John Becomes Joanne

John Becomes Joanne my Sissification Story!

Ring! ring! ring! the bell breaks the night and calls for a new day at my former High School. I yawn boldly bothered by the short night, cutting short my sweet dreams. I was not just disturbed by the sound of the bell and short night, but also the kind of buddies who awaits me for the day;

They humiliated me as if I didn’t belong or seem to be a creature not existing in the universe. Clearly, I was a disturbed man in their eyes, yet my peers seemed to be enjoying life and everything in order. I was made to do things I wasn’t supposed to, if I may say all this stuff was really disgusting which made me go nuts when I try to imagine what they may do to me next to humiliate or sissify me for their own entertainment so here my story begins.

Sissy Transformation Live

I crawled slowly out of my bed, in the dormitory and attend my dawn preps which were a requirement, not a passion as it should be. The fun, domination and humiliation my fellow peers and the general public had at my expense as they clearly sissified me and  renamed me

This is my sissy story, John becomes Joanne.

Ooh! Not again’, Good morning miss Joanne!

One of my friends, Stephen greats and I respond unwillingly,

“good morning to you”,

he runs to hug me as if I had become his girlfriend. I had to do this so as to enjoy the favour I got from him, as he would always fight back against those who tried to dishearten me in his presence which made me feel as if he cared although he used to claim that I’m his main chick and he made me do anything at all that he wanted.

Stephen is generally a cool guy, one of those people you may rely on when you have true problems. I once went home late, something my parents detest, and he gladly offered to help me give my mum an excuse, that we were at his place doing homework.

In a real sense, such friends are good, but in practicality, these kinds of friends can actually get you into a real fire.

It’s good I now fully understand; I guess I am more mature.

We join the rest in the classroom and organize ourselves ready for the preps. It was on Saturday and as usual, we used to have our general cleaning on this day. Just before the bell rang again to end the preps session and allow us to get ready to start our cleaning,

Martin shouted.

Hey, guys guess what”?

everyone maintained a grave silence,

“it’s valentine’s day”

The cuckold needs Humiliation

I knew that I had to be included in a statement as Martin likes to humiliate me and call me sissy names and he never failed as he shouted out loud
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“I guess Stephen is gonna get his girlfriend a beautiful gift”,

everyone applauded tremendously as if an important speech had been given by the President. I was embarrassed, humiliated and felt like a dirty girl as everyone looked around the room at me. Last week I was called all sorts of sissy names and told I would receive sissification treatment and have my name changed from John To Joanne.

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I could do nothing but accept everything as I was effeminate and couldn’t fight back against a situation which made me feel timid. After all, Stephen is such a great guy, he is not only caring, we have so many things in common

— like being there for clothing and times of need or enjoying the same type of music and sexual experiences we both like fetish clothing and eating the same types of food, However, Stephen never said anything about these comments, he just gazed at me blankly in the eye and moved on with his business. I guess that was the best way he could deal with it to avoid raising eyebrows

Finally, we were out for laundry and would begin cleaning, as usual, I have to do Stephen’s clothes and ensure all is tidy as if I was his wife. He disappeared for some hours only to come back as a surprise. He switched off the lights to get everyone’s attention then switched them back on. No one had a clue what was going to happen but I had my senses right that I might be the agenda.

He stood on top of a table lying beside the door, holding a box

well wrapped as a gift and then shouted surprise’, curiously we waited to witness our suspense and I just had this funny feeling I was going to want the ground to swallow me up. Is this where he shows me my new outfits, my sissy dresses, panties, long socks and shoes? Is this where forced feminization begins? How humiliated will he leave me? Will I be ordered to have a cam2cam show online with a Mistress?

I had so many questions that I did and did not want the answers to! I felt my heart beating faster and faster, I feel I am centre stage now, will I really be sissified, is sissification on his mind all the time?

Hey, John, come on up here. I stepped up doubting my feet could carry me in front of all those eyes gazing at the main spot. He ordered me to open the box and in disbelief, I pulled out a red dress, black patent leather sandals and a white bra’, which he ordered that I put on.

“What do you take me for!’, I questioned him”,  

don’t argue or else…’.I was left with no option other than adhering to the order. Alright, face the crowd (he nodded his head in a circular motion) and everyone shouts comments on your new appearance. everyone was excited and comments came from every corner. As if that was not enough, he claimed humorously, now let’s get prepared for our next episode.

He crowned me a wig which was weave-like, dark in colour and brushed the curls gently till they lean slightly above my upper back. He applied foundation on my face, rubbed a cool brown lipstick on my lips and threaded my eyebrows to a fiscal helical tattoo, had  long shaggy, silver-like pendants on my ears,  and he  then proceeds to hang a black lacy handbag on my left shoulder and again I was meant to face the crowd

“Hey, buddies doesn’t she look gorgeous,”

Stephen proclaimed and everyone was like wow! that’s amazing,

here comes Mr. $ and Mrs Stephen. This was the worst moment when I had the worst feeling, I can’t explain. I barricaded my face but Stephen cautioned me if I tampered with the make-up I would regret it the day I was born. I felt like I had to let the worse happen but again Stephen was more muscular that I couldn’t wrestle with him.

My balls tickled with fear as I was thinking of all the possible deeds I could as to fight back for my rights but had no option other than accepting everything that was done to me.

And now my Dearest sissy girl I think we should call you something, this was the moment that left my mouth agape everyone gave out their favourite suggestions. I knew how people including the friends who pretended to be close to me viewed me and that gave me a clear picture that I was meant to be a girl. Finally, Stephen silenced the crowd

and pronounced the name JOANNE. In disbelief, everyone accepted that as my new name to be used

henceforth. I  admitted it as I knew he would still insist and there was nothing I could do about it. Pictures were taken and the school journalism team published a beautiful magazine with the heading

This spread out to the whole school where everyone seemed to be excited and I became the subject of the day. Ever since my character changed and I seized being a boy and became a girl. This is how I changed from being

JOHN to being JOANNE!

Sissy scat humiliation story

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