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A FOOT FETISH SESSION With Kinky Foot Sex Girl

Β Camille hummed a sweet tune as she maneuvered through the early morning traffic. She had woken up early that Saturday morning to get her manicure and pedicure done.

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“Good morning Miss Camille”,

Sophia, the ever-smiling receptionist at the entrance of the beauty centre smiled at her as she stepped into the building.

“Good morning Sophia”,

Camille waved at her as she took a seat. She had been visiting there for years and all the workers knew her routine already. After scrolling through her phone for about ten minutes, she was directed to where she would have her session.

She was almost done with her manicure and pedicure when the most handsome man she had seen in a while walked in, he looked like he had come to deliver something.

“Who is that?”,

Sophia whispered to one of the ladies.

“His name’s Oliver, he hangs around here sometimes”,

the lady whispered back as they rounded up her session.

As fate would have it, Camille ran into the guy in the car park, seemed like his car had some problems.

“What’s the wrong mister?”,

she asked gently, his car was parked just beside hers.

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“Its the damn car, won’t start”, his sleeves were rolled up, beads of sweat decorating his forehead. “I called the services already, seems it’s gonna be towed”, he smiled as he spoke, he was really handsome.

“Where are you headed?”,

Camille asked as she adjusted her handbag.

“Towards Blake Road”,

Oliver replied.

“Get in, I can drop you”,

Camille replied as she unlocked her car. The drive back was kind of quiet and peaceful, the thought of the sexy Oliver filling Camille’s head all through. She was so carried away that she drove past his dropping spot.

“Oh shit, I completely forgot. I’ll turn back now”, she stepped on the brake once he called her attention.

“It’s alright, let’s just go over to your place, I could use a drink”, he smiled at her, exactly what she wanted.

“Here’s that drink you wanted”, they both laughed as she poured him a drink. It was funny how both of them bonded so quickly. They were literally strangers about an hour ago, but now they sat on Camille’s sofa, laughing and chatting like they had known each other for decades.

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“Some nice toes you’ve got there”, she just had them cleaned up and painted anyway.

“Thanks a lot”, she replied as they both laughed again. The convo was getting deeper and deeper as the minute passed, the passion between them growing along with it.

“You keep staring at my toes, are you into foot fetish?”, Camille spoke gently, an innocent question at first. An awkward silence followed the type that gave them time to consider things and set things steamy between them.

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Camille covered the space between them, placing her lips on Oliver’s as she kissed him lightly. He matched her energy with his, kissing her back with the same intensity. Lips parted, tongues twirled and merged with each other, it was the best of the French kisses. Clothes popped off, hands roamed bodies, they were completely turned on now.

Oliver got in the driver’s seat now, taking control of things as he placed her back on the sofa gently. He moved on top of her, his erect cock pressing into her thigh as he kept kissing her.

He kissed down to her neck, planting soft wet kisses all over that area as she tilted her head to the side and gave him room to explore. He rolled her dark puffy nipples around in his mouth, her body shuddering with pleasure as he feasted on her.

He moved further down, eventually getting to the beautiful toes he had been admiring all day. He trailed his hands all over her feet at first, they were soft and tender, just the way he liked them.

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They smelt nice too, just perfect! He licked her feet at first, coating them with his saliva as he got his tongue in between her toes. His cock twitched as he fulfilled his fantasy, worshipping Camille’s feet as she succumbed to his touch. He sucked on the beautifully painted toes, taking his time on each as Camille moaned softly.

She enjoyed it and he did, both of them pleasuring each other in the process. He licked and slurped on her feet, getting to every area as the clock ticked. – Find more foot fetish sex storiesΒ here

“Do you have some lotion?”, Camille pointed to her bag, Oliver picking out a tube as he carefully caressed her feet with the lotion.

She took over now, pushing him to the sofa as she got on top of him. She kissed him all over, her hands moving down to stroke his veiny cock. She moved down, her feet resting on his cock as she smirked at him, a footjob was incoming.

He moaned softly, to begin with as Camille placed his cock in between her tender feet, the lotion acting as lubrication as she moved her feet up and down his length. He bit into his lower lip, stifling a moan in the process as she rolled her pretty toes all around his cock head, getting it in between them as she drove him nuts.

The soles of her feet caressed his balls as she rubbed her feet all over him, setting up a rhythm and taking it up from there.

She moved her legs faster on him, his body moving with her as she drove him closer and closer towards the edge. She knew he was going to hit his peak soon and she played that to her advantage, swiping her feet all over him faster and harder.

“Oh…fuck!”, he voiced out as he climaxed, his muscles flexing as his semen popped out. His cum was all over her feet and freshly painted toes, some of it landing on his stomach and thighs as he recovered his breath.

She moved back on top of him, they were just getting started!

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