Hairbrush Spanking

What Is Hairbrush Spanking?

A hairbrush is, after the naked hand, by far the most appropriate implement for an OTK spanking.

The reason being is the position of the spankee tends to make it rather difficult to make use of a lengthy implement.

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A strong hairbrush is simply the appropriate size and also effective at providing a stinging spanking that a naughty bottom is unlikely to forget about.


Please be aware that We are talking about consensual, adult spanking within this article.

What exactly does Hairbrush Spanking mean? 
Hairbrush spanking describes the strategy of erotically spanking one’s partner with a hairbrush so that you can titillate the erogenous areas whilst ensuring one’s control in the partnership.

Hairbrushes could also be utilized in partnerships in which the pair were still playing around and experimenting and testing out S&M. Lots of people begin with hairbrushes before proceeding to other components like whips, canes, paddles or perhaps rods. You can also find fetish communities specialized in hairbrush spanking.

hairbrush spanking

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In middle ages times, husbands spanked their wives or girlfriends with a hairbrush in either an erotic as well as the non-erotic scenario.

Hairbrush spanking is always usually highly found in D/s interactions. Submissives may embrace numerous positions to be given the hairbrush spanking. The most favoured one is when the sub companion is front-down across the Dom’s lap.

There are many implements and also furnishings that can improve hairbrush spanking. The most desired is the spanking bench. Feminine submissive people could also put on a spanking skirt that actually leaves the buttocks exposed.

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Comment from one of our members below

Stunning ass . Adore her panties . Good quality coverage around her buttocks by Mr . Moled . I might have appreciated to observe the guy position a lot more back and forth the middle of her crack .The sound of the hairbrush against the flesh is a real turn on

And then , pull her butt cheeks away from each other thus he can hit the inner flesh . Additionally , a lot more strokes to the top part of the thighs and then end with a few swats on her awesome vulva . Outstanding !

An ordinary solid wood hairbrush is very good as an improvised paddle, however, verify there are actually absolutely no loose splinters or even splits in the wood.

Over the knee ( OTK ) hairbrush spanking 

The hairbrush is one of my favoured methods to discipline. I really like the method in which you could make a bottom red everywhere by striking various spots every time.

I am particularly enthusiastic about extremely fast hair brushing, or perhaps a build-up of hard OTK hairbrush spanking, both of them that will surely provide you with a very painful bottom.

There is a number of mean little hairbrushes that I have and enjoy using these include, a solid wood red hairbrush, a more substantial light wooden hairbrush, a vintage Mason and also Pearson hairbrush and a couple of plastic paddle hairbrushes.

All of them provide an excellent spanking, however, the solid wood hairbrushes are obviously the toughest ( or perhaps greatest !). Draped over my lap with the hands on the ground I am going to keep you in position while your own naughty bottom will get what it really is worthy of and deserves.

especially love moving from a hand spanking, to a slipper spanking after which lastly onto a hairbrush spanking, while the severeness increase with each one.

Popular hairbrush spanking scenarios 

I get requested to perform hairbrush spanking in a large number of various sessions however the most typical are school discipline, in which I will be the Headmistress or even Auntie.

I really like taking part in each of these types of roles and they lend themselves perfectly to hairbrush spanking. With a mischievous schoolboy over my knee for transferring messages in the classroom or maybe getting cheeky, or even a mischievous nephew who may have recently been captured smoking cigarettes by Auntie.

All of them receive whatever they deserve by means of an intensive hairbrush spank because actual physical punishments are considerably more obeyed compared to merely a verbal chastisement.

I enjoy putting my slaves, sissy girls and shemales over my knee and spreading those cheeks wide to begin a proper session where I make them count every spank and thank me. I find my shemales to be little squirmers and squealers which heightens my desire to spank them harder – Read up on what is a shemale 

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How does it feel what is the sensation?

 To summarize the actual physical feeling in addition to the emotion/psychological experience. The simple truth is they are attached with each other along with the spanking and are going to really feel differently determined by intent, environment, partnership,….

Physically, a suitable spanking burns and also stings. Every stroke is a mixture of the sensation of coming in contact with a very hot cooking pot along with a bee sting.

It doesn’t go longer than a second or two however a strong spank can create an incredible volume of discomfort.

The cumulative impact both decreases one’s capability to withstand the pain and can make the bottom a lot more sensitive to ensure that later on spanks begin to hurt a lot more.

For thoroughly intense spankings, a numbness is established eventually.

A very common technique among gifted/talented spankers would be to begin practically soft with ‘warmup’ spanks that bring blood to the location to ensure that once they truly get swinging, physiologically the target region has the ability to embrace much more, harder, and also for a longer time.

To put it differently, even though they begin very soft, the cumulative impact is a lengthier even more unpleasant spanking.

In light of that, you will discover people with their wiring crossed such that they live through pain as pleasures.

reckon that is hard to find given that nobody looks forward to stubbing their toe. Instead, the feeling of enjoyment is situational as well as localized to the section of the recipient’s fetish.

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