Sissy spit roast humiliation?

The story of Jamima and her spit roasting The humiliation of a dirty slutty girl in action.

As a little prissy sissy for my Mistress, it is impeccable that everything is perfect. From my outfit to my make-up and do my housework, I must always be 100% impeccable.

Nothing other than perfection is good enough for Mistress so before any webcam session, I sometimes spend an hour getting ready to ensure I look absolutely flawless.

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Sissy Jamima the Maid

My outfit tonight consists of a light blue baby doll dress in a fluffy petticoat under a skirt. It is extremely short and only just covers me white satin French panties. Whenever I have to bend over, the skirt lifts up and I flash my knickers to everyone! The outfit has a white ruffled collar at the top that perfectly complements the big pink bow at the chest area.

I wear a white bra underneath with false boobs to give the impression of breasts. On each of my wrists, I have white frilly bunches with pink seams and a pretty charm bracelet. I wear a shoulder-length blond wig adorned with a white frilly bonnet with gorgeous ping tracing. Bright red lipstick, blusher and some subtle blue eyeliner completed my look.

I also have white sheer nylon stockings and I look every inch the sexy little prissy sissy my online Mistress wants me to be. All of her slave bdsm web storiesΒ are added to this site for Β the world to laugh at and for us to feel degraded
As I heard my owner beep to signal she had accepted my request to enter her private sissy cam room, I jumped to my feet.

As she came in to view, I crossed my left foot in front of the right, took both sides of my dress with my white satin gloved hands and gently curtseyed like I had been taught. I bade her good evening and stood with my ankles together, head bowed and hands clasped in front of me.

I was ordered to turn around and bend over so my panties could be inspected. I did so without hesitation. As a sissy maid, inspections are a daily routine and I accept this as part of my ongoing training. I was told to lower them and expose my slutty ass.

punishment time, caned slave, maid caned
Bent over waiting to be punished by a cane

Spreading my cheeks, I heard her sigh in disappointment. I was then told to lube up the 8 inches long, 2-inch wide dildo and shove it up my fuck hole.

I did so and rammed it in and out like a good little slut. I gasped as it slid inside my hole but I kept going as any decent cum whore knows that the more cock the better. She then told me to get the other black dildo and to show her my cock sucking skills. My sissification outfit rustled as I put it to my mouth and spit-roasted myself on live cam for her. You can check out our live fetish cams and find females who enjoy discussing this.

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Choking and gagging, I showed her how good my cock sucking technique had become while also getting ploughed from behind. Told to stop and pull my knickers back up, she said the words I had been dreading for the last six months.

β€œYour training has come along nicely sissy. I think your ready to have an online profile made and to make me money by being pimped out to horny guys as a cheap fuck”

I gulped. Seems my sissy life is about to take an extreme turn………

Sissy Jemima

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