Sensual Domination

Sensual Dominance in BDSM

                        What Is “Sensual Domination”?

Sensual Domination is the phrase used to describe a practice in BDSM that uses and delights all the senses. SD is a form of domination that does not use violence or humiliation and instead focuses on pleasure over pain.

Due to the lack of pain inflicted, sensual domination sessions typically last much longer than other types of Dom sessions.

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Sensual Domination Explained

It is a very mild, almost passive form of domination. Although it does use many of the same types of props as many other femdom sessions such as blindfolded, rope, lube, pegs, etc, they are used much more lightly and to administer erotic pleasure rather than discomfort and pain.

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That being said, however, it is still a good idea to employ a safe word to be used in case the sub gets to an uncomfortable zone. It is easy to get “lost in the moment” as a dominant and there needs to be a system in place to keep everything fun and relaxed.

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Video Showing erotic Domination

The submissive is usually praised rather than put down and whilst some pain can be administered if required,( biting nipples, slapped ass, hair pulling, etc) it is used to compliment the assure aspect, and rather than hurting, it actually fuels the endorphins and heightens the feeling of being turned on. You can check out some of our BDSM pictures for some sensual domination ideas

slave foot worship

Sensuality is also actually more difficult than traditional domination since the Domina needs to know and understand the submissive turn-ons and mental state. Taking time before a session and discussing the ins and outs is key to ensuring both parties get something from the session.

Occasionally both parties will alternate between “top” and “bottom” so that they both enjoy sexual pleasure but usually there is one dom and one sub, with the dom getting their pleasure from both being in control and having the sub administer it.

So many people believe domination is all about pain, whips, canes, and torture when in fact we do have this other erotic side, where you are teased almost hypnotized, and touched very gently but as always with someone in charge.

There is never any pain involved in this type of eroticism and many submissives enjoy the gentler side but still being dominated and owned by the dominants beautiful body and mind

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