Small Penis Humiliation Slave Story

I pressed the big green “enter” button and waited. It rang for what seemed like an eternity before it was answered by my Mistress. She was smiling when her face popped up on the screen but as soon as she saw it was me her smile vanished and was replaced with a disappointed sigh and a look which was a mixture of disgust and annoyance.
“Good evening Mistress”


I said respectfully
“What do you want?” came back the sharp-tongued reply.
“I came to serve Mistress. I live to serve you” I answered.

Mistress cannot stand the sight of me. She has told me many MANY times in the past that the sight of me makes her feel sick and turns her stomach. She has made it clear to me a lot in the past that the only reason she even accepts me into her live femdom cam room is that she charges me a fortune for her time. She may even force me into a chastity device if she can get one to fit

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She is a pretty nasty, acid-tongued woman and I feel her verbal assaults during every session. I accept them because it is the only way I can get any attention from her. If I do not accept the verbal degradation, then she will have no use for me and I will never see her again. Her favourite thing to do to me is subject me to some pretty extreme small penis humiliation which she is exceedingly good at making harsher and harsher each time

Just when I think she has said the cruellest and most hurtful thing imaginable, the next time she is verbally berating me she comes out with something even more stinging.



“Well I am feeling a bit pissed off today. I could do with a stress relief toy so I suppose you will do”

I gulped. If she was already in a bad mood then it did not bode well for me. She ordered me to stand against the far wall with my legs apart and my hands on my head. I did so and she sat staring at me.


Small Penis Humiliation — 50 ways to humiliate little dicks

I only have a tiny 2-inch cock and she loves to focus on it as she knows it prevents me from getting laid by beautiful women (even escorts will not have sex with me) and even wanking takes an extra special effort since two fingers are almost too much for it, never mind a whole fist.

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As I stood there nervously waiting to see what she would do, I looked at her and she was wearing a skin-tight rubber dress with thigh-high boots and her hair was hanging down by her face. As a perfect size 10, she looked utterly gorgeous. Every guy’s dream woman but the type of woman I could never get. They add pictures of little losers like me on the small penis gallery

She is way out of my league as I am cursed with a tiny cock that could never satisfy a girl like her. Looking at her amazing body and the way the rubber clung to it perfectly and pushed her perfect breasts out, I felt my cock stirring. Oh no, I was getting erect. I tried desperately to make it stay soft but she was bending and stretching and I was horny so it was hard and erect in no time. When she saw it, her face contorted in disgust.

“What the fuck is that? It looks like an over sized clit. Ive seen baby carrots bigger than that”

Her words struck like a whip. I am painfully aware that even if I ever did get a woman to sleep with me, the first time she saw my tiny cock she would piss self-laughing and walk away, probably to tell all her friends. Mistress looked at me she asked how big it is. When I told her 2 inches soft and three hard she looked at me with a smirk and said she had an idea. Those words are never good. Check out the sph cams for more girls who enjoy  small dick degradation

For the next half hour, she made me measure my cock against
— A lighter
— A baby carrot
— A toothpick
— My Pinky
— A battery
— A biro lid
— And a can ring pull amongst other things.
She was cackling and laughing to herself as I stood there with my pathetic little hard-on sticking out like a nub and no bigger than a dimple and measured it against all these objects. My cheeks were burning as I held them up close to the cam and showed her just how small and deformed my cock was. It was erect the whole time yet it was still dwarfed by all these small objects that were still bigger than my dick.

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After this humiliation, she made me come closer and asked me softly if I would like to have sex with her. I was taken aback and shocked but I managed to stammer out a reply
“Y.y.y.yes M..m..m..mistress. Idddddd like that v..v..very m..m….much”
She smirked and yelled

“Well TOUGH. Women like me NEVER have sex with small dick losers like you. A pathetic little stub like that would never penetrate the pussy of a superior female and no powerful woman in the world would even THINK about being willing to sleep with you”
Her words stung like a thousand bees. I knew gorgeous women ignored me and rolled their eyes when I approached them but to hear it from the most beautiful woman I have ever seen made tears form in my eyes.
“Oh my god, are you CRYING?”

I tried to hide it but she had me on the ropes and she went for the jugular. She told me quite candidly while swinging on her chair that my tiny little pecker was useless and I should have been born a girl. She may make you suck a tranny cock

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When she grew bored of tormenting and insulting me, she simply told me to piss off and my small dick humiliation cam session was over. My lip was trembling as she leaned into the webcam and said in a low voice
“I’m off to fuck a real man with a proper-sized dick. He gets to fuck me while the best you get is to jerk off”
And with that she was gone, leaving me and my useless little penis standing in the quiet.

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