled and smothered

I knelt at her feet on my knees with my head bowed as commanded. She sat on her chair and I could feel her eyes on me but I dared not look up to see. All I could see were her black thigh-high leather boots, all shiny and glistening in the light. She had her left leg crossed over the right and she was shaking her left foot. I awaited her commands patiently. My knees hurt from the hard tiled floor and I was cold from being naked but I dared not complain. All I could do was wait.

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Eventually, she ordered me to remove her boot. The zip started at the top and went all the way down to just above the heel. I unzipped her left one first and gently removed it before gingerly placing it on my side.

I glimpsed at her foot and I could feel my cock getting stiff. I have a powerful foot fetish and she knows it drives me crazy to be so close to her gorgeous feet. I am mesmerized by how dainty and flawless they are and I would worship them all day if she let me.

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Hot high heels in a foot play fantasy. Her feet are simply gorgeous. With silky smooth skin, flawless and wrinkle-free, and beautifully manicured toes that she has done every 3rd day. Her big and index toes are adorned with silver toe rings and her toenails are expertly painted with bright lava red nail varnish.

The lacquer after coat caused them to shine brightly and draw my attention to them instantly. I was not given much of a chance to admire them however as she crossed her legs the other way and I gently removed her other boot to expose her right footsie as well. Painted and lacquered in exactly the same way as the other ones, and with two toe rings as well, I was now staring down at the two most gorgeous feet on the entire planet.

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My dick was rock hard by this point and I was desperate to touch it and give myself a wank and cum all over them but I knew that would never happen. I didn’t deserve pleasurable things like that. Pre-cum formed at the tip of my cock and I prayed it would not fall onto her skin or I would be in big trouble. Finally, she spoke.

“Kiss them bitch, and do it good”

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I knelt down and started gently planting soft kisses on her feet. It was an honour to be this close to perfection and I did not waste the opportunity. I began at her toes and gently worked my way over the bridge and at the sides of the arch and her insole. I tried to cover every inch of my skin. I softly used the tip of my tongue to lightly lick the perfectness of the lowest part of her perfect body. She moved it away without a word and shoved the other one under my nose. I repeated the process and I loved every second of it. My stiff dick was a testament to that!

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“Lie down. On your back. Now” She barked

I did so without delay. Arms by my side and ankles together. She dangled her left foot above my face. I followed it with my eyes, my mouth slightly open. I could see tiny flakes of dirt on her under the toe and tiny little beads of sweat. She pushed her big toe down from the rest and then put it mere millimetres from my mouth. Then she shoved it in and I sucked on it like a lollipop. I was lost in heaven as I worshipped her toe.

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The salty taste of sweat and dirt did not bother me and in fact, only added to the joy. I greedily sucked and licked that toe for all I was worth. Then she shoved her index and middle toe in my mouth and moved it around so my head was moving. I watched as she smiled wickedly.

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My dick was throbbing and she knew this was torture for me. It was torture but still, I didn’t want it to stop. She removed her foot from my mouth and placed it squarely over my face. I breathed deeply and could smell the musky scent of sweat. – Click here to watch foot fetish cams online


I didn’t need to be told twice! I grabbed my cock and masturbated furiously. After only a minute I felt an orgasm building and a sweet sense of relief washed over me as  I orgasmed and shot my load of cum all over myself. Her feet were still over my face but she removed them and plonked them on my stomach, right on top of my own mess. She rubbed them in and smirked at me. Lifting her foot up and holding it above my face, I could see my thick cum shining on her under the sole. Then she shoved it full force into me.

“Lick it up boy.”

I cleaned her foot of my sperm and the process was repeated until it was all gone. The salty, horrible taste stuck in my mouth but the privilege of having her foot in my mouth was worth it. I was ordered up and to go tongue shine her boots. I obliged.
The life of a slave to a strict Mistress can have some perks!

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