Sissy Girls First Shopping Trip

As we drove down 84th street, past the rows of houses and shops, my heart was pounding. I had never been out of the house dressed before. Of course, I had worn panties and stockings under my work trousers, and I had worn a bra once, but I had never ventured beyond the front door of the house while fully dressed. I could feel the sweat dripping from my forehead as I sat in the back seat of the car.

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I watched the vanilla people go about their daily lives, blissfully unaware of what was passing them. A fully dressed humiliated sissy maid on her way to be kitted out in a whole new array of sissification clothing.

Mistress was driving and I sat in the back. I am not allowed in the front. I was looking out of the window but I was not taking any of the sights in. My mind was racing with what was about to happen and where we were going. I was snapped back to reality by the voice from the front seat

“I’m talking to you, sissy. Are you looking forward to your new wardrobe?”

“Yes Mistress” I replied “Very much so”.

I have been a submissive sissy to my Mistress for the past year. When I am not at my office job, I am in the house dressed in a puffy French maid outfit, frilly panties, white sheer stockings, strappy black high-heel shoes, white silk elbow-length gloves, and a silk bonnet. I also wear a blonde shoulder-length bobbed wig and makeup to complete the outfit.

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This was fine up until a week ago when Mistress decided out of the blue that I was to now be a full-time sissy and that I was to get a whole new wardrobe of clothing. I had tried to resist but Mistress is an incredibly powerful woman with a very dominant personality and I stood no chance. So here we were. On our way to an adult store to kit me out in sissified clothing.
As we entered the parking lot, I was relieved to see that it was quite quiet. That was at least something. She parked the car about 250 feet from the shop and turned to me.

“Are you ready Jemima?”

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I was far from ready. I wanted the ground to open and swallow me whole. My heart felt like it was going to pop out of my chest as I fidgeted with the hem of my skirt and adjusted my stockings. I felt like crying but this was it. No turning back, even if she would allow me to.

“Out you get. Don’t dawdle and let’s go”.

I opened the car door and stepped outside. A gentle breeze wafted up to my skirt. I had never felt that before. My palms were clammy and sweat was running into my eyes as began walking across the parking lot to the adult xxx store. She was wearing blue types of denim with soft-soled Ugg boots, paired with a turtle neck black sweater, and her jet-black hair was tied back in a tight ponytail. Her boots made virtually no noise on the asphalt whereas my high heels, on the other hand, sounded like a gun going off. Every step created a clicking sound that made me feel everyone was turning to watch.

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I had been properly trained to walk like a proper sissy bitch and as I minced my way to the store I felt incredibly self-conscious. My skirt bobbed and rustled as I walked and I felt my wig hair blowing in the breeze.

As we neared the door, a woman and her partner crossed our path and we had to pause to allow them to pass. My head was bowed, staring at the pavement but Mistress put her hand under my chin and shoved my head up straight. As she did so I saw them both look at me in amazement and as they walked away I heard them burst out laughing.

We entered the store and I breathed a bit easier. At least here, I was among people who thought along the same lines as me. We looked around. There were around 15 people in here, all focused on their own activities and sex toys.

“Over here Jemima, there’s where the sissy clothes are”

We had to walk to the far end of the store (of course we did!) and as we got there Mistress began flicking through the racks, picking out clothes and looking at them. She was saying things like

“Oh you’ll look cute in this” and “Aw you’ll be a darling little prissy in these”.

I too looked but I was too self-conscious. The racks were close together and my skirt was rustling and brushing against everything.

“We need to try some of this stuff on you Jemima. There’s an assistant over there. Go and ask her to come over”

My heart almost stopped. I looked over and there was a young female assistant in her early 20s. She was pricing vibrators and looked busy. I hesitated. With a perfect size 10 figure and wearing tight black pants, a black t-shirt, and loose blonde hair, she looked every inch the perfect female. I tried desperately to think of an excuse not to go over but it was futile.

“NOW Jemima, before I put you across my knee for spanking right here in the middle of the store”

I walked over gingerly, my heels clicking on the hard-tiled floor. As I got to her, her back was too me and she was sticking price labels on the dildos.

“Excuse me Miss” I croaked, my mouth dry

She turned and said

“Yes, Can I……….”

And she stopped, visibly shocked at the sight before her. I stood in front of her with my hands clasped in front of me and my ankles together, just as I have been trained. She looked me up and down in astonishment and blinked quickly three times before she cleared her throat and shook her head slightly

“……help you?”
“Yes, I wish to try some outfits on. May we have your assistance?”
“err, yes. Em, ok. Er lead the….Er.. lead the way”

We walked back over to Mistress who was waiting impatiently with an arm full of clothes. All pretty dresses, underskirts, frilly panties and stockings as well as a few blouses and halter tops and bras.

“Good afternoon” said Mistress, as she looked at the assistant’s name tag “Amanda, Jemima here wishes to try on these outfits don’t you dear?”
“Yes Mistress”
“Yes, that’s no problem” said Amanda “Right over there”

And she pointed to the changing room about 15 feet away.

“Try these on first Sissy. They look perfect for you”

said Mistress, and handed me a black dress with a flowing lower half and no sleeves, black sheer pantyhose and black panties.
I took them and went to the changing room. As I undressed, I heard Mistress and Amanda laughing and giggling together. They were obviously becoming good friends already. I put my new clothes on and stepped out of the changing room.

They had come over while I was changing and stood right outside.
“Oh my, you DO look pretty” cooed Mistress “Doesn’t he Amanda”
“Oh yes, lovely” She replied as she bit her bottom lip and tried not to burst out laughing “Super”

My cheeks blushed as I looked at this gorgeous co-ed who was ready to burst into fits of laughter at me. I looked at Goddess pleadingly to be allowed to go but she said nothing so I had no option but to stand there.

“Turn around. Give us a twirl” “Oh you look so cute” “Bend over, touch your toes” “Oh my that’s a perfect fit”
“Ok Jemima, try these on now”

came the order finally, and handed me a red pencil skirt and jacket set. The next hour was spent trying on new outfits and parading in front of these two beautiful women until I was totally and utterly dejected and humiliated.
All in all, when we were done, I now had a dozen new outfits of clothing. “Perfect,” said Mistress

“Let’s get it paid for”

We walked to the register, me laden down with bundles of clothes and Mistress and Amanda chatting away like old friends with her hearing all about how I perform the household chores and how I take the strap on up my ass etc.
At the cash desk, Mistress picked up one of the huge 12-inch dildos in a basket next to the desk
“Oh, I’ll take this as well please Amanda. It’ll be a tight squeeze but it’ll be fun for me shoving it up to his slutty ass later on” and both women were in howls of laughter at this
The goods were rung up and placed in a bag. Amanda came round to our side of the desk to farewell and I picked up the bags.

“Do you have any thing to say Jemima?”
“Thank you so much for your help Amanda. It’s been appreciated”

I felt a hand slap the back of my head and I saw stars for a moment

“Is that any way to speak to a lady? DO it properly. I trained you better than that you silly sissy bitch”

How could I have been so silly?
I grabbed the sides of my skirt, placed my right ankle behind the left one, and spread my knees, lifting the skirt up as I did so, and curtseyed as I had been trained to.

“Thank you for your help Miss Amanda. It has been appreciated”
She snorted and hid her mouth behind her hand as she stifled a giggle
“Oh you are quite welcome. Come again soon won’t you”

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And with that we walked out of the store, Mistress marching ahead and me struggling to carry all the bags behind plus walk in high heel shoes. People stared at me as we walked back to the car, rolling their eyes or looking at their partners as if to say

“what the hell…?”.
“Come along Jemima, step up the pace. When we get back to the house we can take all your male clothes and burn them in the back yard. You will not be needing them any more”

My blood ran cold and I stopped. Looks like my public humiliation today was not a one-off. It looks like this could be a regular thing

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