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fuck face – ” As You have commanded of me I write about what a shit head I am and how disgusting I am to all Women because I should be used and abused for your amusement and my pain and suffering.

I will now refer to my self as fuck face the shit eating shit head with the smallest penis Goddess BREEZE, the Supreme Being has ever seen. fuck face will also refer to itself as it because as a man fuck face is only an object or tool for the use of a Superior Woman such as Goddess Breeze the most beautiful Supreme Female on the planet. She demands I stick my ass in the air and calls me ass4all

Fuck face is inferior to all Women especially it’s Master and Mistress the fair Breeze who forces fuck face to accept it’s inferiority to Female Supremacists and all Women’s whims and wishes. For this, fuck face is truly grateful and will degrade itself in humiliating ways to amuse You with the abuse fuck face endures being of some use to beautiful Women because it’s penis is more like a grape than a fake, plastic dildo.

Fuck face will never amount to anything but a tool and will never achieve a status higher than fuck face. Fuck face ate it’s own shit today in our of it’s Queen who ordered it to abuse itself in this manner. Fuck face will bind it’s inferior pint-sized cock & balls in old pantyhose as instructed by it’s Master Breeze. Fuck face renounces it’s own pleasure because fuck face is nothing more than a fucking whore.

Fuck face also has abstained from sleeping anywhere but the floor to honour the wishes of it’s Mistress Breeze. Fuck face accepts the fact that it will never be a real sex toy to it’s Master because fuck face is not equipped with genitals big enough to satisfy such a Superior Woman as Breeze. Fuck face is a dirty pervert as it’s Master suggests. Fuck face is a pile of shit on the bottom of it’s Master’s stiletto.

Fuck face will clean it’s shit from Master’s stiletto then torture its tiny dick with the blade like a heel. Fuck face will pound it’s tiny head of its penis with the high heel of its Mistress until swollen. May fuck face please painfully massage it’s swollen and bruised cock until it achieves excitement? fuck face hopes this will please it’s Master. Fuck face hopes it has amused You by abusing itself and it’s genitals.

-fuck face”

I think fuck face is a riot! I like these types of slaves. I responded to this message with a command to buy a pair of My Panties. I shit in them and commanded he wears them on his head as he ate his cereal in a dog bowl with My stiletto shoved up his ass.