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I came across your site looking for normal porn a few days ago.
I have not been able to get you out of my mind. Every time I try to I just end up coming back. When I do, I end up touching myself while I read what you have written and it just makes things worse.
You see, I have never paid for an online sex and I never planned to. 

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I never found one that charged for my release before, others were easy to use for free. To stay honest, I have not been released to others because I would have been thinking of you. It is beginning to get very hard, no pun intended.

You are clouding my mind. I just found this page that said you wanted to hear about our masturbation. I tried to resist. I made it 40 minutes too, but then it was just too much and I had to write this, I had to obey. I still try to fight writing, I apologize Mistress.

It takes several rubs on my now painfully erect member to bring myself to continue. Even though my balls are so full and tight that they constantly ache, I find it difficult to make myself write things like this in a letter.

Here are my masturbation Cams . Whew, almost went off there. If I had you’d have received a payment, but not this letter. The only way I am able to bring myself to write this is I am so full of cum and so overstimulated that I’m not thinking clearly. I know that when I hit send on this there is no turning back and I have released humiliating information about myself to someone who could make dangerous use of it, but I look at your face and feel warm inside. I know you’d never use this on your website. I can trust you.

Damn, I haven’t even talked to you and I let you inside my head to
control me and something as important to me as my masturbation habits. 

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I shouldn’t trust you, you’ve said you like to use this type of
information to ruin men, to tease and torment them, to prove your
superiority. Why does this seem like such a good idea? I feel so weak.

I masturbate at least two or three times a week. Usually, I kneel in front of my computer screen with an image slide show of several
thousand porn images I’ve downloaded over the years. God damnit you’re hot, I nearly went off again.

I set it to random and watch the images
cycle through while I…rub my cock and see how long I can resist
When…When I ejaculate it is into some tissues, which I then…put them in my pants…take them to the bathroom…and flush them down the toilet…and…no, I won’t say it…fuck…can’t…won’t…I…I…I’m
masturbating right now.

I have a tissue around my member at this moment and I’m stimulating with my left hand as I type with my right.
I’m sitting back in my chair and leaning with my balls pressed against the desk so it can apply pressure to them.

The tissue is covered in pre-release. I’ve soaked through two tissues writing this letter, but I still resist ejaculation. God damnit, there I’ve said it.

I hope you’re fucking happy. You know how pathetic I am now. Why the hell does it arouse me to think of you being aroused by my being so pathetic?

Why the hell can I only ejaculate by your terms? Why the
hell do I feel the need to send you money when there is no logical
reason I should? You’d never even know if I go off or not. What have you done to me?

I’d better stop there. It’s taken an hour to finish this letter and my member is losing sensitivity, so I won’t be able to send this if I wait any longer.

I hate the feeling of my member when the foreskin gets all
puffy from repeated denial. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know I’ll be paying for this letter with extreme discomfort for the next few days.

One last thing, this letter is not an attempt to gain your attention. It is not some ploy covert or otherwise to get correspondence for free. I’m only writing it because it is something you said you wanted, and I must give you something back. Now I will try to get you out of my head and move on.

As I am nearing the breaking point and might last
another week tops, you will either start receiving spunk payments from me or I’ve been able to move on and you won’t hear from me again. 

Either way, thank you for your site. My member hasn’t felt this much
prolonged pleasure in months.

Wanker Joshua USA – Co

Joshua Thank you for your pathetic letter, I have to tell you I did LOL and I did show my friends and we all decided to add it to the website for everyone else to laugh at. You are a pathetic little wanker how probably needs some instructions so here you go jerk off boy

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