I was Turned into A Sissy Husband

“Wake up!”

my wife yelled at me.  It was 7 AM on a Saturday morning.  She shook me until I unhappily opened my eyes.

“What is it?”

I asked her, annoyed.

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“I’ve planned a whole day of sexy fun for us!”

she announced, smiling at me.

Well, that woke me up straight away.  I’m always up for sexy fun, even at 7 AM.

“Go get in the shower and wake up a little.  I’ll put on a pot of coffee,”

she told me.

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As I showered I could smell the delicious scent of fresh coffee brewing.  I couldn’t way to see what my ever-creative girl had in store for me today!

I towelled off and wrapped the towel around my waist.  Why bother putting on clothes?


was not a strong enough word for how I felt when I entered the living room.  My wife was sitting on the couch with her feet up on the coffee table, sipping out of her favourite mug.

I guess I should say she had her BOOTS up on the coffee table.  She was dressed in a skin-tight black latex dress.  It was so low cut that her nipples were almost showing.  Her long, smooth legs looked perfect paired with the wet-looking black dress.

Her boots were tall platforms with all kinds of silver buckles.  She was always the dominant one in bed but I had never seen her dressed up like this.

“Come have some coffee, darling,”


she said with a wicked smile on her face.  I sat down next to her and we drank our coffee in silence.  I was getting nervous and she knew it.  We’d never done anything like this before and I had no idea what would come next.  She happily waited for me to finish my coffee, purposely letting the tension build.

I gulped down the rest of my coffee, burning the roof of my mouth.  I noticed a green plastic tub by the side of the couch that I hadn’t noticed when I first entered the room.

She caught me looking at it and told me to bring it to her and I did.

sissy husband

“Take the towel off,”

she said.  “I have all the clothes you’ll need for today.

Was she going to dress me up in latex, too?  It looked terribly uncomfortable.  Little did I know how uncomfortable I would actually be.  Latex would have been better.

She reached into the tub and pulled out a frilly pink dress with purple flowers on it.  Why was she going to change now?  It didn’t dawn on me until she handed it to me and told me to put it on.

I stared at her, shocked.  She wanted me to put on a dress?  Well, that was just weird. I wasn’t a cross-dresser.  I had no desire to look like a woman.

“PUT.  IT.  ON,”

she yelled.

I knew she was the boss of me when it came to sex and foreplay so I reluctantly put the dress on.

As soon as I pulled it over my head she started giggling uncontrollably.

“Look how pretty you are!”

she exclaimed.

My face got hot as I blushed hard.  “Honey I don’t think this game is for me,” I told her.

“I don’t fucking care what you think, you little sissy!”

she yelled at me.

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She never yelled at me like that!  I could feel all the power shifting to her, more power than she’d ever used against me before.

“I am your Mistress for the day and you will address me as such,”

she demanded.


I said, hanging my head.

“Now come here and kneel before your beautiful Mistress.  There’s plenty more we need to do.”

I slowly made my way to the couch and knelt down.  Her legs were spread now so I could sit between them and look up at her.  I got a wonderful view of her amazing pussy and I could feel my penis beginning to stiffen.


“Since you’ve been playing so nicely so far I thought I’d give you a little peek,”

she told me.  She knew she was in total control.

It felt very odd to be horrified and embarrassed and turned on all at the same time.

“Look what else I got for you!”

she exclaimed, pulling out a bright red curly wig.

She placed the wig on my head and pulled it down into position.  I’m sure my cheeks matched the wig at this point.

“Well, you are just beautiful, my little sissy slave.”

If it was possible, I blushed even harder.

“I have a few more things to complete your look, Princess,”

she said with that wicked smile of hers.

She grabbed a pink and white polka dot apron out of the tub and instructed me to put it on.  “You’re going to be my pretty little housewife today,” she told me.

I reluctantly put the apron on.  Then she handed me pink rubber gloves.  I didn’t even know they MADE pink rubber gloves.  I looked like a 1950’s housewife.  I was incredibly embarrassed.

“Perfect!” she said.  “Now go get some black shoe polish and a rag.”

Oh yeah, this was going to get much worse.  It seemed her only desire today was to completely humiliate me and take away any sense of manliness I had.

When I came back she instructed me to polish her boots.

“Ok,” I said.

“EXCUSE ME?” she yelled.

What did I do wrong?


she said, her voice still raised.  She slapped me on the ass, hard.

“Ok Mistress,” I repeated.  “I’m sorry.”

“You should be.  Now shine my fucking boots before I lose my patience!”

I began polishing her new boots to a nice shine.

“Good sissy boy,” she said.  “Proper housewives need to learn to clean.”

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I cringed.  I really was a housewife today.

“Now why don’t you sing me a song, Princess?”

“What song would you like to hear, Mistress?”

I asked, eager to please her.

“How about the Barbie song?”she suggested.

This was getting more humiliating by the second.  But I did as I was told.  “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world…” I started and she was overcome by a fit of giggles.

“Look at me, Princess,”

she said.  When I looked up I found that she had her phone in her hand.  “Now make a pretty kissy face!”

I did my best to make my lips pretty and pouty.  My eyes filled with tears as she snapped a photo.

“These boots look good, you sissy,”

she praised.  “And we’re making good time.  It’s only 8:30 and we have so much more fun to have today!”

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