Caught in the Act

I have always been fascinated by cross-dressing and being a sissy. I’ve always thought the idea of dressing as a French maid or of donning panties, stockings and a puffy dress and underskirt was an exciting one, and it almost always gets my dick hard to think of it.

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I have never actually acted out my fantasies. I think it is more the idea of crossdressing or forced feminization that turns me on rather than the reality. I still enjoy looking at websites, though, and of scrolling through sites looking at all the dresses and lingerie, I could buy and wear if the notion took me.

I sometimes also use a webcam site where there are other live crossdressers on cam who I can chat with, and I have also, on a few occasions, had an online sex session with a shemale.
I have been married for six years, and Danielle has no idea what I get up to when I am alone.

I’m always careful to wipe the history on the computer.
Today I was sitting at my laptop on the settee. I was browsing my usual websites, looking at the sissies and crossdressers. I had my pants unzipped, my cock was erect, and I sat idly and absent-mindedly stroking it.

“Oh for god’s sake John, Porn? Really? At least go upstairs”
MY eyes bulged in shock as I heard Danielle’s voice. She had walked in and I had not even heard her enter. My blood ran cold and I snapped the laptop shut. I jumped to my feet
“d……d……d…….annile.l…..lleeee w…w…w..w…what are you….whay are…….whats….”
Was all I could stutter. MY face was flustered and burning bright red
“Why do you look so flustered? What are you doing?” she demanded
“Nothing. I…..I was just…..em……looking……er….”
“Now I want to see it. What the fuck are you watching?”

She grabbed the laptop and snatched it from me. She flipped it open as I tried to take it back, but she pushed me roughly in the chest.
Her mouth fell open as she looked at the screen, and she looked shocked
“What the fuck is this? Crossdresser sites, sissy porn. What the hell?”
“I can explain. Please, can you let me explain?”
“Explain what? That you’re some fag? Do you suck dick and take it up the ass?”
“No. Not. I looked at the pictures. Honest”
“Do you like this stuff? Is this what gets you off?”
“Yes,” I said sheepishly. “It always has.”
“You know,” She said, biting her bottom lip “, we could have some fun with this. It’s kind of hot.”
I was gobsmacked. This was the last thing I expected. She beckoned me to come upstairs with her to the bedroom.
She casually flicked through her wardrobe and picked out a flouncy, wide-fitting red dress with flowers below the waist.

“Here, put this on. I’ll get you some stockings”
“No, I only fantasise Danielle. I never wear the clothes.”

“Well, I just found out my husband looks at sissy porn so if I say wear it, you wear it”

I reluctantly took the dress and slipped it on. I was protesting as I did so, but as she pointed out, my rock-hard cock was giving me away.

“Come on, give us a twirl. Aw you look so cute”
The next hour was spent trying on different outfits and clothing. I actually got into it and I think Danielle enjoyed herself as well.
“Keep that dress on. Let’s go downstairs and have some dinner then we can have a look at some of these sites you’ve been on.”

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She got up and walked to the door. Without turning or looking back, she said
“I’ll see if I can get a strap-on to use on you.”
I stopped and watched her walk away.
Had I just heard that, right?

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As You can see, My wife took great pleasure in putting me in restraints so I could no longer wank, these are the bondage gloves she made me wear, and her bondage cams chained my feet so I could not move from this chair. I guess I am now owned, and there is no going back…

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