The Chastity Slave Story

Slave Steven wants to share his story with everyone about his hell locked up in Β a chastity device and teased to the brink of frustrations

CLICK – That’s it locked

As the padlock snapped shut, she looked up at me with a wicked grin. She had just locked my cock in chastity which would prevent any unauthorized masturbation, orgasms, or even erections for me till she said it was ok and unlocked me.


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I stared down at my now trapped cock. It looked weird, inside a clear plastic tube with a brass padlock on the top but it felt comfortable. Not too bad in fact. She had told me it would be two weeks, to begin with. It might not be so bad.

It took ten minutes for the reality to hit home to me of the predicament I was in. Because that’s how long it took for my dick to try to get hard in its prison. As it strained and tried to get erect, it was stopped by the cold hard plastic and it hurt.

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My Chastity Hell

The straining and pressure were intense. The struggle to get hard was pulling the cage against my balls as well and it felt like it was going to pull them off. I squirmed and struggled, trying desperately to relieve the pressure and try to make it a bit more bearable but it was pointless.

I had been secured to the bed, spread-eagled and naked before my strict Mistress had gone downstairs to lunch. I heard her enter the room and I looked at her. She was wearing a skin-tight rubber catsuit, and black thigh-high boots and her long dark hair was tied back in a high ponytail. Her 36DD breasts were bulging from the top of the rubber and it made my dick hurt even more.


β€œMy my slave, that does look uncomfortable. Its going to be a long night for you I feel”

And without another word, she walked over to me and sat down beside me. Leaning over my head, her tits were mere inches from my face. My penis was not in agony and the chastity cage held firm. Taking her perfectly manicured fingers, she gently rolled my nipples between them.

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Locked in My own Chastity hell

Nipple touching is an instant turn-on for me and this was sheer torture. I felt like my cock was going to break or the chastity CB-6000 cage was! I squirmed and moaned and gasped in suffering as her torment continued. Her sadistic laugh as I pleaded and begged her to stop or unlock me was obviously giving her great pleasure.

β€œOh no no no dear boy. There will be no release for you for at LEAST two weeks”

I groaned as she slipped her hand around my chastity tube and gently wanked it. I could feel nothing but my penis was feeling frisky as it continued pushing in its prison, desperate to be free.

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The struggle it put up in there was driving me up the wall and I was frantic to get this cage off and at least have an erection. The frustration would be bad but nowhere near as bad as this torment of being kept from getting erect. Her giggles filled the air as I grunted and struggled against my bonds. Right now I would agree to ANYTHING just to get this to stop. Read more on our orgasm control here
She grinned as she straddled me and licked her top lip as she worked her way down my body. With her head between my legs, she gently licked my cage. I tossed my head back in sheer torment.

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No Escape locked in My cage for 2 weeks

The chastity has a slit in the bottom to aid urination without having to remove the device and she probed it with her tongue. I could feel the wetness and softness of it against my aching member and tears started dripping from my eyes. This obviously pleased her. My Mistress is one of the mean bitches you could ever suffer for and her laughter at my crying and the way she got up and walked away told me that her plan all along had been to break me.

β€œWell it only took five minutes for you to start crying slave. Its going to be a living hell for you these next two weeks. How will you cope? Not that you have a choice. I am your keyholder now and I and I alone decide when or even IF you will be unlocked. You better be on your absolute best behaviour from now on”

And with that she flicked the light off and left me there with aching blue balls and a throbbing, trying to get a hard dick.
She was right. Two weeks locked in chastity was going to be hell and I was trapped and totally at her mercy.

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Slave Steven

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