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Story: This girl I used to work with came to my place for food drinks and we got a good Buzz one thing led to another and we were making out she said I’ma go to the bathroom you make yourself more comfortable so I went to the bedroom strip naked and Garnet the covers when she came back out to the bedroom she said are you ready let me see what you have you picked up the covers she started giggling she said your penis looks like a pencil eraser put down the covers and walked out of the house she told everyone at work that how small my dick was she still calls me the pencil eraser place for a few drinks.we had a good Buzz going on and she asked me to do you want to play some strip poker I said yeah I.I her down to her bra and panties.then I had to drop my underwear. She started to laugh at my stubby dick.she told all girl’s at work that many penis looked like a pencil eraser


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