Oh dear”,

Tasha massaged her temple as she tossed and turned in bed. She tried to go back to sleep, but the alarm kept buzzing. She turned over and flipped it off, then she checked the time to see that it was about 7 am. She sighed and gave up on sleep entirely, it was time to get up.

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She smiled as she stepped down from her bed, and her eyes fell on Andy. Her slave was tied to the foot of the bed, all naked and bare for her to see.

“How is my favourite slave doing this morning?”,

she kicked him lightly as he turned.

“I’m ready to please you, mistress”,

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Andy nodded quickly as he spoke, like a loyal dog that loved its owner.

“Are you ready for another session?”,

she asked gently as she began to peel off her nightie. Andy nodded immediately, she didn’t need his approval though, he was the slave and she was the mistress. She got into her mistress gear and then proceeded to untie him and drag him down to her dungeon still naked.

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She really loved spending time in the basement she had now turned to a makeshift dungeon, training slaves and living her best life. Everything she needed for the session had been prepared the night before. Candles, whips, blindfolds, handcuffs, and even cameras

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“Mistress, what do we need cameras for?”,

Andy asked as soon as his eyes settled on the cameras in a corner, his limp cock dangling lazily in between his legs.

“I didn’t ask you to talk”,

she snapped as Andy quickly crouched down. He was a slave anyway and had to bend to his mistress’ will.

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Tasha led him to the bench slowly, teasing and building up suspense in the process. She laid him on the bench and tied him up as usual. She then put him in darkness as she blindfolded him, it was time to get to work now.

She picked her whip and landed it softly on him at first, a soft moan escaping his lips as blood began to flow to his loins. She landed another tap of the whip on his belly, very close to his lower body. She landed the whip all over him, the lashes getting harder and harder as they progressed.

“You love it when I do that, don’t you”,

Andy nodded as Tasha trailed her fingers all over him. He let out a sharp grunt as she reached down and grabbed his balls, a mixture of pure pleasure and pain, just how she loved it. She squeezed his balls as he groaned out, her fingers wrapping around his jewels tighter. She landed the whip on his erect cock, his stiff member swaying gently left and right as he yelled out. This kinky latex mistress dominates and knows what buttons to press.

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She squeezed his balls tighter as she whipped his cock again. She did this over and over again as he wriggled and screamed under her, his voice only cheering her on. She set up the cameras to strategically take timed photos as she had her fun with him, it was going to be total humiliation.

She pulled out her lighter and lit up some candles, the fun was about to get better. Andy was blindfolded, so he didn’t exactly know what was coming for him when she dropped some hot wax on his nipples. He yelled out, his wrists wriggling violently in their holds as he tried to free himself.

“Easy Tiger”,

she laughed out as she dropped more hot wax on his belly. He yelled out loud as she moved further down, dropping some on his cock and balls. She stuck the whip in his mouth as she stifled his moans, it was wild.

She grabbed his balls again, rolling them around her fingers and squeezing them as she stuck a wet finger into his asshole. It was time to go really extreme now, mad fun! She walked over to a corner and brought out a TENS, it was getting wild now! She set it up quickly, placed the channels just above his cock and let it fly.

Oh dear, the reaction was priceless. From the funny look on Andy’s voice, the screech and the way his cock twitched violently, it drove the mistress nuts. She wanted more of that. She brought the channels closer, resting them above his balls and giving him more juice. Andy went wild, the electricity running through his body as sweat broke out all over him.

The cameras kept doing their thing as Tasha went to work on him, it was a session that was going to live long in her memory. find fetish cams here

“See the pictures and videos”,

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she stepped on his head as she showed the camera to him.

“Was I able to please you?”,

Andy asked as he breathed heavily, he was all covered in sweat

“These pictures and videos sure brought me joy”, humiliation phone chat

she smiled to herself. She knew what she was going to do. She was going to send them out and not only show the world his pain, but also her dominance, the one that made her so special.

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