Maid Bondage Stories -Sissy Dressed As A French Maid

Here is some incriminating information for you to use at my Exposure and
Humiliation Mistress.


I will be completely disgraced if you tell anyone
of my sissy acts and deeds.

I have lusted after my Mother-in-law Gale Persolomue ever since I met

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The first thing I did to expose myself as a Sissy Cams -Slut to Her
was to leave a piece from my Garter-Belt inside Her guest bed. This was
the rubber thing that the Stocking clipped on. Gail got me on the phone one night and said She had a piece of something that She found in the covers and asked if it was mine.

I said yes and asked her not to show or give it to Her Daughter for me. She gave it to me without my wife knowing, I’m sure Gail must have known what this thing was and that I had purposely left it for Gail to find.

I have become completely acquainted with Her underwear. I’ve
sucked on the crotch of Her worn Nylon Panties many times.

I’ve licked and washed Her Pussy Juices with my tongue. I get the whole crotch area soaking wet with my mouth, especially the spots where Her Pussy Juices have dried. I then suck all of the moisture out of Gail’s Panties. I suck and use my teeth to get every bit of Gail’s Pussy taste into my mouth.

I’ve licked and tongued many of her shoes. I’ve worn a few of
her dresses. But I am completely infatuated with Her unmentionables,
especially her Bras and Panties. She wears only nylon and very feminine underclothes. I’ve taken so many of her things she must know who is doing it. Here is a list of some of Gail’s underwear I’ve stolen from Her.

23 – Nylon Panties, She covers Her Pussy with a size 6, mostly

14 – Bras, Gail covers Her breast with a 32A Bra, again usually

4 – Half Slips

3 – Full Slips

3 – Pairs of Nylons

1 – Pink Teddy with matching Panties

1 – Baby blue Camisole with matching half Slip

3 – Nylon Evening (Sleeping) Gowns

1 – Panty-Girdle

And many other assorted lingerie and undies of hers. I have left
many of her underclothes with cum stains on them, in her drawer. Once I took a pair home and got them wet, using a mixture of white glue and water. I then took a large dildo with lots of veins and stretched the area where her pussy mound would be ( Or where a man’s cock would be if wearing panties).

I then took twine and wrapped tightly Gale’s panties
onto the dildo. This caused her Panties to dry with a shape extending outward of a cock. I then set this in her drawer right under her topmost panties.

I know this was seen and noticed because the next day she went
out and bought all new panties, throwing out all the ones in her drawer. I dug through the trash and took all the Undies she threw out.

I’ve had two French Maid outfits specially made for me in the
past. I had them made from scratch from two different Female
Seamstresses. I told them both (which was a lie) that my Dominate Wife was throwing a party and I was to serve all the guests, male and female, in this Sissified outfit.

I described to them how my Superior Wife wanted the outfits to
look and fit. I said that the colors were supposed to be black and red,
with lots of lace, and made out of satin or nylon. I said that it was very important that the length was to be pretty short, that my Powerful Wife wanted the outfit to fit me so that when she commanded me to lift my arms into the air, my little penis would be exposed to a male and female guest.

The first Woman made a fine outfit but when I put it on, my pennie was exposed even before I raised my arms. The Lady saw my little cock and didn’t say anything, it’s really nothing impressive. She said she’d put some more lace on the hemline.

After she did this I tried on the French Maid’s outfit again and asked her to make sure that my penis wasn’t visible until I raised my arms. She again gazed upon my sissy-clitty with no emotion.
The second Female made my outfit with the same description as above.
When it came time for a rough fitting, I told her I was very concerned about my penis when stiff wouldn’t show and that I wished to make sure. I started stroking and fondled it with her approval, I couldn’t get it hard. I asked her if she’d try for me, and she did. It was so humiliating to have an older woman caressing my little clitty to get it somewhat rigid.

I really made a disgrace and demeaned myself with one of these French Maid’s outfits. I was home alone when I saw the Landlord pull up, I didn’t really want to talk to him so I hid in my bedroom. While in there and as he was knocking, I got the idea that I really need to disgrace and humiliate myself.

I put on this maids outfit, looked out a window, and saw that Larry
Jeffries (the Landlord) was at his car seemingly writing a note. I went into the kitchen where the front door was and just turned my back to the door’s window, making like I was looking in the cupboards for something. If He was going to come to the door again I knew that I was going to damage my reputation with him with no turning back. Well he did come to the door, he knocked and when I turned around I acted as if I was so surprised I couldn’t move. He got a long look at this Sissified male, I then yelled out for him to wait for a second and ran off.

In the bedroom, I just put on a t-shirt and pants over the outfit,
making sure that a lot of lace was showing here and there. I then went back into the kitchen to face my humiliation and bear the consequences of my actions. I opened the door and told Mr. Jeffires that I wasn’t expecting him and he said fair enough. He was wanting some back rent and I said I wouldn’t have it for another couple of days. He suggested that I write him a postdated check and I said, ok, I’d do anything he wanted me to do, yes I was meaning it as a slut would mean it.

He never did take me up on my offer, I would have sucked him dry if he
had told me to, I was so ready at that time to become his slave.

Recently, I’ve put myself in about the same kind of situation as above and exposed my true nature to the rural mail Women, here at my home. We live off the road and she had driven down our driveway to deliver some books.

I was, of course, dressed to the hilt in a sissfied outfit drooling over shemales on the internet. She came to the door and knocked, I didn’t move or make a sound. When I figured the coast was clear, I got up looked out a window that faces the driveway. I saw who it was and got that same kind of excitement to expose and humiliate myself.

I open the blinds then switched on the light in that particular room, and the light in the hall. I paraded and waved my arms like the tart that I am, as the vehicle drove down the driveway. I never saw the brakes come on and figured that she didn’t see anything.

I waited about 20 seconds and then went to the door she had knocked on and flung it open. To my dismay and degradation there she was on the top step getting ready to knock again, we were only separated by the sheet of glass in the storm door.

I had on two long pink nylon slips that had lots of lace on the hems. I also had three progressively larger bras that were each filled with lots of panties, with the final one being a 48DD. I have made these outrageous nipples that stick out and emphasize the fact that I’ve got huge tits.

Overall, I had a satin teddy that has lots of see-thru lace and top and a nice flowing pink shiny skirt bottom.

What a sight I must have been, I shut the door and she said that she’d
leave the mail on the steps for me. Come to find out this Lady is the mother of a girl that is a friend of my daughters. This is a small town so I can only hope she’s keeping this to herself.

I’ve sucked on about ten different cocks at glory holes. There were
even black men’s cocks that I serviced. I love to go to this bookstore and find a booth with holes on both sides and stick my open mouth at the holes for everyone and anyone to use. I just love the taste of cum, but mostly I love the feeling that I can bring real men pleasure with my mouth.

Thank you, My wonderful Mistress, for taking time out of your precious day to read my true sissy confession

I am a whore, I am a bitch, I eat cum and suck dick and deserve to be humiliated in your stable of pigs