Pantie Slaves, assignemts, tasks, Humiliation

a couch piggy – “Thank you for the wonderful privilege of sending your e-mail. It was so awesome I had to blow $5 more dollars for a spunk donation tonight, which you should have received. I have a quick question for you. Do you have any particular instructions for me when I masturbate with your panties?

I am working on a detailed e-mail for you with all of my masturbation fantasies. I will send it as soon as I have finished it.

Your little piggy”

Apparently, he enjoyed the picture I sent him of the hot pussy pink panties I soiled while masturbating. <giggle>

All Panty slaves Report Here For Humiliation

sissy slut wannabe – “I want to be your slut! I am wearing the pink panties you sent me and rubbing myself against the edge of an armchair. I have tight balls and the head of my penis is sticking out of the waistband. Can I buy some of your used lipstick?

I need it. I want to touch my lips to yours. Please bless me with some of your old lipstick. I will pay for it. I will send you money right now if you tell me I can have a tube of your old lipstick. Please let me buy some of your old lipstick, I am begging at your feet!”

rover – When asked if he has My panties with him at work ( he bought 2 pairs of My used panties) he answers yes Mistress then I command…Good, take them with you to an empty stall. Cram one into your mouth to muffle your arousal and wear the other as a mask with the crotch over your nose and your ears in the leg holes. Strip your pants and underwear down to your ankles and remember that you are at work. <laughing> I hope someone walks in on you bitch! 

Do not bend up from pushing your pants down, and exposing yourself for nasty pleasure. Take one of your hands and trail it up to your leg into the snug place between your balls and your thigh. Reach those fingers tightly around the base of your balls and fondle the tightness of your ball sack with your other hand. Don’t forget to breathe slut. <laughing and pointing at you in disgust> your nose is just where My pussy has been, you disgusting slave boy.

With one hand still around the base of your balls, slightly cupping your ball sac, take the other hand and grab the base of your cock. Inch your way up to the head and give it a little squeeze for Me. Masturbate piggy. Masturbate until you are sweating and just about to cum….but you cannot cum this time piggy. <laughing> you are not allowed to cum bitch! Do the same tomorrow, then tell Me how your balls feel. <laughing>

I love frustrating your piggy.

Miss Breeze

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bloody Tommy – ” Hi Breeze. I recently bought Ladies’ period service panties. I love the taste of blood. The blood from a woman’s nether region has always tasted the best to me. The stain that was left was big enough for me to suck on for hours while I got honey watching porn videos of girls having sex while on their period.

I get so hard up when I think of blood leaking from a woman’s pussy. It makes me want to squeeze my head between their legs to catch all the leaking blood. I want a woman to use my tongue as their tampon. I am just a kinky bastard, I think I’ll order another pair. Would you consider selling me one of your used tampons?”