Sweaty Foot Domination Story

 Foot Domination -A NIGHT WITH THE SLAVE. 

Juliette smiled to herself as she thought of the happenings of the previous day. Even she had to admit that she had a lot of fun time with Maximus, her personal slave.

The whole food domination session they had was rather fantastic. Now she couldn’t wait to go home and be with him. She honked once more, the traffic had cleared a bit and she was good to go.

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She arrived back at her apartment at about 5 pm, exactly when most of their sessions started.

“Hello, Maximus where are you?”,

she called out for her slave as she stepped into her apartment. Maximus hurried out to her, his body crouched down like a dog’s, just the way she had trained him. He was stark naked, his limp cock dangling in between his legs as he hurried out to his mistress.

“I have missed you, my mistress”,

he rubbed his head around her feet, like a dog that was glad to see its owner.

Sweaty Foot Femdom Live

“I’m glad to see you too”, she scruffled his hair a bit as the words rolled off her lips.

“Are you ready for our next session?”, she asked. She didn’t need to ask though, he was a slave who did only her bidding.

“Anything you want my mistress”, he nodded rapidly as he replied.

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Juliette flopped down on the sofa after her little chit-chat with her slave, she was a bit tired from all the driving. Maximus followed after her quickly, it was as if the slave wanted something.

“What do you want Maximus?”, she finally asked.

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“I want to suck on your toes, my mistress”, his voice was low as he replied, his eyes pleading with her to allow him to have his way. Juliette took one long look at him before she nodded her head in agreement. ” Fine, suck on my toes”.

“Thank you dear mistress”, he smiled happily as he quickly removed her shoes. Her feet were sweaty and with a unique smell, but Maximus didn’t care, all he wanted to do was to feast on those feet.

He took them in his hands and swiped his tongue all over them, his eyes closing to better savour the taste. His cock twitched as he tasted her sweat on his tongue, his fingers caressing her sweaty toes as he got his face in.

He kissed her toes, sucking them one after the other as blood rushed to his loins. Slight moans escaped his lips as he cleaned the sweat off her feet with his tongue, cleaning the soles and arches as the minutes wore on.

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Juliette soon switched the tempo, turning up the heat as things got steamier. She directed him, pointing out areas around her feet she wanted to be licked or sucked.

“Sniff them now! Get your nose in between the toes!”, she commanded as she relaxed back for him to work. Maximus went harder, sucking and licking as he watched his mistress’ reaction, the poor lad just wanted to please her in any way and every way possible.

“Come on Maximus, put your back into it”, she ordered as she spread her toes well for him to work properly.

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She smothered him her feet as he went to work, stuffing her toes into his nose as she tried to cut off his air supply. Everything only turned her on, the sight of Maximus struggling for air really appealing to her. Fetish webcam ideas

She soon stood up and pushed him, adjusting him at an angle that was comfortable for her to give him a footjob. His saliva all over her feet acted as lubrication, her feet gliding over his cock softly at first as small moans escaped his lips. Her soles tickled his balls as she went to work, her toes curling around his glans as he sighed with satisfaction.

She went faster and harder on him, her wet feet moving rapidly up and down his length as his moans got louder. He soon lost himself in the passion, his precum oozing out without warning and spreading on her feet.

“Get up and lick this off!”, she ordered as she placed her legs in front of him.

“Of course mistress”, he was quick to do as he was told, his tongue settling on her feet and toes as he wiped off the slimy substance. He went to every inch and corner, wiping away the last drop as she patted his head, she was glad about his services.


She got her feet back on his cock, picking up from where they stopped as her feet went to work on him again. She began to glide them all over his inches now, harder and faster as the passion built up in him. It was driving him nuts, pushing closer and closer towards the edge as she applied some pressure on his cock. He tried to hold it in, but one couldn’t just keep this back.

“Oh, mistress…fuck!”, the words rolled into one as he hit his peak, his balls tightening, his muscles flexing and his body vibrating heavily as semen oozed out from the tip of his massive cock. His semen spewed everywhere, on her feet, on the chair, on the floor, and even on his stomach.

“You know what to do, lick it off”, she placed her feet before him as the thick seed flowed slowly. She smiled as he placed his tongue on it and went to work, she was just getting started with her slave.

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