Puppy Slave Tasks, Assignments, Humiliation

The puppy slaves’ Tasks

Frenchy fido – ” Begging and barking Mistress. Can Your doggy bitch cum now? Please, Your doggy bitch is on all fours with his tail tucked between his legs as you ordered.

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Your puppy has been a good doggie Mistress. The squeaky toy was hard to force up my doggy rectum, but Your bitch-dog did as he was asked. Your doggy bitch should have picked a squeaky toy in the shape You suggested Mistress.

Your doggy’s head is bowed begging for forgiveness on all fours with his tail tucked and the squeaky toy firmly rammed into his ass. Woof. Woof. Please, Mistress. Your doggie bitch promises to be a good poochie. Woof, woof!”

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