Caught In Panties

I was caught wearing panties

I have always liked the feel of women’s underwear ever since I was a young boy. The feel of the silk or nylon against my skin has always drawn me to wear them, and it always causes my dick to harden. It is an impulse and desire I can’t shake.

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Tina and I had married almost 15 years ago and had been blissfully happy together. We had no kids, but neither of us was maternal so it suited us fine. We both worked full-time jobs, and occasionally our shift patterns crossed that one was in the house when the other was working. This suited me down to a T as it meant I could carry on with my “kink” in private.

Sometimes I used an online femdom webcam site where I could wear panties in the presence of another person in a live real-time environment, and sometimes I just did it in private myself. It just depended on what mood betook me that day or night.

Tina, of course, had no idea what I was into. It isn’t exactly the sort of thing one can drop into a conversation.

“Oh by the way sweetheart, I like to wear women’s knickers and panties when you aren’t around”

just won’t cut it so I kept this secret for all these years. We have experimented in the bedroom with some light bondage and teasing. Nothing heavy but I have always been a submissive male and I enjoyed this more than Tina but since she got some enjoyment out of it as well, we were both happy.

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On this particular fateful day, Tina was doing a back shift. 12 pm till 11 pm, and I was on a day off. Perfect. I was excited all morning about wearing some undies while walking around the house. At 1130am, she got dressed and kissed me goodbye before leaving for work. Within ten minutes I was upstairs and undressed and raking through her knicker drawer till I found the perfect pair.

caugh ti

Black satin with a v-shaped crotch covered half of each ass cheek. With a little white bow on the top, they were exactly what I was looking for. I pulled them on and was lost in the euphoria as the material rubbed against my skin.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed it sensual feeling and the rush of adrenaline. I soaked it in and instinctively reached down to rub my now rock-hard dick through the material. It was already leaking and leaving a damp patch.

“Are you in here Robert? I forgot my…….What the HELL are you doing? Are those my fucking knickers?”

I snapped my eyes open and turned to the door. I hadn’t heard Tina come back, and she was now standing in the doorway with a look of thunder and disgust on her face. My blood ran cold, and my stomach went into knots.

“Er,I.I…..I….em….I…..c…c…cannnn…e…e….e….explain……..” I stuttered, unable to get the words out.
“Shut up” she snapped “Is this what you get up to when I’m not here? Acting like a bloody pervert in MY panties?”

I tried to explain but got tongue-tied, and it came out as gobbeldy gook. Eventually, I managed to explain to her this is what I had been doing since I was young, almost 40 years.
I felt silly wearing these black panties as I talked to her, so I pulled them down, but I got as far as my knees when she said

“What are you doing? Oh no no no no no. You want to wear them, you will bloody well wear them”

I stared at her, shocked. She had never spoken to me like that before. I asked her what she meant

“What do you think I mean? You can just keep wearing them from now on. And that means EVERYWHERE. No more men’s jockeys or boxers for you”

caught in panties

I was dumbfounded. Unable to speak.

“But I need to wear boxers or briefs for when I play football. I can’t let the guys see me wearing panties when I change” I protested
“Tough” was the reply “you should have thought of that before then shouldn’t you”
“It’s just a kink I do now and again. You can’t force me to wear them 24/7”


“Oh really?” she spat “All it takes is me to tell everyone we know and your life will be one long whispering campaign. You willing to take the risk of everyone believing you when you deny it?”
“no” I whispered quietly, staring at the floor. I couldn’t even look her in the eye.
“I could have lived with it if you had told me. It’s the fact you lied I can’t get over”

I had nothing to say. No excuses or come backs. She was right. I had let her down badly and had a lot of making up to do. I could feel my eyes filling up.
“On your knees”
I blinked the tears away and looked at her
“What?” I asked, thinking I had misheard her.
“Are you deaf? Does wearing women’s knickers make you hard of hearing? I said on your godamn knees. Unless you want me to pack my things right now and leave you, you’ll do what I say and get on your knees”

Of course, I didn’t want her to leave me so I dropped down to the floor and looked up at her. She walked over towards me and towered above me

“Good. Now we know where we stand. From now on, I will be in charge. What I say, goes. Your right to decision making and money handling are gone. Finito. I decide from now on. You will take on all the house hold chores. That’s the cooking, cleaning, shopping and washing. Understand?

I stammered, my mouth dry and my mind racing and unable to comprehend what was happening.
“Good. Now I’m going to call in sick from work and we can iron out the details. While I’m gone you can get on the computer and look for a slave contract we can get you to sign. That way everything’s nice and legal. Have it printed out ready for me when I return”

“Yes dear,” I said as she turned and left. I stared at the door and tried to let this all sink in.
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