Tight Asian Girl Anal Sex – Story

I could not get enough of her tight little Asian ass. Julie was on her hands and knees in front of me, with her taut little 25-year-old butt sticking up, exposed to my cock as it was ready to plunge into her bowels.

Her hips were so tiny that each of my hands could easily cover her ass. She turned her head back to look at me.

“Are you going to fuck me now, mister,” she asked in her little-girl voice. “I’ve wanted to feel your big cock in my ass for soooo loooong…”

I could barely stop myself from cumming on her ass right there, as I slipped on a rubber and started rubbing my cock over her ass crack.

“Be a good girl and put your face in the pillow,” I told Julie gently. “I’m going to fuck your ass now and it’s going to hurt.”

She whimpered and nodded and did as I told her. She held her ass open for me with one of her hands, as I roughly shoved my cock into her tight little anus.


“There it is, now braces yourself for the fucking of your life!” I told her as I started moving back and forth, shoving my dick deeper in her ass with each stroke.

Soon she was pushing back at me, looking over her shoulders with her smouldering eyes. “Fuck me harder… oh yeah…. that’s so good…. HARDER!”

I was only happy to oblige, grabbing her hips and pushing harder and rougher into the depths of her bowels. Almost instantly, she began to tremble and shake and yell and cum, and it pushed me over the edge.

I pushed her forward, extirpating my cock from her anus and ripping off the condom in one swift movement. I immediately continued pumping my cock in my fist over her ass as she lay flat down on the bed. Soon, streams of cum starting flying, arching and falling on her ass and her back, and even on her face as she turned around to witness the results of her passion.

“Oh my god – that was so good! – I’ve wanted your ass for so long!” She smiled and trailed her fingers in my cum, bringing them to her mouth for a sampling.

“So, how about round 2?”